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  1. It wouldn't surprise me to see Ballard double dip in this draft, but I'm pretty sure it won't be at DT, more likely to be WR imo.
  2. Yes. His Sophomore film is more indicative of who he is as a quarterback, that team got gutted from last season to this one. All kinds of turnover, from the coaches down to the water cooler guys. People say Mahomes, and I guess there's always a chance, but I believe it to be a really small one. The comp I'd use is Carson Wentz, I think they share a ton of similarities.
  3. For sure, I'd think this will largely be an offensive draft. Hard to know tho til all of the FA's land
  4. Not even close. Kinlaw is a stud, future Pro Bowl type dude. I'm not high on Gallimore at all, I think it will end up being like Jachai Polite from last year. People will start to see how fraudulent he is once AA games and combines are over.
  5. Don't like that mock, at all. Not necessarily opposed to Herbert at 13, but Gallimore is a one dimensional project that's insanely athletic, I'd go WR there, there's gonna be a ton of WR value on Day 2. AGG is an incredibly good WR, after the combine his stock is gonna take off. I'd imagine he ends up an early Day 3 pick if I had to guess. This draft is so stacked at the skill positions, if you're in need of a WR or RB you're set.
  6. Haha this is so true tho. You can predict it to a degree, but a lot changes.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised to see them go Derrick Brown with the pick at 13, he's largely viewed as a Top 10 talent. He will most likely get pushed down because of the teams at tops continual suckage in the draft.
  8. That's interesting, cuz of the QBs currently in the league he's like my 4th option. I'd rather have Stafford, Carr, and Cam over him (in that order). Assuming he does come here, it's for a year, two at the most, that essentially puts us -when he retires- where we are now, again. With no quarterback.
  9. Can't argue with that, KC and BAL are the class of the division. I feel like we're a good/great quarterback away from being in that boat. The team should be drastically improved heading into next season with just the 3 selections inside the Top 45, but we obviously have more picks and a good amount of cap space. He's supposed to be healthy a few weeks before combines and pro days, so we will get to see. Assuming he declares, of course.
  10. Because it's football, and that's what happens? That's the only thing that's relevant in this conversation. Guys get hurt, you can't discredit a high end talent because he got hurt, they essentially all do. Have you looked at why he got hurt? He shouldn't have been playing on the ankle, and had they not forced him back into action, he'd likely be fine atm.
  11. Which is why we draft BPA to improve that, and spend a few dollars in FA. They're really young, a lot of prospective talent, there were a ton of injuries.
  12. Give me an NFL quarterback that hasn't left a game or missed one with an injury. Not gonna be a long list, if you can even produce one.
  13. I'm actually a huge fan of getting either Carr or Stafford, both are proven playmakers. This team is built to win now, with Andrew we would have been a SB contender. I say get one of those guys at QB and draft BPA to build around them.
  14. Never missed a game, yet he's injury prone lol. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.montgomeryadvertiser.com/amp/4064454002
  15. When? Tua hadn't missed a collegiate game til this year. Yeah, him staying definitely isn't the prudent move but it seems likely. That's more reason imo to forego QB this year and trade back in an effort to get as much draft capital as possible to make our run next year at Lawrence, Fields, or Tua.
  16. I like the idea of Stafford or Carr a lot actually. It allows us to spend all of our picks (3 in the top 45) on BPA players to fill need, and also spend some draft cap on a few difference makers and hopefully make a run these next 4-5 years.
  17. Well, I know he's like 195 right now, but he's 6'1 with a solid frame so I'd assume he will play closer to 205 in the NFL. That's something that can be taught, all of his other intangibles (the ones that make him elite) can't be taught. He's the most athletically gifted WR since Amari imo, and a ton of others. McShay says he's the best WR he's ever scouted, same with Daniel Jeremiah. Dude is gonna be a HOFer.
  18. Them everybody in football is injury prone. He has played every game of his life until this season, it's football people get hurt. Why does everyone keep saying that, I swear you guys just hear stuff then just keep regurgitating it with no actual research. C'mon.
  19. That's pretty accurate imo. I wouldn't even attempt to go up and get Joe Burrow, price is just too astronomical and Ballard will never spend that kind of cap. Tua I'd be willing to give up the latter 2nd and a future 1st, I'm certain he's one of the best to come out in the last few years. Herbert I wouldn't trade up for, but if he made it to 13 then so be it. I'm not sold on him. With Love, I'd wanna make the pick at 13 (BPA) and trade back in to grab him, essentially soending both 2nds.
  20. Alright, let's get technical then. We would actually have to trade with the Giants at 4 because both the Fins and Chargers are likely to take QB's. I'd be willing to pay that cost for Tua, but not Herbert.
  21. I wouldn't take Fromm at 234. He's basically Jacoby Brissett, but I honestly think Jacoby is better. Game managers. He's had incredible talent around him at Georgia and still hasn't been able to put up impressive numbers, the best thing about him is that he just doesn't turn the ball over...sound familiar?
  22. Top 5? Nah. Burrow and Tua will likely go in the top 5, but most mocks have Herbert going between 6-11, which is definitely within striking distance.
  23. No, that's not really how it works. A RT is a RT regardless of the quarterbacks preference. They've generally been playing that position most of their lives, and while the switch from one position on the line to another isn't like a WR going to RB, it's still difficult. If they do land Tua, maybe they can sign Conklin in FA and draft some guys (WRs) from a loaded pool in 2020. I'm all in on Tua, kid is the best QB in this class and it isn't particularly close for me. I just hope that he slides far enough for us to have a chance.
  24. Where did you hear that? Just curious, cuz I've read tons of info and don't recall seeing anything about that.
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