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  1. Exactly. A lot of people sing Ballard's praises and talk about how talented the team is due to his drafting, but I don't see it. I listed it last night. There are 2 game changers on the team that he drafted in 3 years. Nelson and Leonard. Other than that? There are a few good players but nothing outstanding. And after that? Scrubs. So I really fail to see how this guy is a draft guru who has no need or want for Free Agency. OVERHYPED. Tons of money available. And what happens? Nothing.
  2. 115Malik HookerFSOhio State 246Quincy WilsonCBFlorida 380Tarell BashamOLBOhio 4137Zach BannerOTUSC 143Marlon MackRBSouth Florida 144Grover StewartDTAlbany State 5158Nate HairstonCBTemple 161Anthony Walker Jr.ILBNorthwestern 16Quenton NelsonGuardNotre DameFrom NY Jets 236Darius LeonardLinebackerSouth Carolina State 37Braden SmithGuardAuburnFrom NY Jets 52Kemoko TurayDefensive endRutgersFrom Baltimore via Philadelphia 64Tyquan LewisDefensive endOhio StateFrom Philadelphia via Cleveland 4104Nyheim HinesRunning backNC State 5159Daurice FountainWide receiverNorthern IowaFrom Kansas City via Cleveland, New England, and Oakland 169Jordan WilkinsRunning backOle MissFrom Philadelphia 6185Deon CainWide receiverClemsonFrom Oakland 7221Matthew Adams LinebackerHouston 235Zaire Franklin LinebackerSyracuse 34Rock Ya-SinCBTempleFrom New York Jets 49Ben BanoguLBTCUFrom Cleveland Browns 59Parris CampbellWROhio State 389Bobby OkerekeLBStanford 4109Khari WillisSMSU 5144Marvell TellSUSCFrom Cleveland Browns 164E. J. SpeedLBTarleton State 6199Gerri GreenDEMississippi State 7240Jackson BartonTUtah 246Javon PattersonCOle Mis Right there are Ballards first 3 drafts. Stars/game changers? Nelson Leonard Solid NFL players Hooker Mack Smith Turray Hines Walker Willis Potential good players Basham Steward Hairston Turray Ya Sin Banagou Campbell Tell The rest are all meh to below average to injured. So there you have it. For being a draft guru, you cannot tell me that those 3 drafts are super, awesome, better than average. They aren't. So I think we need to put to rest that Ballard can build a super bowl team via mainly the draft. Based on his record so far, he is average to slightly above average drafter ONLY,.
  3. Colts are better off in the long run to lose this game.
  4. IF Ballard and Reich still think JB is the answer at this point, then we need to start thinking about who is running what at Colt world HQs.
  5. Everything he wrote then, is still true today. You simply are not going to win a SB with JB as a long term answer.
  6. If the Colts lose one more game then need to play Chad. They know what they have with JB and Hoyer. Chad is a 'must find out' situation.
  7. I think we have seen enough of JB through 28 games or so that he is not going to be anything better than average. The only way you win with an average qb is to have a knock out D, which we don't have. I don't see any reason why the Colts can't draft a stud QB, pay him on his cheaper rookie contract, and try to build a knock out D at the same time. To me that makes more sense than staying with JB for $20 M a year and still trying to build that D.
  8. The first kicked that was blocked had no shot of going in. It was left of the upright by the time it was a 8 inches off his foot. Would have wound up in row 25 of the left bleachers. He has a very very bad habit of late of trying to guide the ball...much like a passer who does the same when their confidence is waning. He also tends to drop his entire left side instead of standing tall and kicking through the ball. That is why he has so many ugly looking kicks.
  9. I see tons of kickers in college who outkick some pros. So imo this narrative that there aren't any kickers out there is kind of a false narrative. There are tons of talented kickers out there. The key is finding one who can kick, of which there are many, AND one who can handle the pressure. Of which there are not nearly as many.
  10. He isn't injured. He just can't kick FG's any more.
  11. Colts need A LOT of help coming to be competitive IF Luck stays retired. Ballard imo, despite the platitudes he receives, has done a very poor job this past year. He needs to improve.
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