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  1. We beat ourselves against the Jags.  We should be 4-0, but we're 3-1 and still have a lot of ability to control our own destiny.


    Overall, I've been impressed by Rivers (2 bad picks in game 1, had a pass bounce off MAC's chest for a pick in game 2, 0 INTs in games 3 or 4, though he lucked out twice against CHI with K. Mack dropping a tipped ball and landing out of bounds in the end zone).  


    Our run game, I believe, will get going.  I think it would already be going if we didn't lose Mack to injury.  Taylor's vision seems to get better each game.  Our offensive playcalling (especially runs) have been pretty predictable, so hopefully that'll change.


    Our WRs are a concern right now, mainly due to injury and mostly subpar play from our normal WR1, TY.  I think we'll be fine, especially when Pittman (and potentially Campbell) return here... especially because we have a good TE group and have been able to find success throwing to the RBs.


    The STs have (other than Hot Rod's 2 misses) been very solid and are improving every week.


    The D has been (outside week 1) very solid.  The major concern is if we'll be missing Leonard and/or Okereke for any extended period of time with the groin and thumb injuries, respectively.  The past 3 games our secondary has played very well and should only improve as Blackmon gets more experience and they have more time to gel.  We've been OK with sacks and good at getting QB hits and pressures just using our front 4.  It'd be nice to get a few more sacks, but we seem to be just a step or 2 away from turning QB hits into sacks.  Hopefull we get Turay back and give Houston a complimentary edge rusher.  


    How impressed am I so far?  I'll punt here and say 'it's too early to tell.'  Why? Because we really haven't played any very dangerous teams.  The Jags stink and we beat ourselves against them.  The Jets stink.  The Vikings, I think, are OK, but Cousins clearly had a bad day against us.  The Bears, I think are also pretty good, but that was Foles' first start of the year and even though our D played very well and our O mostly moved the ball OK, we were settling for field goals too much.  I'm not very worried about this team being able to make it to the playoffs, but I think we need to stay healthy (start getting guys back and preventing others from going to the injured list) and clean up a bunch of small things across the board if we're going to make any sort of run in the playoffs.

  2. 24 minutes ago, horseshoecrabs said:

    You are right , but this is a progression . The play calling has been a little vanilla, hope we can learn from that and learn to  adjust as the game goes on  . This week will be a big adjustment as the game goes on against the Browns. 


    Right, the play calling has been a bit vanilla.  To Sirianni/Reich's credit we had no preseason with a new QB, and between Doyle, Burton, Campbell, Pittman, Mack all missing time with injuries so early in the season, it's probably hard to get to sophisticated.  Also, we haven't really had the need to 'open the offense up'.  We moved the ball very well against JAX, other than a couple untimely interceptions, our offensive game plan was very solid.  The past 3 weeks our D has played so well that our offense's job was just to stay on the field.  I expect when we play a team with an explosive offense who can put up points on our D (I think the Browns may be able to), we'll see more wrinkles unfold in the offense and things will open up a bit more.


    16 minutes ago, Dogg63 said:

    Glad you agree with me, CBE. :)





    I sure do!  Sorry, I didn't see your post prior to posting this thread.

  3. 1 hour ago, DougDew said:

    In a 43 zone, the 3 tech might be the most important position on the D.  Having a stud in a position of high value helps the entire defense.


    A good point 'Flus made in the recent article on the colts.com front page is the size and length of DeForest.  He basically said you see other guys who are household names at the 3T position (e.g., Aaron Donal or Warren Sapp) who are typically 6'1" or 6'2" about 290.  Buckner's significantly taller than that... Flus just made the comment that his size and length immediately disrupt passing lanes for QBs even if he's not sacking them which is unusual for that position.

  4. Nice article by Andrew Walker here on the Colts.com front page:  https://www.colts.com/news/jonathan-taylor-nick-sirianni-cleveland-browns-2020-week-5


    The last section, I'm a bit concerned about:



    » The Colts' offensive coaching staff is obsessed with staying on top of its tendencies on a weekly basis: While it's important to simply do what you do best at times, at the NFL level it's also important to make sure as an offense you're not too predictable in your play calling.

    The Colts, Sirianni said, are obsessed with being as unpredictable as they can be throughout any given ballgame.

    "That is something that is constantly on our minds," Sirianni said. "We know how we look at defenses and we know how our defense looks at other teams. We don't want to tip our hand in any way. In any sport, you don't want to let the person trying to defend you any little tell. We're really obsessed with that."

