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  1. Oh I get it, that's why I said "through next year". Being politically correct, and not hurting guys feelings is great til you get fired for it. At the end of the day this is a business, and Jacoby is very obviously not getting it done, there's only so many times you can get up on the podium and coach-speak. I for one am tired of it, call it for what it is, there needs to be some accountability somewhere.
  2. Gonna end up losing his job if they keep saying this crap through next year. It's not about weapons because he can't hit the open man now, so what good is another WR? I agree they should take one, but it isn't gonna suddenly vault JB into prominence.
  3. Hopefully the Jacoby Brissett crowd has finally succumbed to the fact he's not good and won't be the future of the Colts (should've came to this realization weeks ago, but whatever). We obviously need a quarterback, but I'm not even sure I'd put it first on the list. We really need help in a lot of places. DT, unfortunately LB, Corner, WR, Marlon Mack just isn't a great RB, he's okay to good and I guess that's okay but this draft is loaded at RB so it wouldn't hurt to take a shot in the mid rounds somewhere.
  4. With it looking like we may not win another game, and holding the likely 34th or 35th overall pick, and our own pick in the 41-45 range, we should be able to basically get anyone we want outside of Burrow and Chase Young (assuming he declares). That being said, where do you go? I just read an article that was saying more teams should wait to try to draft a franchise QB until they have a really good team built. I feel like this team is well on it's way, but are a good 3-5 players away from being there, a quarterback obviously chief among those. If they could draft a guy like Kinlaw
  5. Trashcan, dumpster juice, trash receptacle, toilet, pile of poop, fresh fart (directly after it exits the anus), gnarly camel pelt, molded bread, black cavitied pirate teeth. There aren't enough adjectives to describe the way Jacoby Brissett plays football.
  6. Drew Brees is putting on a clinic. Take notes JB.
  7. Just lose em all, get us closer to salvation (a new and better QB).
  8. "Well we just love Jacoby, he's a great quarterback and an even better man. We know the kind of quarterback he is."
  9. "He needs more weapons!" Why? He can't even complete passes to the ones he has. I don't wanna watch him overthrow Ceedee Lamb or Tee Higgins anymore than I wanna watch him overthrow TY Hilton. WHAT WE NEED IS A NEW QB!
  10. Brissett is garbage man. Teams can just stack the box cuz he has no prayer of completing a pass more than 3 yards downfield.
  11. For sure, we will probably have the 34th or 35th pick in the draft to work with, or if they don't wanna use that then they can trade their pick in the early 40s. If we end up picking around 10th, we should be able to easily get to 5th or 6th, and if Tua is there I think you have to take him. He's a Russell Wilson type guy imo. Thing is, at that point in the draft you may have a shot at a franchise LT or truly elite gamechanger on defense. I honestly wouldn't even be mad if they took Jerry Jeudy, he's gonna be a Michael Thomas type player, he's gonna destroy the NFL Combine, wouldn't be surpris
  12. Again, it was a joke...they're both old Colts backups. Get it? Obviously not lol
  13. Yeah, he's generally always the fastest guy on the field, and he's insanely shifty, it's hard to defend. Not impossible, but very difficult even with a sound defensive gameplan. The thing is, you either have to sell out on the run, but he's able to make most throws now, so it's a tough task. Mike Vick never really got "solved" and I think Lamar is an upgraded version of that.
  14. Just saw a mock with the Colts taking Kinlaw in the 1st then Devonta Smith with the Skins pick, I like that a lot. Doesn't solve the QB problem, but solves 2 others. I'd almost rather go Qb early in the draft and fill other holes in FA.
  15. Hurts has a 200 passer rating and 32/7 TD/INT ratio, I'd say he's okay at throwing the ball.
  16. Question is will we be picking at 15 when it's all said and done? There's a very real possibility we will be picking in the 9-12 range, with possibility to be in the 7-8 range. Sucks to say, but if we lose out we should be picking higher than 15th.
  17. Jacoby Brissett--High end: Curtis Painter Low end: Jim Sorgi Joe Burrow--High end: Tony Romo Low end: Matt Leinert Tua Tagavailoa--High end: Steve Young Low end: Tim Tebow Justin Herbert--High end: John Elway --Low end: Blaine Gabbert Jalen Hurts--High end: Lamar Jackson Low end: Dak Prescott T Lawrence--High end: Peyton Manning Low end: Matt Ry
  18. It's funny because people said the same thing about Lamar coming out, which is why he barely went in the 1st and was a projected Day 2 guy. You never really know. Hurts has improved every year in college, and imo his floor is a Dak Prescott type player, with a poor man's Lamar Jackson being his ceiling. He is having a Heisman type year and really only has one legit NFL guy to throw to. It will really come down to who drafts him, and how willing they are to tailor personnel and scheme to his benefit. What's interesting is how similar Lamar's last year at Louisville was to what Hurt
  19. Why would you go back? That's a horrible business decision. If you were a Junior and a marketing firm (or whatever your major was) wanted to go ahead and hire you with a fat 6-figure salary, would you go back?
  20. I'm with whoever said to draft 2 quality WR's. This class has the depth, I wouldn't be surprised to see them go WR twice in the first 5 or so picks, with one being either the 1st or Skins pick. I'm really really liking Devonta Smith from Bama, he was a really highly ranked recruit coming in, higher than Jeudy if I'm not mistaken, but has up til this year been overshadowed by high-end talent everywhere, guys like Jeudy, Ruggs, Waddle, etc. I wouldn't be upset to see them grab him with the Skins pick, or even better with the latter 2nd, tho I'm not sure he will last that long, I fe
  21. Seems like they all essentially say the same things, he looks the part and can make all of the throws, inside and outside the pocket, but lacks the ability to diagnose coverages. It seems like coordinators are able to disguise coverages, or audible without Love being able to recognize what's going on. I look at it like: You can't teach that kind of size, accuracy, willingness to make the throw (see: Brissett, Jacoby), but you can teach him to read/diagnose coverages, and when to make the throw and when to check it down or throw it away. Mahomes was NOT polished coming out, but aft
  22. Will they be able to pull the trigger on a guy like Love over Isaiah Simmons or Derrick Brown? Those guys look like game changers on the defensive side. I'd be content either way, but they have to take a WR in the 2nd, gotta have more weapons. I've seen mocks with them taking Swift in the 1st, and idk about that. The dude's a beast, a do it all back, but it's hard to justify when we have needs at QB, DT, and OL among others.
  23. Accuracy isn't really his problem, in fact he's pretty accurate, especially deep. It's the decision making that needs work, and his footwork needs to be fine-tuned. As far as that highlight vid, there's several on YouTube showing him making great NFL level throws. I think his Soph film is a better indicator of what you're getting at the NFL level, he had better coaching and better talent around him and he had an amazing year; the talent would only be better in Indy. This is the perfect landing spot for a young QB. All we need is to add a dynamic WR, and maybe a playmaking TE and t
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