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  1. Congrats to Andrew and his wife! Got a tip for him, can't go into baby making dehydrated. Those calf cramps can turn into strains easily!
  2. Ed Dodds doesn't want to be a GM. He wants to be heavily involved in the scouting and the GM responsibilities would take away from that. I think it's fair to say he is currently in his dream job. Ballard most likely gives him free reign to do what he does, or else, why would he have left Seattle?
  3. What a thread filled with nostalgia. Can't say I miss @crazycolt1 posts, but I do wish him good health and good fortune. I do particularly miss @southwest1 & @BrentMc11 the most. Those dudes looked at everyone's opinions and never discounted them, no matter right or wrong.
  4. Any list that has Russel Wilson ahead of Andrew Luck has never ever watched film on Luck.
  5. RB's are replaceable. Tyreek Hill is not. Audio tapes of he said she said aren't going to get him banned from the NFL. It would take something like the Ray Rice video to get blackballed out.
  6. That's the problem with "reasonable doubt" Superstar multi-millionaire athlete, accused of breaking their son's arm, and accuser admitted to keeping the tapes as an insurance policy? Sounds to me like she might have lied to keep herself rich. When this whole ordeal came up, all she has to do was tell the police that she was lying on the tape, then no one gets charged, and no one gets in trouble. If i were a betting man, I'd wager heavily on that.
  7. Um, what? That is a great time to fire your GM. GM's spend all year getting ready for the draft. Even if you don't like your GM, it is smarter to keep them than hire someone at the end of the season, who would have 2 months to prepare for the draft, working with a system, scouts, HC, etc that they don't know. IMHO you're far more likely to bungle the draft when you hire a new GM in January / February.
  8. Right. Because having a disease (Addiction) is worse than soliciting prostitutes.
  9. Reading this thread has lowered my IQ by several points.
  10. That's true too. Not all lawyers are created equal either.
  11. I'd love to get the statistics on false reports on athletes that will soon likely be millionaires. Not all accusations are created equal.
  12. I'm glad to see that no one is on here calling for his head. It might just be because he's a Colt, but I'm confident our judicial system would have taken action had there been a crime committed. IMHO if this story "blows up" it will be because the media wants clicks.
  13. Hey now, let's not put that kinda stigma on it. Glass half full. Every player, every coach, every GM in the league right now has the opportunity to be the GOAT at their respective position. Until they either are or are not, let's just root for them to succeed
  14. And hopefully how it ends as well...
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