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  1. best not too or you will get kicked off the forum. some things you cant say anymore
  2. imo they wont have to allow!!! they will be lucky to get 25% filled
  3. colts vs tampa bay in super bowl!!!!! thoughts?
  4. we didnt do so good against the jags last season
  5. if hooker was even average we would not be having this discussion
  6. he just didnt live up to the hype
  7. The money is not the issue, he is out of position on deep balls too many times
  8. didnt need a project qb if we are going for it all this season, too many other needs that could help this season win it all
  9. liked the first two, but he was reaching from there on.
  10. i agree since they picked him they will try to make it work, imo a waste of a pick if we are going for it this season he was trashed on this forum but where else?
  11. once ryan leaf was thought of as the future by a gm, draft picks are still a crapshoot
  12. eason is a crap shoot gamble, draft picks are iffy, imo ballard was reaching for a qb and missed out on the best available pick, he may not make the roster
  13. ballard just got a game changer , not weird at all
  14. no project qb in this draft we are going for it all
  15. it is a big need unless hooker can live up to his hype
  16. yes busts are in every round, but a lot larger in the higher rounds
  17. just hope ballard is not afraid of drafting a bust
  18. some gms are so afraid of drafting a high pick bust that they miss out on gamechangers, a gm dosent look so bad if a fourth rounder does not cut it, but he looks great if he finds a pro bowler there
  19. You should ask east street , he puts a lot of work and research into the game, may be the most informative on this forum
  20. never lived up to the hype and draft position, should have been a game changer. free safety needs an upgrade, gets beat far too often
  21. obrien will replace him, he goes for it all each season same as hoodie
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