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  1. Now that the season is over, the only reason I see Chad on the roster and not cut was to see if he can stay clean, learn the system and compete next season. JB is the starter day 1 next year. The only way CK will play if for an injury to occur. I like CK. His stats in college are better than JB. Won more big games in college. Was projected as a top 5 qb coming out of college until he got hurt his senior season. Remember CK only played 2 years at Ole Miss and beat the National Champions both seasons. Jacoby was unknown until got to replace Brady for a couple of games. Yes, I was excited in how he played the 2017 season. But now he has had a complete year as started with full team support. Yes there were injuries. Great qbs make unknown players good (Manning, Brady, Brees, Mahones, Rogers, etc.) JB could not. Kelly showed in preseason that he could work with 4th, 5th string wrs and score. JB has not been able to score with 1st wrs. My hope as a long time Colts fan (43 yrs) That CK will get a legitimate chance next season (if he can stay clean). There are only 3 qbs in draft worth drafting high. They will be gone before the Colts draft. That being said the Colts have their qbs for next year. If you want to compare college stats: Kelly played in the SEC Brissett in the ACC Chad Kelly Ole Miss SEC Career 513/803 63.9 6858 50 21 150.9 Jacoby Brissett Florida/ NC State Career 499/839 59.5 5723 46 15 131.3 Season is over in the past. All we can do is talk about the future.. We all should agree that 2020 will be better than 2019.
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