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  1. and if we draft more project receivers several more years, we need proven talent not rookies
  2. because that is why most of our current receivers were undrafted, they cant get open, get us some young proven receivers ballard spend the cap
  3. yes we lack talent at the receiver position
  4. agree and where was hilton with hopkins wide open
  5. we cant beat the saints with our dropsy receivers
  6. but there were all pro receivers who didnt drop the ball
  7. that is why frank wants to run the ball we have no proven receivers who dont drop the ball
  8. and he would give a clue it by putting doyle in motion and setting up behind left guard
  9. our qb had no one who could catch the ball, cant beat a team who has pro bowl receivers, superior talent usually wins, use our cap to get some talent ballard, please no more low round project receivers
  10. ballard let this team down by sticking to the draft for project receivers, he has picked up cheap free agents who have a history of drops, no proven young receivers were signed and the pats and texans grabbed what was out there, he wrote off the season by sticking to his fill the roster with draft picks. there were top receivers available he kept the cap money. ty may be done, the rest are all undrafted by anyone
  11. watson just throws in hopkins direction he tracks it down, we need a receiver like that
  12. hooker should have helped out where was he?
  13. if hooker does not blow coverage again
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