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  1. What other game has he played like that? I'll answer my own question, none. Since that game, he's been bad. In the last 6 he's been the worst starting QB in the league, seriously find me one that has played worse. The dude has been beyond average for 95% of the year. He's playing behind a great oline, he has some pretty solid weapons (better than Luck had), and has extremely pedestrian numbers. Those numbers would get any other starter in the league benched, but we have nobody else! Lol. We're stuck in Jacoby mode.
  2. It's his first year starting, he's basically a freshman. He has all of the tools, he's basically Justin Herbert last year. With refinement I think he can be a stud, luckily we could let him sit for a year if he needed it. He's looked better than Jordan Love, and against much better competition. If they're gonna take a QB in the first, depending on where we ultimately end up picking from, I'll say 17th or so...we will likely have to trade up to get Herbert, and would definitely have to to get Burrow. Best case scenario is that Tua falls to us, makes a full recovery, and we get a 1s
  3. There's zero chance he would have implemented this gameplan with Andrew Luck. When your QB is scared to death to throw the ball, and way too late when he does, you have to play to your strengths: The Oline.
  4. Only people that think this are Jacoby Brissett sympathizers, and god only knows what they're seeing because he's been bad. When you can't average 200 passing yards or a full TD per game (in the last 6) then you're probably not good at your job. I was looking at the list of guys that average better than JB and it's basically every starting QB in the league, Jeff Driskel included, and Andy Dalton on that atrocious Bengals team was averaging 82 more yards per game and 3x the TD's. That's bad.
  5. I like Eason quite a bit. He's probably my 3rd favorite for us to bring in after 1)Burrow and 2)Herbert.
  6. There's a bunch of good ones. Burrow, Herbert, Fromm, Eason, Love, and Hurts.
  7. Lol, are you watching the same dude I am? The Super Bowl? Only way Jacoby Brissett is seeing the Super Bowl is if he buys a ticket.
  8. Why does everyone think Frank likes to run it so much? Luck threw for over 4500 yards last year. His QB is trash, and he has an elite oline, what else is he supposed to do? Jeez.
  9. You put Joe Burrow on this team next year, and add a guy like Reagor or Ruggs, we win this division and make some noise in the playoffs. The next year we have a legit SB chance.
  10. Man, I hope not. That's why I'm a proponent of taking your shot, and getting a guy like Burrow or Herbert. If it costs a little bit...pay it.
  11. While I agree, he needs time, in the game he got injured he caught all 5 targets for 53 yards, and 80+ from the LOS. In this anemic offense that's pretty solid. The guy is 22 years old, just give him time. Our QB can't even pass for 200 a game, and imo isn't able to fully utilize a guy like Parris Campbell. I just pray to jesus that they get someone else to play quarterback next season, or at bare minimum draft a guy that will be ready in 2021.
  12. I'm not against it, it needs to be squared away one way or the other, maybe both ways. I'm not even close to ready to write off Parris Campbell, I think he's gonna be a really good player for us. Guys like Jeudy, Lamb, Higgins, Ruggs, and Reagor are gonna be the DK Metcalfs, Terry Mclaurins, and Deebo Samuel's of next year. I don't fault Ballard for missing on late round WRs, those dudes rarely ever pan out. They lasted for a reason.
  13. If you wanna go that route, just draft Jalen Hurts in the 2nd. At this point he's probably better than Cam. Dude is putting up silly numbers at Oklahoma.
  14. I wonder if you know what you're saying sometimes, and I'm not trying to be mean, I legit wonder. How did they struggle til Inman came in? Inman had 28 catches in 9 games (2 of which he did absolutely nothing) for a grand total of 304 yards and 3 scores. That's nothing. Luck had 10 games last year with 285+ passing yards, Brissett has TWO. Luck had 5 games with 350+ passing yards, Brissett has NONE. Luck had 9 games with 3+ TD passes, Brissett has TWO. Luck had 3 games with 4+ TD passes, Brissett has ZERO. They had really similar wea
  15. Maybe it was just a bad game? He's been bad for the last 6 weeks, averaging 167 yds, 0.8 TD and 0.45 INT per game. That's atrocious, you could almost accidentally throw for more than that blindfolded and guessing where your receivers might be. The team is winning despite Jacoby Brissett, the run game has been mostly solid, a tribute to the oline mainly imo, the defense is deep and makes enough plays, the signing of Justin Houston has turned out to be a great one, he's easily been our best defensive lineman. If they had a better QB, and a kicker, they'd be well in the
  16. We're 29th in Passing Yards, and only 2 other teams average less than 200 per game: the Bears, and Dolphins. We're really bad, and it's in large part due to Jacoby Brissett, because Andrew Luck killed it last year with this set of weapons. Only real difference was Dontrelle Inman lol, TY missed the same amount of time, Luck didn't have Parris Campbell obv, and no Jack Doyle last year. Plus, Luck didn't have the full, healthy, oline til Week 8. No excuses, JB isn't the longterm answer.
