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    Retired cop and soldier. I was a Colts fan when they played in Memorial Stadium 
  1. Look I was all for Rivers , I even bought a jersey, but it’s not working. Taylor needed Mack but because of injury, we are again playing catch up. Rivers slings short passes and can’t throw long. Jacobi is gone end of year, so let’s turn Eason and Kelly loose and have Rivers mentor and be backup. What if Eason turns out like Herbert? If not we draft a first round QB. All Rivers will get us is to playoffs and maybe one victory. It’s time to be realistic. Years ago we inserted Manning half way thru the season. He threw 6 picks against NE but he turned out ok. Let’s see what Eason has or doesn’t.
  2. Best move sign Brees or Brady. Draft Fromm let them work with Chad and Fromm and in 2021 let them battle it out
  3. I am a life long Colt fan. Back to Johnny U days. Suffered through many bad or over hyped QB. I totally bought in on JB this year when Andrew left. JB never impressed me as a number one QB. He’s a good backup. At this point. I think as Colts fans we deserve to see what Chad Kelly has got these next two games. If he has that Andrew swagger let’s roll with him and let him and JB compete next year for QB1. JB has been a loyal soldier and should have taken control but he never did. Let’s see what Chad has, if not trade up and get Tua on the cheap.
  4. Ballard needs to watch the Memphis game Friday evening on ABC. There is a DL Joey Dorcieus. Fast and quick and a beast . He even runs in TD near goal line as a back. This guy is the Ballard finds , under radar turns into NFL Star. Watch game Friday you will see
  5. Who is the person that needs to tell Adam it’s time to go. I love what he has done. Please Vinny kick one more field goal and then leave with Grace. We should be 7-1 so which is more important the team or Adam?
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