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  1. yes i was but this forum convinced me that ballard ranks with the elite gms
  2. have faith in ballard son
  3. i am looking at 8 and 8 and third in our division behind jax and tenn
  4. i would take any proven talent at any position over a maybe in the draft, i remember ryan leaf and trent r.
  5. young man i cant believe you made a post that i agree with, but this is a very good realistic post, i too like some of the moves ballard has made but to go for it more should have been done in my opinion
  6. not talking about the draft of coarse they are unproven, talking about ballard not getting proven vet elite talent
  7. yes a lot of ifs with unproven talent, not going to be easy
  8. yes they need to make great decisions on personal and play calling if we are going to compete for our division, tougher schedule this season and tenn and jax are much improved
  9. yes they are. titans and jax improved but our roster has too many holes and question marks. we are becoming just an average team with ballards method
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