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  1. The game manager tag is gonna stick I feel. And I feel it could be correct.
  2. JB looking worryingly overwhelmed right now. Deer in a headlights right now. Great run by Wilkins.
  3. Defense keeping us in this. They can only do so much. Is Reichs play calling this bad or is it a product of what they can do with Jacoby right now? The game manager assesment seems prety on point right now.
  4. Jacoby not giving me the potential world beater vibe.
  5. This is going to the era of swag Kelly.
  6. What would be the contract situation with Kelly if he does have a good season? He's only on a year contract I believe.
  7. Kelly has elite talent. He really does...blows JB out the water potential wise. Now if he can just keep his head screwed on... He was brought it by Ballard and Reich because they see it too. Chris is all about character and is willing to take a risk on this guy, it should tel us all something. He will be starting by game 4.
  8. This might sound a bit crazy, but I really do think Chad Kelly has SERIOUS potential. He's been lighting it up this pre seaoson too. I think he will be our stater by mid season. He has everything to be a franchise QB, just needs the right culture around him. Go and watch all the tape you can on him. If he has a good 10 or so games this season, we could be very lucky given what's happened. Nobody on the forum is even consodering him, but he's already better than Jacoby. He's taylor amde for this Reich offense. There is a reason he was brought here. You don't bring a wild character in like Chad to twiddle his thumbs as a back up. I think they've been considering this for a while. There's a reason why they've been giving him so much playing time too. There is doom and gloom right now, but to be honest I think we have our QB right there.
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