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  1. This is a tough one. I'd hate to bench Andrews knowing the numbers he can put up, but that foot injury is worrisome. Dissly is definitely targeted quite a bit...although I think they both got 8 targets last week. I don't think either of them have an especially favorable match-up. I would start Dissly this week, hoping for at least some form of shootout between the Rams and Seahawks. As long as Russ keeps targeting the TE, it could be another good game. Thursday games are tough because you can go in to the weekend feeling good if your player performs...or you can dr
  2. 1. Breida is on a bye-week for Week 4...that being said, I would probably narrow it down to Freeman vs. Samuel. Of those 2, I think I'd be more interested in Samuel in Week 4. Denver faces a decent run defense against Jacksonville. Jarvis is highly targeted, but the Browns haven't looked great offensively for it to translate to catches/yardage. Chris Carson could be in play, but with his fumbling and Rashaad Penny possibly returning, I think I'd look elsewhere. 2. I'd still feel good keeping Mark Andrews. I think the foot issue did play a part in his less-than-stellar week, but Ba
  3. Myles Turner worked out with Kevin McHale last week, focusing on post moves. I'm hesitant to get too excited about this, but a part of me can't help it. I hope that he takes what he learned to heart and can successfully integrate it into his game. Pacer fans are surely ready for him to show that he's more than a 13 and 7 guy that happens to have elite defensive timing. The best part of it all was reading Kevin McHale's quote of "You gotta nice jumper but get yer a## on the block" http://mylesturnerbasketball.org/pacers-forward-myles-turner-worked-on-post-moves-with-hall-of-famer-ke
  4. I did. It was really refreshing to hear someone who genuinely sounds happy to be here. I understand that Jeremy Lamb, having signed here, may be content with being here, but it doesn't seem in his character to be very outgoing in interviews, which is perfectly fine. TJ Warren is a man of even fewer words. Not a knock on either guy, just a stark contrast to Brogdon's interview. I'm very excited to see what Brogdon brings to the team. He seems like a cerebral point guard that knows how to get guys in position to get good looks. He comes off as very unselfish, acknowledging that this
  5. Not Pacers news, but in a very interesting turn of events, Paul George was traded from the Thunder to the Clippers. Clippers send 5 first rounders, 2 pick swaps, Danilo Gallinari and SGA. He'll join Kawhi Leonard and just like that, the Clippers increased their talent tremendously. They played well last year in their own right, so this will definitely be interesting. PG, Kawhi, and Pat Bev will definitely be a tough defense to score against!
  6. I read an article on 8points9seconds that suggested Tobias Harris would not be a good fit for the Pacers, citing the fact that he'll be seeking near-max money and Sabonis would be in his way at the 4 spot. I still don't know how I feel about moving Sabonis to the 4 because of his lateral quickness, among other things. I like the idea of Tobias Harris because he'd give us a stretch 4, something Thad wasn't, and Sabonis isn't (at least at this stage of his career). Not sure of anyone else's thoughts on Harris, but I did find the article somewhat intriguing. The article, i
  7. Definitely hoping GOATga pans out for us. Watching his tape, it seems like we still may have decent rim protection when Myles is resting and/or in foul trouble (something we saw a bit too often). I think it'll be interesting to see how he moves against NBA speed. Also, I truly hope that picture of him and Zion motivates him. Surely it only paints a small picture, as he himself stated that he did receive questions, but it has to still stir up something, no matter how minuscule.
  8. The news of Rubio being a top target for the Pacers in free agency is not at all exciting. Sure, he's younger than Collison...I don't doubt that he'd be an upgrade...but I feel like he and DC are cut from the same cloth; they're both non-scoring guards. True, Rubio is a better facilitator than DC, but if Vic's off a night, we can't expect to get scoring from our guard position, which definitely hurt us last year. Also, flashy-passing, Timberwolves Rubio is exponentially more fun to watch than 28 year old, purely fundamental Rubio.
  9. I feel like the Pacers' priority will be to re-sign Bogdanovic. I'm not sure that they'll re-sign Thad. I would love to have Thad back because of everything that he brings (minus a jumper) however, I believe that he'll aim to get one more "big" contract before his age starts to diminish his value. Whether or not the Pacers will give him this contract remains to be seen. Also, just a personal opinion here, I would not at all mind seeing Darren Collison gone next year. CoJo kinda fizzled out (shooting-wise) from pretty much the middle season on, but I would like to see hi
  10. I'll be interested in seeing if Lowry disappears like he's known to do in the playoffs. I'm actually semi-impressed at the job he's done so far...even with the 0 point game he had.lol I can see Toronto taking 2 games...can't fathom more than that though.
  11. I agree. Kawhi has long been a player that's hard to read. I feel like there are a lot of NBA players that make their intentions well known, and you can almost predict what move they're going to make. While you might not guess the team they'll go to, you can pretty accurately estimate whether or not they're going to stay or leave in free agency. With Kawhi, it's a mystery. With the run that they're on, I could see him tempted to stay, however, I'm sure if he chose to leave, he'd choose a team he feels like he could go on a very similar run with. Nothing about him screams absolute l
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