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  1. They gave him 9 guaranteed, so the other 3 was incentivized?
  2. The point of this thread was to exercise a thought experiment, and probably a bad one in hindsight lol, but whatever. I don't think you can really write Rosen off as a bust given the situations he's landed in. That system last year made David Johnson look like Robert Turbin, and we all know DJ is capable of extraordinary things. Who really knows what Rosen is? I know that a quarterback with that base talent level, inside this system, with these weapons, would be fun to see progress. The likelihood? Extremely low. The intrigue? Extremely high. As far as Brissett, the s
  3. C'mon man. That's like saying Arian Foster is the rule, not the exception, by being a standout RB as an UDFA. The percentage of players that are successful falls drastically as the draft capital lowers, as you'd expect it to. Players taken inside the Top 100 of the NFL Draft have around a 73% chance to return high end production at some point in their careers. The number for UDFAs is around 3%. Draft capital matters.
  4. Guys that are much more adept at evaluating quarterbacks than myself, I guess. They had him as a 1st round guy, and Brissett as a 3rd. There are intangibles I'd imagine they look at, but no I couldn't break out it down for you like they could. My thing was, give Rosen a shot, if he fails then go in another direction. Rosen hasn't ever played with the talent or coaching that currently resides in Indy. Why could Andrew Luck lift that team to playoff contention but Jacoby won 4 games? Luck is the guy to get you that SB title, Jacoby is not. That's why. Go big or go home, and no it
  5. Again, I'm going with what is most likely to happen. Unlike many here, I don't live in dreamland. It's highly unlikely that Jacoby Brissett is the future of the Colts. It would actually be a worst case scenario for him to be "just good enough", because then we likely stick it out with him rather than finding a better option in a loaded 2020 QB class. Just don't wanna be stuck in mediocrity for 3-4 or 5 years.
  6. I get it man, and know that's the course they're taking, just don't understand it at times. Why teams settle for mediocre options, instead of taking actions to get where they ultimately wanna be: the SB. Teams revel in mediocrity for far longer than they should, because they just won't pull the plug on a mediocre option. The Bengals are a prime example with the Red Rifle.
  7. Every mock I've seen has the Dolphins going Tua at 1. I understand these things are far from concrete, but we have to go with the most likely conclusion when dealing in hypotheticals.
  8. Everyone and their mom knows they're getting Tua or Trevor Lawrence, it's etched in stone.
  9. Some friends and myself have been throwing around the idea. Send the Dolphins the Redskins 2nd for Josh Rosen. The kid is still really talented, he's just been dealt probably the worst hand I can remember for a QB drafted in the early first. Maybe Ballard/Reich are set on rolling with Brissett to see what's there, but I know in the back of their minds they know this isn't the guy that's gonna bring another SB to Indianapolis. Why not take the flier on Rosen, and if he's awful, then take Herbert, Tua, or Fromm in the 2020 draft. It's a win-win.
  10. Why are people thinking lose for Lawrence? Guy isn't even draft eligible til 2021, and still may forego (not likely) til 2022. Would take him a year to get acclimated, so you're looking at the 22-23 season. I'd rather take any of Herbert, Tua, or Fromm in the upcoming draft and plug and play. The team is still the great one that Ballard built, we're honestly just a QB away from being there again. We have 2, likely early, 2nd rounds picks next year, and a ton of cap space, even more with Luck leaving. We're still in a good/great spot.
  11. I made this post about everything being okay lol, I'm not "rushing to judgment". The facts are that winning the SB was gonna be very difficult WITH Andrew at QB, and they're virtually impossible with Jacoby at QB. We'll see how good he is Week 1 against that Chargers pass rush, and trust me I'd love to be wrong. Hell, I hope he ends up the next Kurt Warner and is HOF worthy, because I'm a Colts fan and wanna win EVERY SB, EVERY year. The more realistic outcome is that Jacoby is middle of the pack, at best, and we take a quarterback in next years draft, because it's a great class to do so. That
  12. It doesn't really matter, imo. Whoever plays this year, barring a monumental trade, is just a 1-year stop-gap. The answer will, and should, be taken in the 1st round of next years draft. It's a great QB class, and Justin Herbert would've been the most talented QB had he came out THIS year.
