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  1. He's been scouting Love since at least 2018, I'd be willing to bet he's seen him play in person more than once, and analyzed the film CIA-style. Regardless of whether he's been recently or not, it's a known fact that Ballard is a Jordan Love fan.
  2. The reason you won't have to trade up for Love is because Burrow, Tua, and Herbert are locks to go ahead of him, with potentially Eason, Fromm, and Hurts as well. We are likely picking in the teens, he will be available in all likelihood. When you scout Love, it's better to look at his Sophomore year film. He had an entirely different coaching staff and roster then, one that's been depleted for this year. The talent that Love will have around him in the NFL will be night and day to what he has this year at Utah State. He's having to essentially carry the team, and if you look at g
  3. Chris Ballard is literally flying solo around the country to personally scout QBs, that 1st rounder is a QB. The real question is who: Jordan Love seems to be the frontrunner, could be Herbert or Tua if they fall, Eason and Hurts are solid prospects. You eventually learn to start paying attention to what coaches and organizations DO, and not what they SAY.
  4. I could honestly see him taking a stud player like Lamb with our 1st, then trading up to get Love with the Skins 2nd.
  5. Well, you listed 5 of the probably 6 best young quarterbacks in the game. The days of a statue that stands in the pocket all game are gone. It's these young guys, that were inspired by Vick and Russ Wilson, that are changing the landscape of the NFL. It's no surprise that Ballard is looking at a guy, in Jordan Love, that draws Mahomes comps.
  6. Having Brissett there is the key, and the fact that Chris Ballard has built a real team. JB can start next season if need be, if they take a guy that needs some processing time, and Herbert, Eason, and Love all most likely would. The best part is that when they deem the guy ready to play, they come into an already built team, not a clown show like Miami. They have all of the cap money that still has to be spent, whether that's used to extend the right guys, or to bring in help in key areas, it's a surefire advantage over most other teams. We have great draft capital be
  7. Yeah, I don't necessarily mind where they get him. I know the odds decrease as the draft moves, the higher the pick the less likely we are to hit. I do trust Ballard/Reich, like you eluded to, they're very astute in their judgements and decision making. I trust them to get the job done. As far as taking a later guy, there are plenty this year that can be had in the mid-1st or Day 2, in all likelihood. Jalen Hurts most likely, probably Herbert, Eason, and Love at this point, I'm not sure if the injury will cause Tua to slide, but if he makes a full recovery we could get a great val
  8. Hopefully they lose out, Jacoby is obviously not the future of the franchise, so may as well be positioned as closely as possible to the top. Ballard is imo a Top 3-4 GM in the league, he isn't gonna let us sit in mediocrity like the Browns or Dolphins for 10+ years, he will make his move when he sees the opportunity. If it isn't in this year's draft, we will know that early in the draft, because he will likely start addressing other problem areas, while waiting to emphasize QB next season. Next year there's 2 clear cut franchise guys, they were #1 and #2 according to 247 coming ou
  9. Ok man, tell me you can differentiate between "being a Colts fan" and "being a registered member of this site"? They're two separate things. I actually went to High School with Harbaugh's nephews and met him a couple times. Been doing this for a long time, but believe what you want man.
  10. Exactly, things are great when he can just look and whip it over to the primary read. It's the plays like the 2nd pick that just can't be made. It started as a single high safety with 8 in the box, and he still managed to throw into triple coverage. One of his better halfs maybe, that 2nd half was horrible.
  11. Dude, I've been a Colts fan since the Hoosier Dome. That's why I was confused, Mewhort hasn't played for a while.
  12. No, it was actually the reason they didn't lose by 50.
  13. Jack Mewhort? Lol things are bad when there's a Jack Mewhort reference.
  14. Yeah, at this point I'm rooting for them to lose out. We need to be as close to the #1 pick as we can get. Whether they bite and take a QB or go for another position, obviously the higher the pick, the better the player (normally).
  15. That's actually my preference, to make a run at Justin Fields. I think he's a Russell Wilson type talent, and that come draft time he will be the guy going #1, not Trevor Lawrence. I'd be all for the Colts making their move to obtain a guy like Fields.
  16. Problem with that is that the team isn't bad enough to be in position to land the top-tier guys in 21, guys like Lawrence and Fields. They will most likely have to trade up, or trade for, another quarterback if they wanna make their move...or get lucky on a dart throw like Jordan Love.
  17. Idk man, these last few weeks have really made me doubt Justin Herbert and Eason, but Fromm has looked legit. Hell, he's essentially what people wanted JB to be, an above average game manager. He could likely be had with a 2nd rounder too, and he's NFL ready. Best case scenario would be Tua falling to us.
  18. Cam Newton is a sprained ankle away from an epitaph. Dude's cooked, burnt, crispy af.
  19. What about the 2 horrendous interceptions JB threw? No accountability for that, sounds about right.
  20. Can't wait to hear the pro-JB crowd come in here and start making excuses for why he isn't good at football.
  21. Man, JB had a really solid 1st half, but that 2nd half was HORRIBLE and you just can't make throws like that. The first pick, throwing off his back foot with a guy in his face, and the 2nd into triple coverage with not one, but 2 guys over the top. Alllll bad.
  22. At least we'll have a higher draft pick and can actually draft a worthwhile quarterback. If things continue on this trajectory we should be picking inside the top half of the round(s). This should put them in striking distance for anyone not named Joe Burrow. If Ballard has been scouting Jordan Love, maybe he plans on taking him in the 2nd, and grabbing a stud playmaker like Ceedee Lamb with our 1st rounder? A guy that has superstar written all over him. They need a big X receiver that can dominate a game ala Adams/Hopkins, and Lamb is about a sure thing as you're gonna get.
  23. Why not just draft a Godwin. Ballard should go 1) Lamb 2-1) Reagor 2-2) Kmet 3) Najee Harris That offense would allow even the most pedestrian of QBs (Jacoby Brissett) to look like a Pro Bowler.
  24. With how loaded this draft is at WR, and Ballard mentioning that this class was stacked during 2018 draft season, I'd say it's a foregone conclusion that they'll take a guy Day 1/2. Most analysts are calling this a historic class at the WR position, it's really more a question of what's your flavor? There's elite field stretchers (Ruggs, Reagor, Aiyuk), there's dynamic weapon guys (Laviska Shenault), there's polished X receivers (Jeudy, Lamb, Higgins).
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