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  1. Hopefully nobody really said that, that's beyond ridiculous.
  2. Deshaun Watson is what you want, he's a playmaker. Brissett looks lost out there, how do you not throw for 200 at least against this secondary? Not a single TD?
  3. Lol, Epenesa isn't falling to us in the 1st, and idk who said he's having a bad year cuz he's having a really solid year. He has Pro Bowl written all over him. We need a DT way more tho, so I'd look there, or if a guy like Lamb somehow fell to us. If not, a game breaker like Ruggs or Reagor would be great. The TE class is pretty weak compared to 2019, so hard pass on taking a TE Day 1/2. For the love 'o christ, get us a franchise QB. Idc what anyone says on here, JB is average, the team is what's great, notably the oline, coach, and GM. If a guy like Tua
  4. If it were up to some of these armchair GM's we'd have Lev Bell's contract, we would have sold the farm to get OBJ, who wouldn't have done crap with what we have at QB, much like he's doing in Cleveland. You can't just mortgage everything for a few guys that may or may not make a difference. You aren't accounting for the fact that Andrew Luck retired literally as the season was starting, we're down to our 3rd string QB that was probably bagging groceries in August/Sept, we've lost our only elite WR for at least 1/4 of the season, our rookie Rd 2 playmaker is out, our FA signed WR
  5. The real prizes are coming in 2021 man, Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields. I honestly think Justin Fields is gonna be a better Deshaun Watson, the kid is having an amazing season, and still has another year. It's damn near impossible unfortunately to be in position for these guys unless 1) We are horrible next year or 2) We trade up and give quite a bit. I'd be willing to do either to have Fields/Lawrence, my guess is that by the end of the season next year, Fields will be the consensus #1 overall pick, and TLaw right there at #2.
  6. I like Hurts a lot, I think he could be like a Lamar Jackson type. Not as good a runner, but still fast enough to do plenty of damage. Think a Dak Prescott/Lamar Jackson hybrid.
  7. Fromm is basically an upgraded Jacoby Brissett, a high-end game manager that won't turn the ball over and makes enough plays to win you some games. I'd take Fromm over JB. I'd say take a guy like Jordan Love or Jacob Eason with the Redskins pick and develop them for a year under JB. End of next year, stick with whichever guy you're more confident will take you where you wanna go.
  8. Dude, can you imagine if Lamb were to slip to Indy? Or Ruggs? Or if we end up sh*ttanking rest the way out we may get up into Jerry Jeudy range. They need another playmaker or 2 on offense, and I hate to say it but Marlon Mack hasn't looked good, which is saying something running behind that line. I wouldn't at all be surprised to see them take a RB on Day 2 in a loaded 2020 class, maybe a guy like Cam Akers or JK Dobbins, guys that are dual threats ala Lev Bell.
  9. As it currently stands, he isn't sliding out of the Top 1. He's a lock to go first, he's put enough on film against several defenses loaded with NFL talent. Google it, scouts are drooling over this kid, so much so that he's supplanted Tua as the QB1 in the class, which is no easy feat.
  10. I think that should be the plan regardless of how Brissett plays rest the way, may as well get a guy with high upside like Love, Eason, or Herbert to groom behind JB. What's the worst that could happen, the guy ends up being the franchise QB? If nothing else, JB is still the QB, it's a win win.
  11. Yeah you would think. What I'm afraid of is that it's stuck somewhere in the middle, Brissett plays just well enough that we pass on a QB in a class stocked full of them and up stuck in mediocrity.
  12. This forum is gonna be a mess come draft season, split down the middle on Brissett or draft a QB. Luckily I don't have to make that decision.
  13. Eason is the QB at Udub (Washington). He was one of the highest rated recruits in the country, regardless of position. He committed to Georgia, got "beat out" by Fromm, and transferred to Washington and sat a year. He's a huge dude, like Herbert, 6 foot 6 closer to 6'7 and 235-240. He's your prototype pocket passer ala Manning/Luck, and has a live arm. He still needs some fine tuning, but he would be my choice if Tua and Burrow are off the board, assuming we can't get Herbert...so I guess he's my 4th choice. This QB class is stocked tho, as many as 6-7 could go in the 1st.
  14. Yeah, with guys that could catch passes. We don't have that luxury, and Foles is Patrick Mahomes compared to Hoyer.
  15. Lawrence and Fields were 1 and 2 in their recruiting class, and will likely be 1 and 2 in the draft. Fields is having a great year man, he has almost 2000 passing yards with 27 TDs and ONE pick, and 350 more rushing yards and 10 TDs on the ground, his QBR is 93.1 which is 3rd in the country. Dude is legit. You should check him out. Yeah, I hear you man, the team is just too good to have a shot at those guys and Ballard isn't selling the farm for one of those guys (whether he should or not is another story). I like Herbert better out of the two you listed, but Love pro
  16. The real value comes in 2021, with Lawrence and Fields. Fields looks like a better Deshaun Watson, and Lawrence was the few players ever to be ranked a .9999 on 247 Composite. Lawrence isn't having as great a year as he did last year, but like @stitcheseluded to, it isn't all about TD/INT, that dude has the tools to legit be the next Aaron Rodgers. The problem with this is that those guys are in all likelihood going #1 and #2 next year.
  17. I mean, if they get one of the guys that probably needs a year like Herbert or Eason, then it's the perfect situation because we have Jacoby next year anyways. Let em sit a year like Mahomes.
  18. Tua and Burrow are gone in the first 4-5 picks. The Bengals and Dolphins are taking QBs. That leaves Herbert, Fromm, Love, Eason, and Hurts...none of those guys really inspire confidence. Maybe if they could get the guy they want to drop to the Skins pick in the 2nd.
  19. If they kept playing Hoyer we'd probably have our pick of the litter lol. In all seriousness, if they're picking in the 15-20 range they could take Herbert, Love, Fromm, or Hurts. If they wait til the 2nd then that list probably shrinks considerably. Idk that they take anyone, a lot will depend on how JB finishes the season, but up to this point he's been fairly impressive.
  20. TY...oh wait...well we drafted Parri...oh wait...hey, we signed Devin Fun...shiiii
  21. This board is hilarious man, like Brian Hoyer and Zach Paschal are supposed to be world beaters. Now Frank Reich is a bad coach and we're questioning the GM? Let's get a QB back that isn't complete dumpster juice before we decide Colts football should be discontinued. I'd bet just about anything they finish 10-6, and with your franchise QB retiring weeks before the season, you should be praising Ballard/Reich. Going into next season, with the cap room and draft capital they have, I guarantee this team is a contender. Take the franchise QB away from any of the leagues contenders, then subtract
  22. So which one is it? Hoyer doesn't know what a check down is, or Frank Reich sucks? You're all over the place. Sleep on it.
  23. If we're gonna get down to Partical Physics, it's probably something like: Are we able to reasonably acquire another QB (represented by A), How skilled is this player (B), What is the cost to obtain said player (C), What is the learning curve or how quickly can he integrate himself, proficiently, into the offense (D). So, we end up with something like this: (A+B)-CxD The Jacobic Replacement Algorithm.
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