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  1. "Superfly" that's a super post I couldn't have echoed it any clearer. Totally agree 110% and beyond.
  2. I'm on board 110% on getting Rivers. Makes a lot of sense. Yes, definitely trade JB and get a QB in the draft to groom.
  3. I believe that's where Rivers and a rookie QB comes in for development.
  4. With Rivers there's a good chance of going to the big dance, but you need some players in place like Edge. DLs, WR. You can get them through FAs, and the Draft.
  5. We have three(3) draft picks in the first two rounds. If you get a FA like Rivers, draft a QB, IL, RB. I believe will be in the playoffs. Rivers durability will factor in the decision process as well, only 38 and others like Brady, Brees, in their 40s and the latter won a SB.
  6. Possibly apologize to the fans for a disappointing season.
  7. On paper everyone assumes their team is a playoff team until the product is on the field. Then coaching ensue, then practice on the fundamentals to improve, and so on.
  8. I wouldn't give up a 1st for Carr. Better to get our future QB in the draft and get a FA QB as a bridge gap til rookie QB develops.
  9. I doubt it very seriously if he (acquires Carr in a trade or as a FA when Rivers or Brady are there as a temporary fill in until our future QB is ready under their wings.
  10. Lol. Ditto "aaron12", JB can't even get us to .500
  11. My, oh my, that goes to show you the inept, brainless athletes of today.
  12. Rivers makes a lot of sense coming to the Colts. Not only he knows the offense due to his relationship with the OC-Siriani. HC-Reich, but the Oline is perfect for him to be protected and make his completions. He's also durable. I hope Ballard makes this happen, so we can be competitive again.
  13. Rivers will give us instant playoffs this year while a new rookie qb will be the understudy. Also I see Jb being traded.
  14. With Rivers and more protection up front can be accurate time and time again.
  15. Prime QBs will not be available in the 3rd rnd. Should draft in 2nd the likes of Fromm, Gordon and Eason.
  16. Get Rivers signed, groom a new QB like fans have been saying, and we have a bright future ahead.
  17. Now Ballard is with the Colts when they will draft a franchise QB.
  18. Need a good QB to make these current receivers good by accurately throwing it to them so they can catch the damn ball.
  19. None of the above. Trade or release.
  20. I'm all for Rivers wearing a Colt uniform for the next two years.
  21. Time to move on, we're out of Luck, end of story.
  22. Looks like a bust to me. No tackles in the last game. That's embarrassing.
  23. Another potential dumb move by the Bears just like moving up to draft Trubisky.
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