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    Twas a fumble. Ruled recovered by Texans. Refs already said it should have been reviewed. TY is the reason we lost. CATCH the ball dud....dang! Then Reich lets Brissett throw 3 times for nothing when we had the running game clicking! Then he calls a pass play that Brissett runs for the first down, and fails. Why not give it to a RUNNING BACK? Some of them early calls for holding against us were horrible! The def line texan was falling down ON HIS OWN and they called holding....then in the forth quarter the texans did the EXACT same thing to a falling down colt lineman and NO CALL. Felt like a setup cause texans cant win on their own. Cant wait for when we whuppin em in the playoffs....if the texans can make it. We will !!!
  2. Keep Chad. Lose Hoyer. Kelly can and will be the starter given a chance. JB is good, but I feel llike thats all he's gonna be. Ck could be GREAT!
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