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  1. Sometimes the guy on the bench is the one with the most heart itching to get his chance to prove everyone wrong.
  2. "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." -Abraham Lincoln
  3. Well, since you put it that way... Yes.
  4. Against Atlanta? That would be overkill. Like driving a nail with a sledgehammer. Let Jacoby get some practice vs the little guys.
  5. I went to a USC game once. Was a super time.
  6. How would you react if a third string quarterback randomly walked into your house today and sat on your couch?
  7. Chicago Bears: Potential solution to quarterback problem available https://dawindycity.com/2019/09/19/chicago-bears-trubisky-chad-kelly/amp/ "If Trubisky can’t put it together, the Bears will need to think about replacing him eventually, maybe as soon as 2020. This is where the recently released Chad Kelly comes into the situation. Considering his legal history and inability to stay on an NFL roster, most would write Kelly off quickly. However, if the Bears are serious about getting the QB position right, then Kelly could potentially be the answer." =================== I can Bearly believe this.
  8. Miami could use some talent. What would they stand to lose... Their pride?
  9. He seems like the sort of guy that can make $100 million and then a year after he loses his job he's broke from buying albino giraffes and diamond encrusted Lamborghinis.
  10. You ever see those police videos where the officers are hitting a guy with batons? Did you ever think, "I sure wish we could see what all happened beforehand"? If her attorney released Brown's texts, then it's only fair to see the entire conversation.
  11. How do you know she is a victim? Because she said so?
  12. In the texts published, Brown is obviously responding to prior conversations between him and the accuser. It will be interesting to see what had been written before his rant that led to his angry tirade. As a matter of fact, I can only presume that subpoenas for all their prior communications are in the works.
  13. It's the typical #metoo attitude. Women are saintly and every man is a filthy pig. Remember the Duke Lacross Five? Those poor guys. A single PROSTITUTE was believed over the word of five young men. And the #metoo movement aren't helping themselves with their Twitter tag: PoundMeToo.
  14. I just read the alleged texts. Brown doesn't admit to any assaults or unwanted sexual activity. But who can decipher much of it? I am more fluent in Spanish than I am in Antonio Brownish. If anyone should be sent to jail, it's the entire administration of the University of Central Michigan for Brown's "education."
  15. His college stats were low, too, as someone pointed out above. Lawl
  16. Yeah, Kelly would surely be in the hospital crying right now. It would be like the Colts had just grabbed some guy from a lawnmower repair shed and put him in at QB.
  17. Tom Brady only wishes he were Chad Kelly. images (1).mp4
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