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  1. Just saw a mock with the Colts taking Kinlaw in the 1st then Devonta Smith with the Skins pick, I like that a lot. Doesn't solve the QB problem, but solves 2 others. I'd almost rather go Qb early in the draft and fill other holes in FA.
  2. Hurts has a 200 passer rating and 32/7 TD/INT ratio, I'd say he's okay at throwing the ball.
  3. Question is will we be picking at 15 when it's all said and done? There's a very real possibility we will be picking in the 9-12 range, with possibility to be in the 7-8 range. Sucks to say, but if we lose out we should be picking higher than 15th.
  4. Jacoby Brissett--High end: Curtis Painter Low end: Jim Sorgi Joe Burrow--High end: Tony Romo Low end: Matt Leinert Tua Tagavailoa--High end: Steve Young Low end: Tim Tebow Justin Herbert--High end: John Elway --Low end: Blaine Gabbert Jalen Hurts--High end: Lamar Jackson Low end: Dak Prescott T Lawrence--High end: Peyton Manning Low end: Matt Ry
  5. It's funny because people said the same thing about Lamar coming out, which is why he barely went in the 1st and was a projected Day 2 guy. You never really know. Hurts has improved every year in college, and imo his floor is a Dak Prescott type player, with a poor man's Lamar Jackson being his ceiling. He is having a Heisman type year and really only has one legit NFL guy to throw to. It will really come down to who drafts him, and how willing they are to tailor personnel and scheme to his benefit. What's interesting is how similar Lamar's last year at Louisville was to what Hurt
  6. Why would you go back? That's a horrible business decision. If you were a Junior and a marketing firm (or whatever your major was) wanted to go ahead and hire you with a fat 6-figure salary, would you go back?
  7. I'm with whoever said to draft 2 quality WR's. This class has the depth, I wouldn't be surprised to see them go WR twice in the first 5 or so picks, with one being either the 1st or Skins pick. I'm really really liking Devonta Smith from Bama, he was a really highly ranked recruit coming in, higher than Jeudy if I'm not mistaken, but has up til this year been overshadowed by high-end talent everywhere, guys like Jeudy, Ruggs, Waddle, etc. I wouldn't be upset to see them grab him with the Skins pick, or even better with the latter 2nd, tho I'm not sure he will last that long, I fe
  8. Seems like they all essentially say the same things, he looks the part and can make all of the throws, inside and outside the pocket, but lacks the ability to diagnose coverages. It seems like coordinators are able to disguise coverages, or audible without Love being able to recognize what's going on. I look at it like: You can't teach that kind of size, accuracy, willingness to make the throw (see: Brissett, Jacoby), but you can teach him to read/diagnose coverages, and when to make the throw and when to check it down or throw it away. Mahomes was NOT polished coming out, but aft
  9. Will they be able to pull the trigger on a guy like Love over Isaiah Simmons or Derrick Brown? Those guys look like game changers on the defensive side. I'd be content either way, but they have to take a WR in the 2nd, gotta have more weapons. I've seen mocks with them taking Swift in the 1st, and idk about that. The dude's a beast, a do it all back, but it's hard to justify when we have needs at QB, DT, and OL among others.
  10. Accuracy isn't really his problem, in fact he's pretty accurate, especially deep. It's the decision making that needs work, and his footwork needs to be fine-tuned. As far as that highlight vid, there's several on YouTube showing him making great NFL level throws. I think his Soph film is a better indicator of what you're getting at the NFL level, he had better coaching and better talent around him and he had an amazing year; the talent would only be better in Indy. This is the perfect landing spot for a young QB. All we need is to add a dynamic WR, and maybe a playmaking TE and t
  11. That's an amazing mock. The longer I watch him, the more I like Devonta Smith, he may be the best WR on Bama's team and that's saying quite a bit. Dude would be a great addition, and he catches everything, like a Mike Thomas type player. If Ballard and Co think Love is the guy in the 1st then so be it, I'm on board, but if he tanks it's gonna be hard to recover. We would lose years waiting and then potentially have to invest another 1st somewhere down the line. A DT like Brown, Wilson, Coe is a must in the first couple/three rounds, they need that badly and there's so
  12. Way more than a team should logically spend. Yes. He set the SEC Single Season Passing TD record, and has like 4400 yards.
