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  1. @Four2itus and @Buck Showalter the Howard Mudd thread had me thinking about Primus.  Thought I would share a couple other songs from them that I have been listening to.



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    2. Coltsfan66
    3. Four2itus


      Mr Krinkle is such a strange video. That acting troupe must had loved being told "I want it all, and I want it as different as you can come up with". 


      Jerry is a classic. 

  2. Happy Easter to all!

  3. Perfection....



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    2. horseshoecrabs


      I will feel a great lost when David ends up passing. I hope that's not for a long time.

    3. horseshoecrabs


      One of my favorites to lay back and listen.

    4. Coltsfan66


      Mine too!


  4. I always liked this song and it has so much relevance today.



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