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  1. Problem with that is that the team isn't bad enough to be in position to land the top-tier guys in 21, guys like Lawrence and Fields. They will most likely have to trade up, or trade for, another quarterback if they wanna make their move...or get lucky on a dart throw like Jordan Love.
  2. Idk man, these last few weeks have really made me doubt Justin Herbert and Eason, but Fromm has looked legit. Hell, he's essentially what people wanted JB to be, an above average game manager. He could likely be had with a 2nd rounder too, and he's NFL ready. Best case scenario would be Tua falling to us.
  3. Cam Newton is a sprained ankle away from an epitaph. Dude's cooked, burnt, crispy af.
  4. What about the 2 horrendous interceptions JB threw? No accountability for that, sounds about right.
  5. Can't wait to hear the pro-JB crowd come in here and start making excuses for why he isn't good at football.
  6. Man, JB had a really solid 1st half, but that 2nd half was HORRIBLE and you just can't make throws like that. The first pick, throwing off his back foot with a guy in his face, and the 2nd into triple coverage with not one, but 2 guys over the top. Alllll bad.
  7. At least we'll have a higher draft pick and can actually draft a worthwhile quarterback. If things continue on this trajectory we should be picking inside the top half of the round(s). This should put them in striking distance for anyone not named Joe Burrow. If Ballard has been scouting Jordan Love, maybe he plans on taking him in the 2nd, and grabbing a stud playmaker like Ceedee Lamb with our 1st rounder? A guy that has superstar written all over him. They need a big X receiver that can dominate a game ala Adams/Hopkins, and Lamb is about a sure thing as you're gonna get.
  8. Why not just draft a Godwin. Ballard should go 1) Lamb 2-1) Reagor 2-2) Kmet 3) Najee Harris That offense would allow even the most pedestrian of QBs (Jacoby Brissett) to look like a Pro Bowler.
  9. With how loaded this draft is at WR, and Ballard mentioning that this class was stacked during 2018 draft season, I'd say it's a foregone conclusion that they'll take a guy Day 1/2. Most analysts are calling this a historic class at the WR position, it's really more a question of what's your flavor? There's elite field stretchers (Ruggs, Reagor, Aiyuk), there's dynamic weapon guys (Laviska Shenault), there's polished X receivers (Jeudy, Lamb, Higgins).
  10. Yeah, why would a FA wanna come here and destroy their career? JB is averaging like 170 a game, no chance he can support a Top 10-15 WR. Only prayer we have is a new QB, but everyone already knows that.
  11. Thing is, it's a fairly large sample size, especially if you want to include 2017 (JB supporters do not lol). The numbers are what they are, and a better quarterback, a franchise QB (what we should ultimately be looking for) elevates the play of everyone around him. Look at Luck last year, he wasn't even in top form and nearly won MVP with a bunch of scrubs and TY Hilton. This set of weapons is remarkably similar to the ones Luck had, switch a guy here and there, except that JB has essentially had the entire oline intact all season (a major advantage). I don't see how people watch
  12. It's hard enough to find a starting quarterback in the NFL, one that allows you to seriously compete, and you're talking about we should have a backup QB that's as good as the starter? So, essentially 2 starters? Lol stop.
  13. Ballard most likely has scouts at every game with a halfway competent quarterback playing. In the Penn State/Ohio State game he's probably scouting Yetur Gross-Matos, the PSU DE.
  14. For me to be satisfied we have to win a SB, or make the playoffs and have a legit shot at bare minimum. If you aren't playing for that, then what's the point?
  15. Justin Fields is gonna be an absolute stud. If there was any chance the Colts could get him or Lawrence in 2021 I'd say wait, but they'd have to lose so many games I just don't see it happening.
  16. Lamar is built like a tank, guys like Vick were 190 and frail. Jackson is a better passer than Vick was too, and a better runner. Lamar is setting records on the ground and still putting up respectable passing numbers. I think we are seeing teams transition to that style of play, guys like Russell Wilson pioneered it. Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, Deshaun Watson, and Kyler Murray are the future of the game. Mobile guys that can also make throws. I'd like to bring in a guy like Jalen Hurts for that reason, I think he could be the next guy in that mold. What he's doing at Oklahoma this
  17. Have you watched the All22? Because there are a lot of plays where he flat out fails to make the proper read, or is way too slow to diagnose and the defense closes the window. Flat out, he has to improve his ability to make timely reads, and make the throws. He's being too timid, but a pick or two is okay if you throw for 400 and 4 TDs.
  18. Nightmare scenario is that he plays just good enough that we barely miss the playoffs, but that's his ceiling. Then, they give him another year or two, and we're essentially stuck in neutral. I either want him to ball out, or fall on his face. No middle of the road, mediocrity.
  19. I'd love nothing more than for JB to ball out, because that would allow us to spend the draft picks in other areas, further strengthening the team, rather than having to replace the QB. I just don't see it happening, not to the degree necessary to get where Ballard/Reich ultimately want the team.
  20. I swear man, if they don't draft a guy to either replace JB next year or in 21, I'm not watching that % next year. It's hard enough being a Notre Dame fan, that's all I need is 2 teams that can't get it done. It's clear as day that they need a better option, to do that you have to take a shot on a guy with a high ceiling. Of course, they don't all pan out, but isn't that better than knowing that you're stuck in mediocrity? To me, it's a no brainer.
  21. Frank Reich is trash, if we had a better coach then Jacoby Brissett could really shine. He's just holding him back...every game. Brissett is only averaging 199 yards a game because of Reich's playcalling, and because Chris Ballard is an * and didn't make the right draft picks (even tho he's one of 2 guys to draft 2 rookie All-Pro players). Fire Reich. Fire Ballard. Jacoby forever, mothertrucker.
  22. The gameplan is only as good as the people executing it.
  23. Luck isn't the kinda guy to lie or mislead them, I'm sure he fully conveyed where his head was at. If he was thinking retirement back in March-April, then I'm 100% positive that Ballard/Reich were aware.
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