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    God, Family, Sports, all things team strive to get all types of personalities to work as one unit God drives my witness.
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  1. Jacoby, endorsed by Riech, Ballard, Belichick, & Parcells. My prediction is Jacoby will be our QB in 2021, however CB may draft a QB this year who may start in 2022 or simply be a backup. If you recall Parcells was JB mentor early in his career who endorsed him to Belichick who drafted him as a 3rd rounder. Halfway through the season the team had a record at 5-3 when the injuries occurred, plus the misses left & right blue nation may have been 10-6. Rivers has his one-year contract, Ballard investment in Jacoby, will allow them an opportunity to draft QB in 2020. The new QB role could be a backup or possible starter in 2022 (Fromm, Hurts, Gordon) my choice would be Gordon he has the mindset and the arm. We all are sports fans, who may have played on teams who were inspired by our coaches. Our coaches are leaders of men & women who molded our lives please trust in them.
  2. The team needs a RT who has the potential to move LT once Anthony retires, which allows Braden takeover at right guard.
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