    Sirianni said offensive quality control coach Parks Frazier has been tasked with evaluating the Colts' offensive play calls on a weekly basis and then, usually on Tuesdays, reporting his findings back to the staff.

    "Parks Frazier does a phenomenal job of giving us our tendencies when we start the week," Sirianni said. "As a matter of fact, that's the meeting I'm about to go to after we talk right here, just talking through tendencies and how we cover tendencies. A huge part of what we do, a huge thought of what we do – just as much as we think about plays and players for our team and their team, we think about our tendencies and how we can break any tendency we have that can tip our hand.""



    In my opinion, our offense has been very predictable at times this year.  Especially with Hines at RB in the shotgun formation.  I don't study every game tape like opposing D-coordinators do, but from my television I can pretty often predict when a run up the middle is coming and most of the times, it seems like opposing defenses can, too.  

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  5. 1 hour ago, richard pallo said:

    I really think Ballard will make a move this year if we still contending.  Injuries could dictate where it will be.  Still a little early yet.  But it's fun to think about the possibilities.


    If Pittman comes back (should probably be around the Ravens game), we're not too bad off at WR (if we stay healthy).  Also, there is still a chance of Campbell returning late in the season.  I think Ballard's probably going to be keeping a close eye on the health of two of our young guys before he pulls the trigger on any trade.  

  6. 24 minutes ago, DontEverGiveUp said:

    Good observation.  And I agree that scoring early and getting ahead sets us up for the kind of game we want to play.  Milking a lead all game may not be pretty, but it's a safe way to secure wins when the defense is dominating.


    There will be games in the near future with a different script, and I expect to see more explosive play-calling on offense.


    Undoubtedly we'll have some games where we'll need to open the offensive playbook up a bit more.  Rivers has shown he still has a strong arm and can hit deep passes.  Still hoping we can continue to get off to fast starts, as you said it 'sets us up for the kind of game we want to play.'

  7. https://www.colts.com/news/anthony-walker-anthony-castonzo-depth-chart-cleveland-browns-week-5-2020


    "While T.Y. Hilton and Zach Pascal leading the way in offensive snaps (54 each) for the Colts' wide receivers last Sunday against the Bears isn't a surprise, one might be surprised to know that Marcus Johnson — who was just elevated to the active roster from the practice squad for the game on Saturday — was third in the group with 34 total offensive snaps, finishing with one big catch for 27 yards. That's just the way it is right now at receiver for the Colts, however, who have lost both Parris Campbell (knee) and Pittman Jr. (calf) indefinitely. Johnson has moved back to the practice squad, by the way, but could always been a candidate to be brought back up to the active roster."


    This seems sort of weird.  I was kind of surprised that he got the nod to active roster last week after being brought up from the PS while Patmon stayed on the inactive list.  I suppose the front office is worried about Patmon getting scooped up by another team should he get placed on the PS.  But, it is a bit bizarre that Johnson had the 3rd most snaps out of any WR against CHI (I thought he played pretty well and had that one big catch) and now they're demoting him back to the practice squad.

  8. 4 minutes ago, EastStreet said:

    Pretty uneventful interview, and really didn't expect it to be. Lot of praise but we still are working kind of stuff. All softball Qs.



    I liked how he just kept reiterating basically 'we haven't done anything, we've got 12 more weeks to go.'  Our D has been playing well, for the most part... and I felt like Ballard could've easily said "well, we've played the Jags, Jets and a Vikings team who played poorly and a Bears team who was starting basically their back-up.. we're only going to be seeing better offenses as the year goes by" -- of course, that'd be an unprofessional thing to say for a GM... but he's right, we really haven't proven anything yet.  Next week vs. CLE will be the biggest test for our D to date (even if they're missing Chubb).  We have to show we can play dominant D against teams better than we've played so far.  I'm sure he'll have a more interesting interview come the half way point and 3/4 point of the season.

  9. In 4 games we have scored a TD on our first offensive possession 3 times (the exception being against Minnesota when an interception was thrown inside MIN's 10 yard line - the pass which bounced off MAC - we scored a TD on our second possession that game).  In context, we only scored a TD on our first O possession 6 times all of last year or in 2018 (so we're halfway to that number with 3/4 of the season left).  


