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  1. I agree. Not only for owning clothing with another man’s name on it, but for burning it after you spent money on it. I said the same thing when the *s down here burned Matt Schaub’s jersey.
  2. You seem to have a strange obsession with Luck; did he harm you in someway? I’m not Colts fan. Hell, i’m not even really a fan of the local team here in Houston, but if JJ Watt stepped away from the game with bags full of money, I’d say - good for JJ. There is no loyalty in the NFL. Get paid and then get the hell out while you still have your health.
  3. You can’t compare your job to a professional athlete. Society has dictated that Luck’s work is worth for than yours or mine. And thats why gets to walk away at 29. It’s called LIFE.
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