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  1. I just posted the same thing a few minutes ago DarkSuperman87!! I absolutely agree and that JA Grigson should have been fired many times over and Irsay never did anything, and then even Chuck P. got the ax as well due to it all when I feel and believe Chuck did a great job and honestly Chuck had those guys winning games they shouldn't have on pure Grit and had them boys always playing and fighting for him even with the slop Grigson gave him in between the house hold players etc. Last night Irsay was asked if he regrets anything in the first several years of Lucks career under Grigson and he said "NO" not sure how he slept at night then allowing a future hall of famer get beaten into the ground every sunday, I he didnt have problems sleeping then maybe he will now because this is the Product of he and Grigson now, I firmly believe that too.
  2. Irsay and that (JA) Grigson ruined Luck his first five years in the NFL. They allowed him to get completely beat into the ground and now this is a product of all that and it is such a shame as now all the line pieces are in place and ready to actually protect the QB but its to late Luck. Luck behind this new team would have been wow the sky would have been the limit to and he could actually build of of last years outstanding come back year and it would have probably been amazing really. I am very saddened and still in denial. As well as anger as I remember us all seeing the need for Luck's line to get addressed over and over again and year after year nothing and it was embarrassing watching the line being rotated and experimented with like duck duck goose, it is amazing that a GM and owner would sit back and just be ok with that that. Payton during his entire career didn't take the beating that Andrew faced in one year under Grigson. shameful and when asked last night if he regrets those five years of Andrews career with such a terrible line Irsay says "NO". Pretty sad all around...
  3. Does anyone agree with me that the front office and owner did the fans wrong in all this to do with Andrews retirement announcement? I mean I was at work and a friend text me out of the blue and I thought it was a bad joke or something. I was able to go and watch the press conference and see it was real and the substance of why etc. and I was still in shock and sick. But the fans at the game in my opinion had to feel ambushed and blindsided to say the least!! I mean how do you not know or realize that making an announcement of this magnitude which to everyone in the place one second prior was a complete and total unthinkable or worst case type thought or nightmare no one would even want to think about or joke about for that matter, what part of this did the front office and the owner not think would absolutely create a total knee jerk reaction as well of a chain reaction of defensive type negative type feelings and emotions?? I mean who in the place doesn't actually love Andrew Luck and believe in him as our beloved teams leader and face for years to come?? They announce and or place it on the score boards etc. that Andrew Luck is retiring??? Without one second of warning or one ounce of information of why anything, this to me was a total lack of respect for the Colt fans everywhere especially those at the game. I mean they totally set them up for complete humiliation and in turn they have give the Colts fans everywhere a Black eye because of it. I myself know and am proud to be a Colts fan and believe Colts fans are classy and respectful as a majority and I am proud of that. Football is a passionate and emotionally intense game and as a fan what are you ready to do when you go to the game?? I'm ready for battle and to fight and cheer on our Colts no matter what and that mindset is normal, now you announce to everyone that your teams leader and face is just up and gone now out of the blue absolutely zero warning, talk about some flight or fight type situation, what did you feel right away if like me nothing but negative such as betrayed, fooled, cheated, humiliated, sick, hurt, confused, anger all these things because as humans we cant process this type info especially without any such substance to justify or explain it in a few mins... So what is the human reaction for a ton of ready to fight and cheer football fans well to express the displeasure and anger only way possible verbally and majority BOOING!! But they don't really even realize what or why they are because they have been ambushed and blindsided in a way that is totally and absolutely disrespectful and unfair to paying fans period. The 80 year old grandma in the seat beside you is fighting and booing, they are not booing Andrew Luck per say they are booing the shocking thought that this is true and that they don't understand whats going on and feel cornered and betrayed and attacked there football world has been attacked by unthinkable foolish sounding news of the worst type. Had Colts fans been told of this possibility and knew the situation and rational of the situation and dynamic in which to the effects that Andrew was facing would the Colts fans Boo Andrew luck if given this respectful deserved information prior to this game after having a proper period of time to process an know what it was about, Absolutely Not. I believe the owner and front office should apologize to the fans and Andrew as they set that up for exactly that type situation and reaction to occur.
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