    I think this is a very helpful thing to be good at. We all know Luck was a comeback master, but it's not always fun to rely on comebacks.  Rivers has been very accurate this season, especially on opening drives.  He also spreads the ball out a lot.  Opening fast does two critical things for us: (1) it keeps the opposing D off-balance, especially when we're having success running and passing that early and spreading the ball around, and (2) early leads help make the opposing O more predictable.  It'd be nice to get out to 14- or 21-0 leads (or 14- or 21-3 leads), because at that point, it really makes the opponent consider going one-dimensional with a passing attack early in the game, which in turn allows for us to turn up the pass rush and likely increases the LBs and DBs ability to create turnovers.


    Anyway, I was pretty used to slow starts during the Pagano era and the first 2 years of the Reich era... but hopefully we keep up the fast starts on O.  I really think it plays a huge role in setting the tempo for the entire game.  I believe Reich said last year that he and Sirianni know every play they want to call in order on the first drive of the game and then they adjust plays accordingly throughout the remainder of the game.  If that's true, it shows that they're doing a very good job with early play calling and Rivers and Co. are executing well.  

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  10. 16 hours ago, EastStreet said:

    Love the STs rooks. Not sure Rodgers will ever translate to CB at the NFL level, but love his potential at returns. I wasn't all that happy with the Glasgow pick, but happy to be wrong. Kid looked tough today. Probably bad news for Adams next season. 

    Love what Blackmon is doing as well. I'm not to excited at the pick though. It was right to him. He dropped an earlier one, so could have had two. He's definitely a big hitter. He had two plays where he was late on helping over the top, but I'm confident he'll learn as he gets used to the system and all the reads/handoffs. He definitely brings a physicality we've been missing. 


    Good write up CBE. 

    And agree. Undefeated team, with a good D, in a hard place to play. 3-1


    I think Rodgers has been mostly doing fine as a DB. He was in decent coverage on the TD pass late in the game.  I don't necessarily expect him to be a #1 lockdown type CB, but through 4 games I think he's looked good most of the time.  And I agree, he's very fast and explosive.  I expect him to bring one to the house by the end of the year.


    I get why you're not excited about the pick, because it did go right to him, but he was in good position and the WR did tip the ball so he made a pretty good play on a deflected pass.  He also had the awareness to get up and return it for 15 yards to put us out past the 20 instead of inside our own 10.  I'm not overly excited about the pick, but if that WR caught the ball he was going to get lit up by Willis and Blackmon would've been in a good spot to assist with the tackle or pick up a fumble, and since the WR didn't catch the ball Blackmon stayed right in the right spot, made a slight adjustment to the tip and picked it at a critical time in the game (early in the 4th Q, 2 score game on a team who already had multiple massive comebacks this year) -- let's say he misses that pick and the Bears make the score 16-10 (or even 16-6) with >11 min to go in the 4th, it would've given them a lot of momentum, instead Blackmon helped take the wind out of their sails.


    Another thing I forgot to mention in the 'good' section was our fast start.  Again, we scored on our first offensive drive.  That almost never happened with Luck and wasn't the normal with Brissett.  


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  11. Blackmon looks very good.  He makes a couple mistakes per game, but he makes more plays than mistakes. He seems to be improving every week.  He is a solid tackler and there were 2 plays yesterday which were solid pass breakups and he was just 'a second too early' (not something to complain about) or they would've been forced fumbles.  I thought his play of the game was eating up the blocker on a run play to the outside, forcing the runner to turn inside and get eaten up by Walker.  I expect Blackmon to continue to improve.


    Pittman had a bit of a slow start but was getting more looks each week.  There's no reason why he shouldn't make a full recovery from his injury and continue to improve.  He has also showed a willingness to block, which I really like about him.  I think he's got a bright future in the league.


    Taylor - he's shown flashes of being a homerun hitter.  He's a tough runner and he has impressed me as a receiver out of the backfield (something which seemed to be a knock on him out of college).  I haven't noticed him screwing up in pass protect at all. I think as he continues to get used to the speed of the NFL and continues building chemistry with his OL, he's going to just keep getting better - his vision seems to be improving every week.  He had a couple times where he slipped yesterday or would've broken off another 2 big runs.  I  tend to think the offensive play calling (especially runs) have been pretty telegraphed/predictable, which is what I attribute several of his short runs for, but overall, he's having a solid year and I expect he'll continue to improve.


    Patmon has been inactive, which is not overly surprising, though I was kinda shocked they activated Johnson over him yesterday.  We knew as a 6th round pick he was raw with a lot of physical talent/potential.  No reason to give up on him yet.


    Eason's also been inactive, which again isn't a surprise. Sounds like Ballard and Reich like him, though.


