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  1. I think the fact that I know its gonna be 5-7 years before I can feel like I did 8hrs ago (excited for the season) that very fact makes me feel like I got punched in the gut
  2. Well I cant sleep or have a moment of peace so I'll just say it. The colts wont see a playoff game for a long time. All the young talent we accumulated, all the rebuilding. It's all for nothing. Jacoby hasnt showed any playoff caliber qb abilities. So brings me back to my point. It's all over. I wish to God the fans didnt boo luck off the field. I wish he had his own moment to retire. But I will say this. He broke my heart tonight and if I was there I'd probably run on to the field crying my eyes out.
  3. Hey guys new to the forum.. Just wanted to ask a question. Any one else completely heart broken? I'm confused, *, but mainly heart broken. I'm a 26yr man with 3 kids. But I've cried several times tonight. I feel like this day was a terrible dream
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