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  1. going to need a backup center as kelly is hurt alot
  2. where ever they can fit in i hope we get some who dont drop the ball. although this could be because of our hard throwing qb on short passes
  3. what about guy with the pats> was that grigs or ballard?
  4. i think with him we can compete for it all this season not if he takes us all the way
  5. i dont really know is that bad? what is the average?
  6. i would take a young proven all pro over a first round maybe any day
  7. win now is good enough for me , the future is now
  8. he has upgraded qb and defensive line now need some one who can catch the damn ball
  9. ballard get rivers some people who can catch the ball
  10. about the same as luck, qbs who go deep throw some
  11. still had to catch the ball and get open
  12. not hard to just take the money
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