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  1. What are the winning lottery ticket numbers while you’re at it?
  2. 2 RB’s ran for over 100+ I think I’m happy enough with that. Lol
  3. Let’s hope we can play as well as we did today on Thursday. Gonna be tough with injuries but if we got Ty & desir we should be good
  4. Williams looked good today, hope he’s ready for the start of Mack can’t go in 4 days.
  5. We have to pull the next 3 games to win the division and secure our playoff spot. Don’t see the wildcard happening after losses to 4 afc teams
  6. I think the last half of the season will tell us much more than we know now. Patience on the Rock criticism
  7. Mahomes, Bobby Wagner, Aaron Donald, Micheal Thomas, and Khalil Mack
  8. I think we will be fine without him if he gets a promotion elsewhere. Frank Reich is the main game planner/base of our offense
  9. Hey um let’s change the title of this thread.
  10. I think we will be okay without him. We get Campbell back this week, and funchess back soon
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