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  1. No, I haven't seen it YET. And you're correct, had the names wrong. Do have tickets for Sat night tho, almost as excited for that as I am the draft, well they're probably on equal ground.
  2. I'm fine with a 1st Rd RB if everyone else disappears like Avengers Endgame. 1) Thanos snaps fingers: 2) Jacobs is ALL that is left. 3) Good pick Chris.
  3. Exactly, and he has talked about getting to the QB and creating pass rush being the primary concerns. I'd be surprised if one of the first 2 picks weren't on the dline
  4. I think if you're going for an athletic WR, who also produced in college, and reminds me personally of DeAndre Hopkins, then you get Nkeal Harry. He could potentially be had with our latter 2nd, and I think he could end up the best WR from this draft. He suffered from poor coaching in college, and never took that step from his Soph to Jr year that he should've because of it, but in the Colts offense, and with AL throwing him the ball, I think he's the perfect compliment to what's already there. And before people say he can't get separation, his combine and pro day measurables are all the same
  5. Well, that "poor" Clemson line featured 4 and 5 star players all the way acrossed, and again Quinnen has guys around him that are elite 5* talent, it's much easier to function and "wreck" when you have guys doing their job at an elite level all around you. But, like most Bama players that are selected in the first, Quinnen will likely be average or struggle, because the difference between dominating collegiate talent with Bama's All-Star squad and playing in the NFL is probably night and day. Can you imagine how hard it is to focus when you have a different coordinator every year? You have to
  6. I watch Notre Dame Football religiously, and Jerry Tillery would be an excellent selection at 26. People questioning whether he loves football or not, or whether he's devoted or not, based on how the guy speaks or acts? It surely isn't based on his play, because I watched him terrorize some pretty good o-line's last year, and unlike the Clemson guys and Quinnen Williams, he didn't have 5* guys all around him. He switched defensive coordinators 3 times! 3 times! The first of which, Brian VanGorder, might be the worst defensive coach I've ever seen, seriously. What Tillery did this last season,
  7. Those are the 2 I'm banking on as well, seem to be the 2 most complete WR's in the draft. I especially like Harry, I think he ends up the best WR from this draft, reminds me a lot of DeAndre Hopkins, except Harry actually measured a lot more athletically at the Combine. The way Harry makes catches in traffic reminds me a lot of Nuk.
  8. 26) Wilkins, Tillery, Lawrence (whichever is available) 34) AJ Brown, Nkeal Harry (future of the WR corps) 59) Deionte Thompson, Juan Thornhill, Taylor Rapp Sorry lol, kinda picked a few guys for each selection, but they're all in the same position group. Picks will be along these lines imo, depending on player availability.
  9. I'm not even really opposed to them taking offensive skill position players, because I know their process is so in-depth when looking at, and eventually selecting, guys. If they see 2 guys that are worthy of selections at 26 and 34, and they ultimately make those picks, I'm fully behind it. They know what they're doing, that's for sure. Obviously, as fans, we wanna see more fireworks, more points or sacks or picks, and the trench guys and olineman aren't sexy picks, but they're necessary. However it ends up man, I'm excited to see it unfold.
  10. Anything's possible, but I'd be blown away if they did. I'd rather they went TE or WR than RB tho honestly, and I hate both of those at 26 lol
  11. Jacobs isn't gonna make it out of the 1st, I see very little chance he makes it past the Raiders and Eagles before us at 26, so not really sure why the interest? I'm assuming it's if he were to somehow slip to 34, but even then I find it hard to believe they take a RB. If they do take him, they obviously saw something transcendent, and I'd have to support the pick, because they're obviously proficient in terms of identifying talent, if last year is any indicator.
  12. If Ballard were looking for a guy solely to work out of the slot, that pick isn't likely to come in the first 2 days of the draft. I think they're looking for a future #1, and aren't so much concerned with where they'll line up. I like Nkeal Harry the most of all the WRs, he has a lot of Deandre Hopkins elements to his game, and the guys tested really similarly at their respective Combines and Pro Days. I think there's also a lot of quality WRs that will be available with the latter pick in the 2nd, so if there's a better positional value at 34, I wouldn't be surprised to see them go there.
  13. Sounds very much like a trade back and acquire more picks kinda draft...and whattya know, that's Ballard's style anyways.
  14. I'd imagine it's with the intention that he falls to them at 26, as I can't see Ballard trading a pick to move up.
  15. No, I don't follow this as religiously as some of you obviously do, which is a major reason I love this site, keeps me informed. I kind of thought that was expected of guys, to continue to improve physically, especially at that age, both in terms of cardiovascular fitness and weight training. The question is can he maintain the explosiveness and mobility that got him into the 1st round to begin with? As a guy that weight trains consistently, I know it's hard to both grow and maintain high levels of mobility and cardio. It's game tape that I'd be interested in, and they elude to that in the 2nd
  16. #42 is Julian Okwara, he will be a 1st rounder in next year's draft. He has the potential to push himself into Top 5-10 with the season he's capable of having. ND's dline is stacked next year, and Okwara is probably the best. I think he had something like 28 QB Hurries last year, and if he works this offseason like he should, he could turn a good number of those into sacks. Keep his name in mind, he's gonna be a stud, and will compete for defensive player of the year in CFB next year.
  17. I don't get the Burns hype lately, not long ago this guy was a fringe 1st rounder, and now he's borderline top 10, based on no new info/stats...just hype. I'd rather wait and get a guy of equal talent, that may be flying under the radar, avoiding media/draftnik hype. I mean, what measurables/stats/info separate him from say the Polite, Ferguson, Ximenes, or even Clelin Ferrell (who somehow seems to have fallen behind Burns, but I believe to be 2x the player)?
  18. It's not his fault you live on this website, and have no external existence. Do something else with your life, outside of this website, and some of these posts would actually appear fresh to you.
  19. While an edge certainly would be a great move/value, a guy like Ed Oliver, or if Quinnen Williams were to somehow miraculously fall, would also be great values. A game wrecker at DT makes everything easier on the front 7.
  20. There's only so many roster spots, and there's 9 picks. I think it would suit them to get rid of a pick or 2 in order to get a better player that is more of a sure thing. Or just throw a bunch of darts and hope they stick, what do I know?
  21. That Stanford game was awesome. Tillery is the most impressive ND defender I've watched since seeing Jaylon Smith go sideline to sideline for the Irish. He would be a great grab at 34, would actually like to see them grab Dexter Lawrence too. Pairing those 2 in the middle for the foreseeable future would let anybody with a halfway decent pass rush get home.
  22. No safety at 26, get a difference maker on the dline like Dex Lawrence, Wilkins, or Tillery and let them eat up blockers so our guys can get home. We can still get Rapp or my personal favorite Deionte Thompson at the end of the 2nd.
  23. Thanks. I'm just glad that someone else saw that basically every viable NFL news outlet was peddling that nonsense that day, so I don't seem like I'm just making stuff up. And yeah, a simple explanation and an apology should be enough, but there's guys on here that do nothing but comment on this site. They seemingly live to ridicule people on here, and I won't say what I really think about those people because then I'd essentially be them.
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