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  1. 1 minute ago, stitches said:

    Kind of agree on Jones and Trask, I wouldn't draft them in R1. But if Ballard drafts one of them, I won't throw a fit over it and will be willing to let it play out and see how it goes. 

    We're lucky in that we have learnt to trust Ballard. He's been unlucky with retirements. If he grabs Jones at 21 I won't be mad, I'm higher on him than most. Trask not so much. Really looking forward to the first 2 weeks of March which is when he normally makes his trade moves.

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  2. If CB wants to trade up for a QB, he's likely going to need to go to 8 or higher. JAX (1), NYJ (2), ATL (4), DET (7) and CAR (8) all either ARE in the market, or COULD be in the market for a QB. 
    According to Draftek Pick Value Chart, we barely have the capital in this draft to get up to 8. 
    I generally put the following years picks a round back on this years value (i.e. 1st overall pick  in 2022 equal to 1st pick 2nd round this year) so if we add our 2021 1st and 2022 1st (likely reasonably early ~8th) and 2021 3rd, we might just be able to do it.
    I do see a world where those teams mentioned (other than JAX) go in different directions...
    JAX - Lawrence 
    NYJ - Sewell
    ATL - Paye
    DET - Parsons 
    CAR - Surtain 

    Which drops Fields to SF, Wilson to WAS and Lance to CHI. 

    Of course, this is highly unlikely because there aren't 32 Chris Ballard's as GM's and the rest of them will all reach like zombies.

    If anything, it's going to be a fun off-season. I hope we get a LT in FA and leave the QB to the draft. But like CB says... get the RIGHT one.

    Thanks for putting up with my ramblings :lol:

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  3. 4 minutes ago, shastamasta said:

    The NBA season wasn't cancelled...it was suspended. The NFL season is still very far away.


    It might (or maybe even likely) affect the NFL Draft. I looked at flights and hotel for Vegas that week...and they are so cheap right now. You can get 4 nights at the Bellagio and roundtrip airfare for $400 total. A couple months ago, it was $500/night.

    hot damn, wish i lived in North America!

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  4. I actually think there is a bit of a tier drop just after 13 this year tbh.
    Burrow, Tua, Herbert, Love
    Young, Simmons, Okudah, Brown, Kinlaw
    Becton, Wirfs, Thomas, Wills,
    I understand a lot of people think Jeudy and Lamb will go in there aswell. I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see them drop with the depth at that position this year.
    I don't see us taking one of the OT so leaves a few decent guys to choose from that should make a big impact for us, either this year or next (Love)

  5. Colts sign Rivers

    Miss out on Jones...
    Panthers move on from Newton.

    1. Bengals - Burrow, QB
    2. Redskins - Young, DE

    3. Lions - Okudah, CB

    4. Giants - Simmons, LB

    5. Dolphins - Tua, QB

    6. Chargers - Herbert, QB

    7. Panthers - Love, QB

    8. Cardinals - Wills, OT
    9. Jaguars - Jeudy, WR
    10. Browns - Thomas, OT

    11. Jets - Wirfs, OT

    12. Raiders - Lamb, WR

    13. Colts - Brown, DT

    34. Colts - Okwara, DE
    44. Colts - Fromm, QB

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  6. 4 minutes ago, Chloe6124 said:

    Yeah I am sure that is right. But everything I have seen it’s more about seeing them prepare and practice during the week. I don’t think they are going to learn anything they didn’t by a allstar game.

    No. And Dodds said they their guys dont punish the players too much for a bad week at SB but reward them highly for a good week.

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