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  1. Best CB in the league so called Baggage: * Drafed 5th and wanted to go to Dallas at 4 but they went with Zeke instead. So he said "I will never play for the Cowboys unless the Jones's leave" and called them a losing franchise. So the truth hurts. * Rookie year Ramsey gets into altercation with Steve Smith Sr. Calls him a old man during game and they both push and shove and disrespect each other verbally after the game. We all know as fans Steve is aggressive and that's just competitive. *Oct 23rd rookie year Ramsey gets ejected late in the 4th quarter getting into a scuffle with Raiders reciever Johnny Holton. *Jan 1 st rookie year lost to Colts and told the media that the whole defensive coaching staff needs to be fired. Best defensive player on the team. Not once said anything bad about a teammate. Stupid move but once again the truth hurts. * The next year had a fight with A.J Green which if anyone see Green was locked down the entire game and obviously frustrated and attacked Ramsey. Deion Sanders fought all the time. * Before the AFC championship game he predicted the Jags would win against New England and go to the Superbowl. Blake Bortles realized he wasn't supposed to be their. * GQ magazine he trashes a few quarterbacks. Woopty Doo , it's the nature of the game. Grown men can take it. Prove him right or prove him wrong. * Pulls up to training camp in an armored truck. Insinuating he needs that money that he's deserved. Best all around CB in the league. Locks down the best WR's in the league. * Verbal altercation on the sideline with coach. Coach & player in the wrong. Unwritten rule coach shouldn't go at the players & players shouldn't go at the coaches. Ramsey handled the interview the next day very professional and praised his teammates and coaches. I think he would improve our defense and take us to the next level. I think a change of scenery and a winning atmosphere surrounded by good men will do wonders for Ramsey. We will be picking late with the 1st rd pick anyways & and offer a 3rd and or player and we'll have an island for WR's at LOS.
  2. He deserves it. Best Lockdown corner in the league despite how people feel about his attitude. He just wants to win games at the end of the day. Any team that can afford him would be foolish to pass him up especially if you're a possible superbowl contender.
  3. No need to show everything yet. If it's not on film yet teams can't defend it as well. Sprinkle it in vs KC and pour it on after the bye.
  4. Chase McLaughlin over Cody Parkey. He's ready.
  5. Chase McLaughlin is the best pick out of the bunch.
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