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  1. More likely coming or going to buy more drugs. Tough question on whether coming or going.
  2. Alphabetical order Brady Manning Rivers Roethlisberger Schaub
  3. The only positive thing I can say about his is that he charitable.
  4. Offense: Vacant with Luck communicating with officials during the game. Defense: Bethea & Mathis ST Snow &Vinateri
  5. I do not see a win vs. a playoff team or a team with a winning record.
  6. First Round Manning Dickerson Freeney Harbaugh Mathis Saturday Clark Wayne Siragusa Rhodes Jones Harrison James Dungy Moore Unitas Second ROund Manning Freeney Saturday Clark Siragusa Harrison James Unitas Final 4 Manning Saturday Harrison James Championship Manning James Favorite Colt of all time Peyton Manning
  7. I woke up in between a memory and a dream, and it sucks!

    1. FireJimCaldwell


      I do that on a daily basis.

  8. Okay.. Was just wondering... Neither one could pass for Denzel or Clooney.
  9. I don't get the RGIII hate. Nothing more can be accomplished during a private workout. If a GM is basing his decision on that then he shouldn't be in that position.
  10. Again, it wasn't my thought. I was commenting on others thoughts.
  11. Joe Theismann's injury was a freak accident.Peyton Manning's injury was laced with malicious intent.
  12. If a team were to place a % weight on the evaluation process. The performance at the combine, a pro-day and/or a private work out should be very low on the list.
  13. It was in response to the conversation above about taking more time might increase Luck's willingness to pull an Elway. I know he's said that he wants to be a Colt, and Irsay has clearly been latched on for Luck for quite some time.It was just a comment addressing the previous discussions.
  14. The last great 14 I remember is FoutsThe last great 16 I remember is Montana
  15. If Luck has one ounce of telling the Colts not to draft him inside of him then move on to the next guy. The Colts owe it to themselves to be certain beyond a shadow of a doubt. If that isn't good enough for Luck's time frame then so be it.
  16. Honest question. Has Luck ever even played against a 3-4.... Could be a rude awakening.
  17. Hurt Warner was decent.
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