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  1. I'm a long time Colts fan who now lives in the Bootheel of NM. I don't get to watch the games so I listen on the radio stream. It's not the same as seeing what is happening but I don't think I want to give DTV anymore of my money for their crappy Sunday NFL Ticket. I see alot of fans questioning Brissett's abilities. Well, he was Tom Brady's backup so he rarely if ever played. Then he came to Indy to sit on the bench. The guy can't be a bad QB if the *s drafted him, and then Indy picks him up. He's not had alot of time to play and get used to the NFL. I think he'll get much better and he seems to be a quick learner. I'm more concerned about wth is going on with Adam Vinatieri!! How can one of the most accurate and prolific Kickers suddenly get so bad? Colts need a Kicker and fast! GO BLUE!!
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