    Pinter has been getting 5-10 snaps on offense per game and has looked just fine (IMO).  He's mostly in hybrid packages and lined up as a TE or extra OT.  Wasn't expecting him to start this year given we returned our entire OL from last year, but he's shown he's versatile and coaches seemed high on him coming out of camp.


    Windsor's on the practice squad.  He was a 6th round pick, and we have a pretty solid DL, so that's also no surprise... but can't really grade him.


    Glasgow has looked the part on STs so far, he had the blocked kick and an excellent tackle on Patterson yesterday and he is obviously what he was drafted to be, a ST specialist.  So far, he seems well worth the pick.


    Rodgers has shown explosiveness as a KR and I think he'll be just fine in the defensive backfield.  He had good D on the TD yesterday, he was close to breaking that up, and was in solid coverage - the WR just made a nice play on a very well-placed throw.  I like this guy on the team and think he'll be around for a while contributing on STs and D.


    Blankenship had a solid game yesterday and for the most part he's been solid.  He's over 80% FG and 100% XP (better than last year).  He's had 2 misses which clanked off the uprights, but he has shown he's got plenty of leg and he doesn't seem to dwell on the misses, too much.  He's definitely an improvement at the position compared to last season so far to date.  


    Then Togiai did OK as a TE in a pinch situation (I expect he'll get sent to the PS or sent packing now that we've got Burton and Doyle back healthy), and who knows what we'll get from Ron'Dell Carter.


    If we're counting Buckner as part of our rookie class (he was kinda our #1 pick) I am very pleased with him as well and think he's been well worth the trade deal.

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  12. Nice post, @EastStreet  - I'm in basic agreement... though, I thought Okereke played his best game of the year.  I'm 100% with you on Hines' role in the offense.. he had a really nice~12 yard run when we were backed up and followed it up with a nice catch where he shook some tackles and got another first down... otherwise, he gets stuffed pretty often when we use him as a running back in the shotgun formation.  

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  13. Not the prettiest win, but a solid win over a previously 3-0 team.


    The good:


    1) Special Teams - Glasgow is looking worth that 6th round draft pick.. had a nice block/partial block on a punt early in the game and a beautiful tackle on C. Patterson (the best return man in the game right now).  Blankenship nailed all his kicks.  We had to punt more than we have had to, but Rigo looked solid.  We didn't allow much to their return game and we had a few solid returns of our own.  I really like Rodgers, he's usually the smallest guy on the field, but he's dynamic and fast as a kick-returner.  Hines was pretty solid on punt return duties.  Even thought Sanchez had his first touchback on a punt in 62 punts, we were right there.. I really like Dulin as a gunner.


    2) Defense - we only had 1 sack and 1 pick, but we were constantly pressuring Foles and other than 2-3 big plays, the secondary looked very good.  Blackmon, especially stood out, he had a few very solid hits to break up passes (one was initially called a forced fumble).  Blackmon also had a great play drawing a blocker off Walker.  Houston looked solid.  Buckner almost came up with a pick and he did a great job avoiding the 'low' shot for an unnecessary roughness and made his presence felt even though not his best statistical game.  Walker had a great game and I really kept my eye on Okereke, I thought he played very well.  Moore II was a stud today, he did well in coverage, but his ability to shed blockers is very impressive.  


    3) Big drives from the O -- we need to turn 3 into 7, but the O was efficient in killing time and moving the ball when it needed to.  TY drew a couple big pass interference penalties (he still doesn't look like "TY", but he played well for the most part).  We got lucky with a few near turn-overs, but we kept the ball secured and Rivers is still one of the 2-3 least pressured QBs in the league.


    4) Wilkins - he is running way different than he was the first couple years in the league - lowering his pads and playing to his size.  Not every run was great, but he seems to have figured out how to secure the ball and use his size as a strength.


    The Bad:


    1) Our 3rd down conversions -- this has to be fixed, part of it today was penalties, hard to convert on 3rd and long.


    2) Predictable offensive play calling -- other than a few plays, Hines' use on shotgun formations needs to change - we televise that draw play too much, I think.


    3) Leonard and Ya-Sin getting hurt -- hopefully neither are too serious, but not a good thing that Maniac missed the second half and Ya-Sin limped off late in the game and didn't return.  


    4) Red Zone O -- again, we need to turn 3 into 7.. a few questionable decisions by Rivers down there, but overall, nothing I'm too concerned about.


    5) Rivers' timing with Burton -- I don't know if there were just a few bad throws or if the timing was off, and Burton did make a couple nice plays, but overall, that connection didn't seem too reliable to me today.


