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  1. Some of the guys on here that are a little more knowledgeable about trading picks, their value, and all of that stuff...what are the Colts opportunities if they decide to trade up? I mean, could they trade all the way up and make a run at a Quinnen Williams or Josh Allen? If so, what would it take? I know I've read several times on here that they could most likely trade into the teens (if the right guy fell) by sending their 2nd (the Jets, I think)...so, was curious what the possibilities are?
  2. So, just did a few run throughs with that simulator, and that thing is all over the place lol. It leaves players that are gonna be long gone available into the 3rd and 4th rounds...I mean, I wish it would play out like that cuz the Colts would have one of the best defenses in the league next year, and still land a top WR, and probably Bennie Snell somewhere in there too. Seems like it's way too generous, just my opinion tho.
  3. Nobody knows how free agency is gonna play out, and they therefore have no clue how anything following that is gonna play out. They could land edge help or WR help before the draft even happens, lending it to play out exactly the way you DID NOT see it playing out. It's all just a bunch of people wanting to show that they're the most knowledgeable Colts fan in a forum full of knowledgeable Colts fans. Chris Ballard doesn't even know. He's going to make a hundred adjustments between now and the draft. The scouting combine will alter things, and obviously free agency will alter thin
  4. People don't understand that in 2020 we've got some big names to try and resign, so while it appears we have a ton of cap room, we just don't. As long as Ballard sticks to his guns, and continues to build thru the draft, and eventually resign those guys, they'll be just fine. That's why Lev and AB are a definite no-go. Too much money, and then you can't keep the draft picks that you nailed all of those years. I love Ballard's approach, hope he doesn't budge an inch.
  5. That's probably the best mock I've seen man, thank you. It's realistic and addressed every need. I'm not a big fan of Sills, but think there will be several good WRs available with that pick, and all of the ones before should go towards basically everything you have. Good job.
  6. If we get to Mahomes in that game, like NE did, it's a whole different story. Pass rush is crucial, as is upgrading the WR corp.
  7. No doubt. That's the reason I'm really against using the 1st on a WR. Should be able to grab a great one with either of the 2nds...whichever one he doesn't trade to move up and grab Sweat lol
  8. Eberflus system is literally a pass rush and another playmaking S away from being Top 10.
  9. Correct. Someone should fall, with all of the QBs going, and teams dumb enough to reach for RB and WR, maybe we'll get lucky and land a stud at 26. If not, I suspect he trades up, he has said multiple times it's our biggest need.
  10. I'd take him with the Jets pick, but I can't see Ballard drafting anything but a DT, 3T, or WR in the 1st. Those were the areas he addressed as the biggest needs.
  11. Man, I'd be ecstatic with that haul. Love Sweat, Lawrence, and Butler. Isn't gonna happen, but would be amazing nonetheless.
  12. I was doing some research into the depth of this years WR Draft Class, and reviewing the previous few WR draft classes, and came to the conclusion that this may be the best since the 2014 WR class. This class is loaded, and if it weren't for the ridiculous amount of depth along the defensive line, I think this would be the most prominent group in the draft. I'm going to list the notable WRs (basically starters) in each of the last 5 draft classes, omitting players that busted, in the order that they were taken. 2014 1) Sammy Watkins 2) Mike Evans
  13. Idk man, kind of reminds me of Kamara, and his ability to be a threat on multiple levels and in the return game. But yeah, I agree, the kid is gonna shine at the next level.
  14. I'm not sure Arcega-Whiteside has the athleticism to be the best WR in this draft, there's some studs. If it weren't for all of the edge prospects, there would probably be several that came off the board Day 1.
  15. I'd rather they went Deebo if they want a gadgety YAC guy early, or just wait and take Isabella or Renfrow to pair with whoever else they get via FA or draft.
  16. Ballard has openly admitted that WR is a major need area, along with pass rush, so wouldn't be surprised to see anything from DE to DT to OLB to WR
  17. In order for Eberflus system to be effective, they need rangey, athletic safeties that can make plays on the ball, and a consistent pass rush. So yes, a S opposite Hooker is very important.
  18. Idk if he's the best lineman in football, but he was a rookie! He's only gonna get better, and he was apparently playing with a fairly severe injury...and still mauling people! Lol the kid is a monster. I'm a huge ND fan, and I'll be honest, I don't remember him being that vicious up front for ND. I mean, he was great obviously, but looks like he's taking it to a whole new level of nasty
  19. I agree. There should be a couple guys that may make it to them at 26. Brian Burns, Jaylon Ferguson, Charles Omenihu, and Oshane Ximenes are all pretty likely available with our Jets pick in the 2nd, and Montez Sweat, Dexter Lawrence, Jachai Polite, and Dre'mont Jones could potentially fall to us in the first. I'm all for them going dline with the first couple, get an edge guy and a 3T, or at worst a 1T that can occasionally get to the QB.
  20. People keep saying "it's not Ballard's style!" when in reality we reached out to several, they just didn't wanna play for what, at the time, appeared to be a dumpster fire. Ballard has made it clear that if he feels the locker room has reached a level of cohesion great enough to withstand a bigger ego, then at that point in time he would entertain that idea. Well boys...it's about that time.
  21. Well, in Eberflus system, they need to basically be athletic zone defenders that have speed and range. Making plays on the ball is essentially their role in the zone. The other safety is essentially just another FS like Hooker, which is why Abrams, Deionte Thompson, and Juan Thornhill all make sense, they are the rangey ballhawk guys that we need. Kind of a side note, but if we get a pass rush, and can get to the QB with more consistency, and add one of those guys listed above, this defense will be heads and tails better next season. Ballard knows this, that's why pass rush, and another playma
  22. Stop it man, you're starting to sound logical lol. People are so die hard about keeping Lev out of town, but there's no denying he'd bring the offense to an entirely different level. Plus, if they either acquire a WR via FA, or draft one fairly early, the offense would rival the best in the league. It's no fluke that the top 4 offenses made the Final 4.
  23. I'm gonna get eaten alive for this, but Lev is that guy lol. He wants to come to Indy...(here it comes "he's a locker room cancer", "he smoked marijuana!", "he would cost too much"
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