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  1. Fans are fanatics and some don't care what pain Andrew Luck is going though as long as he wins a Superbowl or two for them. Andew Luck does not owe you anything but should have announce his retirement in the off season. He lost $60 million in future money to retire but all players need bodies after the retire. Junior Seau chased rings but the injuries ultimately cost him his life. Joe Montana is greatest of all time but can't do the same thing normal people do due to injuries. The money whether it being $1 million or $500 million is not worth having a bad quality of life (not being able to walk or brain damage). Luck needed to retire because his bad offensive line could not protect him in more than half his career.
  2. Fans is short for fanatic and all fans are fanatics. First of all, Andrew Luck does not owe fans anything. I am being realistic, fans did not pay Andrew Luck but Jim Irsay did. Jim should have took some of the money back from Andrew Luck but things would probably get ugly. The Lions took money from from Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson when they retired prematurely but Colts handled with class. Most of the fans did not boo luck but the ones who did had every right to. Luck announced his retirement 2 weeks before the season started so fans have the right to express frustration. Some other fans would throw batteries at their QB. Colts fans are classy in my opinion. Root for the team!
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