    6) Penalties -- as Reich said in his post-game, we had a few big runs taken back by penalties which were not necessary (i.e., without those penalties, the runs would've still been solid).  We won the game, and they didn't turn out to kill us, but they need to be reduced moving foward.


    The meh:


    1) The O run game -- we had a couple of very nice runs.  A few which could've been big runs were negated to penalty or Taylor slipping.  We just seem so predictable with the run... I know Chicago has a good run D (and overall D), but it seemed like for every very nice run we had we had a negative run or a run which went for very minimal yards.


    2) Our WRs -- TY got a couple big pass interference calls, Johnson made a very nice catch, TY had a nice catch or two and so did Pascal but overall, our WRs didn't really seem to be getting separation and at times seemed to have miscommunications with Rivers.  Not overly concerning, but some things need to be taken care of in that regard moving forward.




    Not much more from me than that on this game -- it wasn't the prettiest win, that's for sure... but we did beat an undefeated team and we won the game in all aspects of the game.  I think we could've done better, but a win's a win.  We have a good chance to be in the driver's seat of the AFC South very soon with HOU losing to MIN and with JAX losing to CIN.  Obviously don't want to wish anything bad to anyone with CoVid, but I can't imagine missing this week is very helpful for TEN.  They've got a tough game coming up against Buffalo, and I think we can handle the Browns... hopefully we'll both be 4-1 after next weekend and we can handle our remaining division games.

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  14. 8 hours ago, WoolMagnet said:

    Some of my favorites (besides Pat)were Rohn Stark, David Lee, Hunter Smith, and Chris Gardocki. Especially Stark and Lee.... both were Colts for 12 years i believe.

    Wasnt it Hunter “the punter” Smith that ran downDeion Sanders?



    When I was in 2nd grade, I sent letters to every Colt player asking for autographs... Gardocki, Cary Blanchard, Q. Coryatt and Jim Harbaugh were the only 4 who replied.. Gardocki was awesome.

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  15. No.  Rivers isn't a game manager like Grossman, he's much better than that.

    Our OL is better than Chicago's 2006 OL was, but we don't really know we're a 'run first' team right now.  We threw 46 times in week 1, and were certainly a pass first team in at least 1/3 of our games so far.


    Yes, we do have an old WR (TY) and some young WRs (though our top 2 are hurt in Pittman and Campbell).  


    Yes, we do have a solid front 7 (Okereke is the only one who has worried me much so far, and I think we'll get even better should Turay come back).  Hopefully our DBs can keep taking the ball away, but we had 0 picks in game 1... so I'm skeptical about saying we're going to be consistent in doing that (especially considering Cousins had a very bad game and the Jets stink).  


    We're missing the best returner in NFL history (Hester), though I think Dulin/Rodgers/Hines have potential to be good - I highly doubt any of them are going to be close to Hester.  


    In short, it's way too early in the season to compare us to any other team from the past... our D was awful in week 1, it's looked good since but against the Jets (arguably worst team in NFL) and the Vikes who definitely had an off day.  Frankly, I think we have potential to be significantly better than the 2006 Bears (regardless of if we make the SB or not), but this is a totally different NFL than it was 14 years ago.

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  16. 2 hours ago, Jared Cisneros said:

    There is no evidence Eason is better than JB. There is evidence that JB couldn't lead us to the playoffs when starting the entire season in 2017 and 2019 though. So I wouldn't trust him personally for more than a game or two. If Rivers got hurt next week and was out for the season, I would start an unknown Eason for the year instead of a JB where we have seen him be bad one year and mediocre the other for an entire season.


    Our team was not very good in 2017 and last year we had a lot going on (aside from Luck retiring shortly before the season) in terms of injuries (TY, Funchess, Ebron all missed significant chunks of the season they were supposed to be JBs top 3  receiving threats), kicking woes cost us between 3-5 games, a lot of injuries on D, etc..  and JB still had us right in the playoff  hunt.




    1 hour ago, JMichael557 said:


    The days of QB's sitting behind the starter to learn are gone. Name a starting QB who in this first year was the third string QB who then became a major player. I have no problem with Eason learning behind Rivers. Heck Luck could have "learned" behind Peyton if we kept both but to be 3rd String does not bode well.  Eason apparently has some flawes that as a QB that makes him worst than JB. If so, what are they and how will they be fixed. If he is better the JB and is simply redshirting then that is silly.


    They are far from gone, actually.  And Rivers, himself started 2004 as a 3rd string QB behind Drew Brees and Doug Flutie.

