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  1. Mississippi State swears by his character, and that he's not the same guy. They'd know as well as anybody I guess. Regardless, this guy won't make it out of the Top 15, he's too talented and has the ceiling to be a monster in the NFL.
  2. I don't see why he can't have a great draft again, especially having 3 picks early like they do. Hitting on your early picks is what you're expected to do to be a successful GM, and vital in creating a successful franchise long-term. Hell, the Patriots have found talent all through the draft for years, and is a component in the success they've experienced over the years. That being said, I think Ballard and Co. are just good at talent recognition, and Reich knows what/who he wants for his system to be successful going forward. It takes cahones to take a Guard at #6 overall, and isn't sexy or a
  3. Really like that mock tho! Think Ferguson is a gem, and will slip not being from one of the football factories. Would prefer Oruwariye/Baker at CB, but Murphy is a stud. And yeah, Sweat is increasing his stock by the minute, unfortunately. I hope the Colts move up and get him, I think he's gonna be a Pro Bowl edge rusher at the next level, the kid is an athletic specimen.
  4. Two Hookers playing safety? Sounds like the start of a bad joke...
  5. I'm really high on Dre'Mont, and would endorse taking him at 26. He's a terror as a pass rusher, really athletic. There's 2 camps really, one says he should gain weight and work on stuffing the run to be a total 3T, and the camp that says scrap placing him on the inside, shed 10-15 and put him solely on the edges. Either way, he's a really good talent, and I think will be a special player at the next level. It's possible he could be had with their 1st pick in the 2nd. As athletic as he is tho, he's most likely gonna destroy the combine and move into the teens or 20s.
  6. So, after a round of research, here's how I have the current class of DT's ranked: 1) Quinnen Williams (kid is gonna be special, his combo of burst and strength are unmatched, he is the highest graded DT to come out in 5 years per PFF. His speed leaves defenders looking silly 95% of the time, and that was against supreme talent in the SEC. Has insane strength at the point of attack, finished tackles basically every time, and has the ability to shed tacklers and take down ball carriers simultaneously. Kids a freak. HIS GAME FILM AGAINST LSU MAY BE THE MOST IMPRESSIVE I'VE SEEN AT T
  7. Quinnen Williams is the highest graded NT they've graded in the 5 years they've graded at PFF, and one guy said he was the fastest he thinks he's ever graded. He is an animal, to put it lightly. You put a guy like that up front, and have Leonard cleaning up behind him, and Hooker cleaning up behind him...you got one hell of a setup. Just saw a highlight of Williams stunting to the right, he goes all the way around the tackle and back thru to the QB for the sack lol, like an Edge would. You shouldn't be that quick as a DT.
  8. I'd be okay with them moving up to grab J Allen, Oliver, or Sweat if they started falling. Those guys are the players that would instantly wreak havoc in opposing backfields. They'd still have a great pick in the 2nd round (assuming they sent the later 2nd round pick). Could they send the earlier 2nd rounder and have a shot at Bosa or Quinnen Williams? Adding Quinnen would give them a superstar at all 3 levels...veddy niiice
  9. I like Arcega-Whiteside, just not in the 1st. I'd be okay if they went with other areas of need and snagged him with like the 3rd rounder Yeah, that was the most recent. What I'm finding with these mocks is that they're all just what people think they'll do, and most of them don't have much -if any- insight to how teams are currently building their rosters, or GM philosophy.
  10. So, I looked at Drafttek mock, and they have the Colts going: 1) Arcega-Whiteside (horrible pick) 2-1) Oruwariye (good pick) 2-2) Justice Hill (horrible pick) 3) Erik McCoy (a Center from Texas AM...not a good pick) I absolutely hate that mock lol, if the Colts were to make those picks, I'd be thoroughly disappointed.
  11. I'm all for people getting second chances, and being able to redeem themselves. If we're going to permanently condemn people for one wrong decision (like none of us have ever made substantial mistakes), then what does that say about us? I know the nature of the situation was very serious, and shouldn't be taken lightly, and I most certainly don't condone that behavior, but I truly think he should get another shot. If he screws up again, then it's like George Bush once said "There's an ol' sayin' in Tennessee......err no...it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee! Fool me once -shame on- shame on y
  12. Yeah, but there's only probably 5-7 that are elite options, ones that I'd legit be excited about them taking at 26. At a certain point I'd rather they went with an elite player at another, less coveted, position of need. But yeah, I totally agree that he will double down on D-line players if the right ones are there.
  13. Hopefully Simmons, Sweat, or Polite...but I'd settle for a top DT, S, CB, or LB. WR will be there with both picks in the 2nd, and probably beyond that.
  14. Metcalf is the best WR in this draft, I'm praying that teams pass on him because of injury concerns, just like they did Jaylon Smith. Smith was the steal of that draft, and easily should've been a Top 10 pick, and Metcalf is in the same boat. He has Julio Jones written all over him, and will likely slip to us with our 1st pick in the 2nd.
  15. I think it's a reach to go WR with our first in the 2nd, unless there's a huge run or something. Then again, I'm a huge proponent of suring up the D-line early. Omenihu is rising fast, would be awesome to see him fall that far, but at this rate I could see him coming off the board in the 2nd or early 3rd at the latest. I'm all for giving Luck more weapons, just think Ballard is gonna stay true to his philosophies and hit D-line like he did O-line last year. Plus, I don't feel like there's much difference in skill between the first 7-8 WR's in this draft. This team wou
  16. What about Edge? I'd say that or a super disruptive DT like Simmons would be the only way I'd be content moving up. Hopefully QBs and skill players start coming off the board, and one of the elite guys slip a little. I'd be thrilled with any of Oliver, Simmons, Sweat, Polite, Gary, or J Allen. If not, I'm all for them taking an elite difference maker at S, CB, or LB. WR, imo, is too deep to spend either of the first 2 picks on it.
  17. It all depends on if he sees enough in Brian Burns, Ximenes, Jaylon Ferguson and the "2nd tier" guys to hold strong at 26. If he thinks they are close enough, in terms of what they'll be in the NFL, then he probably holds pat. Could go another direction altogether. What shakes out in free agency will play a major part in their draft board, wish it started sooner.
  18. So, who then? If they don't trade up, do you go for a lesser pass rusher like Burns or Ximenes or do you move into other position groups and seek elite talent? Deionte Thompson could probably be had at S, Oruwariye/Baker at CB, probably just about any WR, maybe a LB or OL?
  19. Most likely. He's one of about 3 guys I'd be okay trading up to get (Jeffrey Simmons, Jachai Polite).
  20. Say they trade up, would you rather have Simmons or Sweat? I'd rather trade up to get Sweat, and use one of the 2nd round picks on Dre'Mont Jones or Jerry Tillery. Then use the other 2nd rounder on a WR or someone to bolster the secondary. Free agency is gonna tell a lot about their plans going forward this offseason. Hopefully they fill some holes in FA, so that we'll have a more clear picture of their draft board.
  21. There's a chance. Most mocks have 4 QBs going before us, a couple RB/WRs, and a few OL. That's gonna push some of these guys down a little. I think they'll have to trade up to make it happen, but don't think it's a pipedream. If I said Quinnen Williams and Bosa, then yeah I'd be dreaming. These guys are all going in the teens and 20s in most mocks, some I've seen have them in the 2nd. We'll see how it plays out.
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