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  1. 1. I live in Grimsby, in the UK. 2. I watch games on NFL Gamepass or Sky Sports. Seen one live game, when they came to London, but haven't been able to afford a trip over to Indy just yet. 3. I like to re-watch classic games in the off season to whet my appetite - i.e. Chiefs @ Colts 2013. I do watch every game live, even if it means I only get an hour's sleep before work! Been a fan since 2005, hope to get to Lucas Oil one day.
  2. Probably just coincidence, but I believe the London Games announcement is coming today, so maybe Dallas is over here to help announce the Colts coming over again as an away team (aswell as the NFLUK tour he was doing). Wishful thinking on my part, although I imagine the idea of them coming over to the UK again isn't universally popular..? 'Bumped' into him in the Admiralty pub also when they came over, very nice bloke. Hi all by the way, long time(ish) reader of the forum, first time poster. Go Shoe!
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