  17. 2 hours ago, Chloe6124 said:

    After what I saw from Jacoby in the fourth quarter Sunday I agree. He was bad. 

    He was 2-4 and one of his passes was dropped.  He was playing behind a backup OL.  How was he bad?  He showed ability to move around in the pocket and actually put some touch on his throws (the one to Pittman showed more touch than I saw almost all of last year).  He should have been 3/4 and mostly he was handing the ball off behind a backup OL... 



    To the OP.


    Simple, the Colts don't think Eason is ready yet.  And we're in a 'win now' mode.  We're not in a rebuild mode like the Dolphins or the Chargers.  If Rivers were to go down for a few games, Brissett gives us the best chance to win, and the coaches may not think Eason is ready yet to go in and get his ego bruised by the NFL.  If Rivers went down for the season next week, my guess would be they'd let Jacoby have the reigns and if we lost several games in a row, they'd hand the torch to Eason.... otherwise, Jacoby is arguably the best back up in the NFL and he showed last year he could keep us competitive and win some games even with a depleted roster.  Ballard didn't spend $25 mil on Rivers, trade for Buckner, sign Rhodes, etc. etc. with the intent of not making a deep playoff run this year.  He's missed the playoffs in 2 of his 3 years here.  Reich's gone 1 for 2.  Those guys will likely be 'put on the hot seat' if they don't take us to the playoffs this year, and long story short, if Rivers were to go down for a game or two, we're better off with Jacoby.  With the way the AFC South (and entire AFC) is, the AFC South (and wildcard) will likely come down to just a single game or two, so we can't afford to experiment with a rookie (say Rivers misses a game to CoVID or concussion protocol..... if Rivers blew his shoulder out next week, then turning to Eason would be more logical if we lost a few games with Jacoby and were out of the playoff hunt).  

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  18. 16 minutes ago, EastStreet said:

    Wondering what scheme Wilson came from. Might do some research on him tonight. I know he was drafted 2nd round by the Pats, who have a lot of DBs. Perhaps a change in scheme has done him well. He started out at FS with them, and moved to SS IIRC. 


    Regardless, hell of game he played this week. An 82.5 PFF is very strong.


    Yes, I had to look up his number... ha, I saw Q. Wilson (our former 31) was out for NYJ before the game and when I saw a highlight of 31 Wilson with a Colts jersey on, for some reason (I was watching in a bar without sound on the Colts game) I thought "oh maybe they're doing some sort of deal about how many Jets used to be Colts.." then after a few more big plays, I realized we had a new #31 Wilson in town.. like you said, he playing sparingly, but he played very well (From what I could tell) when he was in there...


    He was in Detroit the past 3 seasons... I'm not sure if he switched from FS to SS or what he did there, but I know last year was his best year, stats wise.

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  19. It will be good if Tavon W. can keep playing well... I don't see him being major competition to Blackmon, but as Blackmon is still getting used to that knee, it'll be nice if we can rest him around ~2/3 of the game and not drop off.  I wouldn't mind 50/50 or whatever the coaches decide if T.W. can keep up play like yesterday, but IMO, the coaches are gonna do everything they can to keep Blackmon on the right path to recovery. Even though he's out on the field and playing well, that injury usually takes a while for all strength, etc. to be fully returned.

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  20. 6 hours ago, tweezy32 said:

    Wilkins should be the starter... stop playing with the man. He’s a beast.


    Wilkins is playing very well.  He seems to finally be playing up to his size, lowering his pads, gaining extra yards.  Right now, I think he may have a little bit better vision than Taylor... but I'm fine with the way carries are being distributed for now.

  21. 6 minutes ago, AZColt11 said:

    You're right.  I was thinking they were worse than that.  Take that one off the list.  I'm probably thinking about the previous 2 games.  My bad.


    We got close on Hot Rod's kicks (the one he missed was right before half, but the other 2 we failed to convert on 3rd down when we were knocking on the red zone).... but yea, we messed up in the RZ multiple times week 1 and 2..

  22. 42 minutes ago, AZColt11 said:

    Pleased:  Rivers' completion percentage, rookies playing well, defense has a penchant for creating turnovers, defense limiting yards, emergence of MAC


    Not so pleased:  offensive 3rd down percentage, red zone offense, offensive play-calling too predictable, defense overrunning QB's, short yardage runs



    I agree with you on the 3rd down percentage, it seemed like today we were in more 3rd and longs than we were the first two weeks.  Not sure about RZ offense (against NYJ anyway -- we went 2-2 with TDs when we were in the RZ, which I was happy with).  

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