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    I am a lifelong Colts fan! My dad, who passed away when I was 19, bought season tickets the year they came to Indy! I've been going to games as long as I can remember! Trudeau, George, Harbaugh, Manning, all of them bring back memories for me! I have read this forum for years, and think it's time to join the conversation! I love the knowledge and opinions on here. With that, hello everyone and GO COLTS!!!

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  1. I have been on here for years checking in from time to time, reading thoughts and links to articles, and just want to say hands down best fan forum I've found. So many of you are so knowledgeable on the Colts and their history. I like to think I too am fairly knowledgeable on our Colts, but always find that a different way of looking at things are great. Whether I agree or not, always a good read! Obviously first post, but wanted to get some of your thoughts? Do you all think there will be more short term contracts where a guy might take a little less this year to hit the market again next year hoping the salary cap goes up and they could possibly get a better contract then? I would think if things get a little more back to normal, there will be a higher salary cap next year. Just a thought. What you all say? Go Colts!
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