  13. Luck retiring sucks. Bad. Really bad. I was an emotional wreck yesterday. I'm trying to use this as an opportunity to get excited about the future. We still have Ballard and Reich. We will be in position next season to grab either Tua, Herbert, or Fromm and have them on a rookie deal for 4-5 years. With the cap room we save with Andrew leaving on top of that savings, we are really sitting pretty. We invest that $ into other areas, preferably DT or LT, and draft Herbert next year, then take a Ceedee Lamb with the Redskins pick, then we're right back in the mix again. We still have an amazing TE
  14. Play this season out, roll the cap into other areas, and take a stud like Tua, Herbert, or Fromm next year in the 1st. Then grab one of many stud WRs with our 2nd from the Skins, like Tee Higgins, Ceedee Lamb, or Henry Ruggs. We're sitting good at that point, and really just chalk up this season. We still have the amazing core of guys, the team that Ballard has built. It isn't just the Luck Show like it was in 17. We add Tua and Lamb with TY, Ebron, Parris, and Mack and we're sitting in a great position.
  15. Them we suck for YEARS! Picking up Top 5 phenoms in the draft til we finally nab Trevor! By the time he touches down in Indy, it'll be a proverbial All-star team! (Sarcasm)
  16. Who would've thought we'd be entertaining Eli Manning as a feasible QB option just a few hours ago? It fell apart so quickly. You go from dreams of a SB to wondering if you're gonna be in range to nab Tua/Herbert.
  17. Why play and get yourself banged up further when you can just retire and still make millions? Kind of genius.
  18. Even if they don't tank, per se, they should still be in position to grab one of Herbert or Fromm. They aren't going to suck badly enough to get Tua, unless they trade up in all likelihood.
  19. You get over it man, we get it dude, you support Luck and his decision! Great! A boatload of people don't! We have every right to vent in this moment. Sorry you don't agree with our sentiments, you don't have to quote every person and tell them you disagree with how they feel emotionally, in an obviously highly emotional time for the fans/fanbase.
  20. It all makes sense if you break it down. We signed Funchess to a 1 year deal, as a bridge-gap to 2020 in my estimation. Ballard knows that class is stocked. I wouldn't be at all surprised if their pick at 32 goes for a WR, similar to NE taking Nkeal this year. If not, the pick from the Redskins will in all likelihood have them picking again in the 30s, so they could pull the trigger there. Jeudy isn't getting out of the Top 10, probably not Top 5, he's ridiculously good, one of the best I've ever scouted. A lot of mocks have Laviska Shenault going Top 10 as well, Lamb is mocked in the 1st in b
  21. Marlon Mack had 65 catches in 3 years at South Fla, with 28 coming his last year. 28 is like 80-90 at the NFL level. The better 3 down guys that are expected to be drafted next year, like D'Andre Swift only catch around 25 passes. So it isn't really a matter of CAN he catch the ball, it's WILL he catch the ball? They keep saying that he's a 3 down back, guess we will see this year. All I know is that I've been doing breakdowns on incoming draft classes since 2013, and the prospects coming in 2020 are the best I've seen at the WR/RB positions. It would be like combining the talent of the 2017 R
  22. Etienne isn't really known as a receiver but he did have like 1600 yards and 26 TDs last year lol, so he's got that going for him. I'd rather have Swift if we're looking for a legit all-purpose 3-down guy.
  23. With the comments Ballard made about the 2020 WR class being "really really good", I think they take one of many stud WRs with one of the 2nd rounders. There's gonna be some absolute DUDES in that class. Ceedee Lamb, Viska Shenault, Jalen Rheagor, Jerry Jeudy, Henry Ruggs, Tee Higgins, etc etc. I'd love for us to grab a big alpha X receiver like Lamb, Higgins, or Viska. If not, the 2020 class is loaded at RB too, so perhaps a franchise RB in a class stocked with them. A lot will depend on how well the defense functions with all of the new additions. If they take that necessary step forward, th
  24. The season can't get here fast enough lol
  25. Why in God's name would they go after Zeke when they have 3 picks in the first 2 rounds in 2020, and that RB class looks stronger than the 2018 class. D'Andre Swift, Travis Etienne, Jonathan Taylor, JK Dobbins, Cam Akers, Eno Benjamin, and Najee Harris...so why? Why would they do that, when they could have any of the above stud backs on a rookie deal for 4-5 years? Makes no sense. Honestly I'd rather have Swift, Etienne, or Taylor over Zeke. Not that they're better RBs (not yet anyways), but they're 100x cheaper, and Zeke is like 93 in running back years. They've pounded that dude into the gro
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