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  1. Even though I am a Reds fan I don't like how few Cubs games I can see on Direct TV. I think their broadcasts are the best, both technically and the broadcasters. Rasiel Iglesias has figured it out. He started off rough but he has struck out the last 9 hitters he has faced in a span of his last three games. I hope he sits tomorrow.
  2. I think I need to celebrate. The Reds actually won tonight. I looked yesterday and they had to third lowest ERA in the NL. Last place. I do think the offense will wake up, but I fear they will be too far back from St Louis and Milwaukeeand probably Chicago. There pitching has been prisitine recently.
  3. Jay Kirk I think the breaks went the Reds way tonight. I think Bader should have let Martinez...I think it was Martinez in right catch that fly ball. But you have to love his aggressive play. Fun to watch. I think Rasiel Iglesias was lucky tonight because his command was really lacking. David Hernandez out of the bullpen is just so impressive. Looking forward to tomorrow.
  4. I work with Jay Kirk. Some empoyers aren't really human. Just sayin'. they make you jump through hoops and then force their company meat (poorly cut steak) down your throat once a year to show their "appreciation". but it does pay pretty decent....I am drifting off topic.... In the Cardinal game Saturday, I saw a highlight of Goldy punching a ball through a hole in the left side of the infield. a really slow roller. I thought it looked like he wass taking what t they were offering and going with it instead of working on his launch angle. I was damn impressed with that at bat.
  5. I don't think Rose was ever the greatest hitter. And he is my all time favorite player. Just not on my list of favorite people. Williams in my opinion was the grestest hitter. He lost several prime seasons due to 2 wars. Imagine his counting stats if he had played them . Staggering. Ichiro isn't too far behind him though
  6. I watched rhe Reds and Indians today. Nick Senzel, last years #4 overall prodpect is becoming a center fielder. Reports are good. However, today, he was calling for a ball, playing in CF, and had to drift over maybe 8 steps. Puig, playing right, comes charging over like his hair was on fire, calling enzel off and dropping the ball. I see Puig doing a lot of this, but my main concern was Puig fatally running over Senzel. Puig also made a useless throw home, allowing a runner to advance from first to second. Luis Castillo was pitching and looked pretty irritated about loosing the possibility of an infield DP.
  7. after being shut down for a short time, Sonny Gray of the Reds oitched 2 games. 2 innings of shutout ball and 3 perfect innings the next. Not sure how many major league hitters he faced.Last I checked Nick Sensel ws doing pretty good. I think the Reds really hope he can play center field.
  8. Machado will be playing alot of games against the Giants. He will have plenty of opportunities to * off Madison Bumgarner. Even more than his normal * off. He will take Puig's place in Bumgarner's heart. Could be entertaining.
  9. Changing the subject a bit...I just read this about Dice K Matsuzaka, who is now back in Japanese pro ball. He injured his arm when a fan grabbed him. This excerpt is from an AP article. As a teenager, Matsuzaka threw 250 pitches in 17 innings in the quarterfinals of the 1998 summer high school baseball tournament -- one day after a 148-pitch complete-game shutout.
  10. I fear they may do an end around on the DH rule. MLB did a survey (I think it was MLB anyway) and the average baseball fan was somewhere around the age of 54 and half of all baseball fans are 55 and older. I have trouble accepting those findings, but I assume the methods used on the survey were legitimate. MLB wants to appeal to the younger fan base. I fear they are going to do a major realignment and completely dissolve the separate leagues. They are run together now. It used to be the AL offices were in NYC and the NL offices were in Cincinnati. I think they will dissolve the leagues and go to an NFL style geographical divisional lineup or an NBA one with seedings. They will go with identical rules and they won't eliminate the DH. If this happens, I hope it is well after I am gone. My 3 kids are all big MLB fans and I think the game will be ruined for them.
  11. I've been reading the talk about the universal DH. I think it is going to happen. I really really really really do not want it to. In fact I would like it to disappear from the AL too. But it is going to happen. And it is going to happen at a time with Ohtani being a 2 way player, as well as Michael Lorenzen. Ther are a few others that are being considered as well. Lorenzen hit homers in 3 consecutive at bats last year. I want to see more of that. I don't think the DH has hurt baseball. The AL is doing pretty well. But I don't like it. But then again I still struggle with accepting twist off beer caps.
  12. As a Reds fan that grew up in the 1970"s I don't think I could stomach the name Cincinnati Dodgers. That was a heckuva rivalry on the short term. Looks like the Reds are all in for Realmuto. I do think he may be the one who takes the crown of best catcher from Molina. He is a stud. But Reds have enough offense now. Realmuto would make them better, but would be expensive. They seem to want Jonathon India, a 3B prospect who is pretty good. But the Reds have Senzel ahead of him, and Suarez ahead of Senzel. But then they toy with making Senzel an outfielder. I like Barnhart- great catcher with a GG even though he is limited as a hitter. I am ready to go to a game and to get some Skyline or Gold Star Chili. Cincy people will understand!
  13. i know Jay Kirk and he told me about this months ago. Everytime I register I fail the stupid security thing. It was the seventies, man! Reds fan and an overall baseball fan her. I don;t have much passion for other sports, as I would rather listen to hippie folk singers and y'altcountry music than football and basketball. Been a hard core Reds fan since 1971. What a bad year. Some of my earliest memories are my mom sitting in the kitchen listening to Joe Nuxhall and Jim McIntyre then Al Michaels then Marty Brennamann call games on the radio. Her greatest regret was never taking me to Crosley Field. Anyway........my thoughts I have had and reactions to the last few pages....if I had to pick now I would pick the Cardinals to win the central. Notsure how to pick the rest, except Pittsburgh last. I think my Reds have an outside shot at third the way things are now, but 4th is more realistic. If they srart the year with Puig, Kemp, and Winker in the outfield they are gonna score a ton of runs but catch very few actual baseballs. If they stay close,, with the right deal contention is a distinct possibility, but at this time that is a stretch. I have told Jay that I think Andrew Miller if healthy which I think he ism will be a bigger aquisition than Goldy. He can pitch whenever, and his presence should take the pressure off of that young guy they have that throws 198 MPH whose name escapes me, allowing him to mature into his role. i think Molina has another good year in him, as long as he takes a few more breaks. I think Pollack would be a good pickup for them, but he really fits better into the Reds needs as he is a true CF but I don't think they will get him. Looks lie the Reds are real close to Sonny Gray- they have untiil tomorrow afternoon to negotiate an extension before a trade. Take his Yankee Stadium numbers out and he is a really good pitcher.
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