  13. I hope to god they dont spend anything to get broke down Cam Newton, that's a horrible move imo. I'm sure he's better than Brissett, but a lot of dudes are. I say either draft a guy or look for a better QB in FA. I really like Jalen Hurts with the way the league is moving towards mobile quarterbacks that can still throw, and he will be available with probably either of our 2nds, leaving us our 1st to improve another position. Something like 1-DT/OL 2a-Hurts 2b-WR 3-BPA of need
  14. Well yeah, you take Lamar Jackson, Mahomes, Russ Wilson off their teams and put a backup level guy in their place, and most teams end up falling flat on their faces. I honestly think with how many guys have gone down, how young the team has been due to almost an entire rebuild on the defensive side of the ball, Luck retiring, it's a lot to overcome. The fact that we are in as good a position as we are is honestly a testament to Ballard/Reich, it blows my mind a lot of people are turning on them now. I guess that's what happens at this point in the game though, especially with a fa
  15. Agreed. With the way the season is going tho we should have 3 picks inside the first 45 or so, maybe better if they keep losing. It will be interesting to see the order they use the picks, although I'm sure it'll be BPA.
  16. Nah man, they were supposed to be prepared for their franchise QB to retire in his prime. They were supposed to draft 4 All-Pros, not JUST 2. C'mon, they're obviously trash. (Sarcasm)
  17. Brissett is great at making throws when the DB runs 20 yards in the opposite direction of the wideout, gotta look at the brightside.
  18. Here, let me sum up the next 2 hours of comments: Every player sucks, every rookie was overrated, Jacoby Brissett is trash, Ballard can't draft, annnnd Frank can't coach. Save you guys some time.
  19. So...you're saying he quit on his team?
  20. Great. We're just gonna keep winning enough games that don't matter to keep us around .500, just mediocre enough to not be in range for an elite QB in the draft, but also not good enough to contend for anything. STUCK. IN. MEDIOCRITY. JUST LOSE THE DAMN GAMES ALREADY!
  21. Maybe. Just because there's a lot of talent at WR in this draft doesn't mean they will be there in the 4th/5th round. I'm sure there's gonna be several runs on WR on Day 1/2, once teams see a couple of these guys start falling off the board, teams will make their move. 6 will be gone on the 1st day probably...Juedy, Lamb, Shenault, Ruggs, Reagor, and Higgins. I don't wanna wait and get a Tier 3 guy late, we need playmakers at WR bad, I'd only put the need for a QB ahead of it honestly. DT/OL is close but with the 4 picks on Day 1/2, we should be able to get most of that squared away. Plus, the
  22. Simply put, guys lose their jobs like that. GM's, HC's, Coordinators, etc. The NFL is very much a win now league. Waiting years, as a luxury, just isn't an option. Fields at 34? Justin Fields? He's gonna go 1st or 2nd in 2021, without hesitation. Barring some catastrophic injury, he and Trevor Lawrence will go 1 and 2 in 2021. I know, Ballard knows, everyone knows, that JB isn't the longterm answer in Indy. At that point one of a few things needs to happen: A) We draft a guy with whatever pick we end up with in the 1st, likely 15-20 range, B) We spend draft capital to
  23. Just keep winning 8 games and picking in the middle of the round? That strategy is bunk, and will leave us outside looking in on guys like Burrow/Tua and Lawrence/Fields. One thing is for sure, I trust Ballard's ability to scout, and his judgment, so if they do in fact take a developmental guy, or they trade up to take someone, I trust that they did their homework.
  24. Problem with those is they aren't realistic, Kinlaw will be gone in the Top 20, and Pittman is a Day 2 guy. I like the 1st one a lot tho, if we could get Viska, Terry, and Pinkney to go with Love on offense, and still land Gallimore, that would be a hell of a draft. Well done, man.
  25. Yeah, most mocks I've seen have Herbert going around 8-10, so if that holds we would have to trade up but Love or Eason should fall to us. It's gonna be interesting to see it play out, see if Ballard gets spooked and trades up, or has the nuts to wait and see if they fall...or even ballsier to wait and see if someone falls to the Redskins 2nd. Hell, he may not go QB in the 1st, if they don't I'm really hoping they get a guy like Lamb, Higgins, or Shenault, a big bodied X receiver to compliment the speed of TY and Campbell.
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