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  1. You never miss what you got till it's gone!!!! Willis is always where he's supposed to be. Gets his job done. Hopefully he and Pittman will be ok and play Sunday.
  2. Willis replaced, look at his stats He has allowed just 57.7% of passes thrown his way to be completed and quarterbacks have a passer rating of just 75.6 when targeting him. The most remarkable stat is he has only allowed 38 yards after the catch all year. Right!!!
  3. I agree the Moore int was other worldly!!! But the Willis interception was a l more than blind luck.. review the whole play.
  4. Moores int was breath taking!!!! But watch the Willis int, he read the play and was closing in on a monster hit, the ball pops out he adjusted in mid stride and it was all green.
  5. No matter what willis does its the same nonsense!!!! He was closing in on a killer hit, he responded in the run. All you can say is he ran straight!!!! Get a life man!!! Lol at his stats!!! Moore is a great DB, but don't minimize willis, he's there doing his job, which is a bit more than running straight!!
  6. Lay off Willis!!! The kid gets the job done! If anyone thinks ss is "least demanding " db position, they've no idea what the position entails. Get real!!!
  7. I agree, but check out the streams, its a constant knock on the kid! He too is still learning, but he shows up puts in the work and gets the job done!
  8. I'm weary of khari willis being a whipping boy. He's a pff top 12 safety. He comes in gets the job done day in day out with little or no appreciation. Kenny Moore got beat, no comments, Blackmon got beat, no comments. BTW check out the Hockinson, you got that wrong.
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