  17. Guess how many passing yards we averaged last year? Not so sure it's Reich "loving to pass it", as it is Reich playing to personnel strengths.
  18. I like it. I'd swap QB to the top just because of the monumental influence the position has on the team. WR is right there with it, and luckily for us many are touting the 2020 crop of WR's as historic. We need Interior Defensive Line players that can legit make a difference, and there's several big time guys in this draft if that's the direction they wanna go early. The 2 guys from Auburn, Brown and Coe, are legit. I know it's not a primary need, but a guy like Isaiah Simmons from Clemson would be a game wrecker at LB, and he's dynamic enough to move around, kid's an absolute fre
  19. The class is so deep at WR that we could easily get a guy with the Redskins pick that in most years would have been a 1st round guy. This is probably true of our other 2nd rounder, the later one. As far as who, if you want a field stretcher I think you have to shoot for Jalen Reagor or Henry Ruggs. If it's an X receiver, then guys like Tee Higgins, Tyler Johnson, Antonio Gandy Golden. I personally think an X receiver is the way to go (after we take a QB of course). We need a guy that can compliment TY for a while, then eventually take the reigns. We already have a speedy playmaker
  20. Yeah man, I'd say the odds are probably greater than 75% that they take a QB somewhere in those first 3 picks. He's scouted basically every game where 2 higher profile QBs went head to head, Oregon/Washington, LSU/Utah State, etc. Ballard was quoted saying he particularly liked Jordan Love and Herbert, and the 2020 WR class in general, so I'd say those 2 are addressed with our earlier picks (first 4 on Day 1/2). Just a blind man throwing darts over here, though lol. I have faith they will get it worked out whatever they decide to do.
  21. So, unless it's a generational guy like Luck or Manning we should stick with a guy that can't even average 170 yards passing or a full touchdown? Mahomes and Jackson have at least 1 thing they do that's elite elite, best in the league. Mahomes has the best improvisation skills in the league, and Jackson has the ability to take the game over with his legs. JB has absolutely nothing that he does better than average. Again, to compare those guys is like comparing Ford Escorts to Lamborghinis. I don't agree at all that there's no guys in this class that will be Pro Bowl c
  22. At most, there will be 5-6 guys to go total in the 1st, maybe less now that Tua is hurt. I'd say, in order: 1)Burrow 2)Herbert 3)Eason 4)Fromm 5)Love 6)Hurts Tua would be in there somewhere if he declares, Love and Eason could also return to school. I'd say those 7 guys (with Tua) are the only ones with legit 1st round potential. By the time we pick in the first we should have a chance at all but probably Burrow and Herbert, depending how the year finishes out. If we end up around 15th or so we may be in range to make a move for Herb
  23. Lol Lamar Jackson and Pat Mahomes are the 2 best young QBs in the league atm, so I don't even want to get into a conversation that includes JB in context. Mayfield and Darnold will be fine. Rosen was dealt probably the worst hand a 1st round quarterback ever has, hard to fault him, Mariota dealt with injuries so it's hard to know what could have been. If that's your line of thinking then take a guy like Jalen Hurts in the 2nd. He's a Lamar Jackson lite, and wouldn't require much salary at all. One thing is for sure, he's a playmaker, he's accountable for around 4000 y
  24. Wouldn't matter if you drafted the next Tony Gonzalez and OBJ if the QB can't make the reads necessary, or make the reads quickly enough, to utilize their talent. I don't know how you look at Brissett this year and think he is gonna blossom into a franchise guy that will lead us to deep playoff runs. He's averaging under 170 yards and less than a full TD (0.8) per game in the last 6, that's practically nonexistent. You have to have to have more production from that position.
  25. They're scouting Herbert, Love, and Burrow...all guys with 1st round grades.
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