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  1. Kelly is a NFL starter. If he can keep his head clean and out of trouble, he can lead the Colts to the Super Bowl. Check his history. He was set to start for Clemson ahead of Deshaun Watson. He went to EMCC (yeah Last Chance U) and led them to a National Championship. Went to Mississippi and lead them to back to back wins over Alabama. If it wasn't for an injury in his senior year, Ole Miss may have had the opportunity to make the playoffs. He had better stats than Watson and Prescott. Less publicity. He would have been the starter in Denver if he hadn't got into trouble off the field that has lead to his suspension. Watching the highlights tonight made me think a little of Peyton with the stretch play. I think he will be the starter by midseason. Especially if Jacoby misfires. I like Jacoby and Chad as QBs. I don't think there will be a great let down. Maybe 1-5 again, but the Colts will rebound. Next man up.
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