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  1. IMO, Carr would be a great get if available.


    However, as has been mentioned previously, the only realistic way I see him being dealt this offseason is if Gruden is a able to get Brady.  Even if they take a QB with their 1st rd pick, I could see them keeping Carr to allow the rookie to sit and learn for a year.


    On a somewhat related note, what is everyones thoughts on Matthew Stafford? The reason I ask is because if the Lions take Tua (as some mocks have suggested) then he becomes expendable. Do you like him better than Carr? Are you willing to give up more to get him than for Carr? Just food for thought.

  2. While the Titans deserve a ton of credit for doing what they have done in the playoffs so far and they outplayed the Ravens last night, I think we have to pump the brakes a little on simply pointing to these two games as a formula for us that will set up well for consistent year in and year out contention.  


    I willing to bet the record of teams in the playoffs (especially over the past 20 years) when the QB throws for under a 100 yards and has a yards per attempt of 5.5 is not very good.   It may be by design and the way the games played out, but Tannehill is going have to do more at some point in time in order for them to win a SB with this formula.  


    Realistically, they have had a lot of things go their way which has allowed them to play their style the most important of which is that their D is playing really well and making all the timely plays in key situations , even better than what they were in the regular season.  Not saying they are lucky, but this run reminds me a lot of quick rise and fall playoff teams such as the 2017 Jags, 2009-2010 Jets teams with Sanchez, 1995 Colts that got hot in the playoffs but did not have the anything substantial long term once the hot streak ran out.  



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  3. The more I think about it, the most prudent move for the Colts to make regarding the QB situation is to look into acquiring David Carr this offseason.


    Here is my reasoning: the most important thing,  IMO, Ballard stated in his season end presser was the danger of "forcing the evaluation" during the draft and pre-draft prcoess of a quarterback. I agree 100% with this.  This more than anything is what keeps certain franchises in a perpetual cycle of of mediocrity or worse.  Seasons are wasted on a guy teams are forced to talk themselves into because of a hole they have on their roster at QB.


    To me, it would seem highly likely that the Colts are doing the above if they draft a guy in the 1st rd one year after their franchise QB retires and a season in which Brissett showed he probably is not the longterm answer.


    The best scenario with our current draft pick, roster is to get a guy who has mutiple years of being a starter with a proven track record of solid play/sucess showing he can play well in this league, has been part of winning teams, and, most importantly, is young enough that he can still grow/improve his game, allow a team to be built around him, and allow a team to make a decision solely based on talent upgrade to trade up or take a QB in the 1st round if a favorable opportunity presents itself in the draft over the nesxt few years.


    The only guy I see who meets the above criteria is David Carr. If the asking  price is not to steep, this makes the most sense for us going forward. This is similar to what the KC Chiefs did with Alex Smith after Andy Reid arrived and it allowed the team to get better in others until they found their guy in Mahomes.  This is the model the Colts should follow.

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  4. I don't know what Ballards ultimate vision is with this team, but its my opinion that it is easier to be a consistent contender when the QB position is filled by a top 10 talent then trying to build solely around a defense and other areas.  To me, the current NFL is designed to favor offenses (spefically passing) and even when a defense is really good, it is not a wise proposition to rely on defense and running game formula to completely defeat other playoff teams.


    The Bills lost that game yesterday because their offense basically spun their wheels while their D was playing lights out for the better part of 2 + quarters.


    While I am estatic that the Titans knocked out the Pats, they were fortunate that they were not done in by an impotent passing game.  My gut tells if Edelman doesnt flat out drop that pass on 2nd and 6 late in the 4th quarter, NE drives for either game winning FG or TD.


    Even earlier today, Vikes won in OT because Cousins made some nice elite level throws to set up and score the winning TD.





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  5. So here is my take on this 


    As a diehard fan, I personally do not have any "hate" for job that specifically Ballard or Reich have done so far.   I have every reason to believe that they are right guys for their jobs to steer the franchise to future glory.  


    That being said, I do think there is/was an element especially in the local media (read previous articles by Gregg Doyel and Stephen Holder) where specifically Chris Ballard has been anointed as a HOF GM when, in reality, this is his 1st time running a team and, therefore, he is going to make mistakes and whiff on roster building philosophies, moves, personnel decisions.  The key for him in this regard is that does he learn from it and apply it in the future or stubbornly stick with something when there is clear evidence it is not working with putting the team in the best position to win.  So far, the Vinatieri situation this season was a strike in that aspect.  It remains to be seen how the QB situation and Brissett is handled this offseason. 


    One thing I would like to laid to rest is the babble coming out of our front office about solely building through the draft and acting as if free agency, trades using draft capital is completely useless.  No NFL team would be good if they draft poorly.  That is not even debatable.  However, the consistent winners (e.g. Pats, Chiefs, Ravens, Seahawks) supplement good drafts with opportunistic trades and FA signings.  No one, even the greatest GMs of all time, are going to nail the draft 100%.  At the end of the day, drafting is still an inexact science.  So to deny that and rely solely on the draft to improve a roster and fix holes will not lead to a good long term result. 

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