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  1. We could have brought Andrews back for fairly cheap. He was a viable backup center/interior OL guy. Maybe I read too much into it, but my assumption is that Patterson is on track and they have some faith in him.
  2. Assume you're talking about Javon Patterson from Ole Miss? I haven't heard anything about his recovery process.
  3. And Jackson Barton on KC. That is really remarkable.
  4. The probowl is also largely controlled by fan vote. If we were getting prime time games and people were talking about Leonard and Walker being one of the best LB duos in the league, a lot more people would know his name. I am not disagreeing with you that he's probably not in the top 5 ILBs in the AFC, but 124 tackles are legitimate. Outside of Indy fans, it's not like Walker's a common household name. If we're playing on prime time, and SportsCenter is talking about the guy and people start to know him, he'd have a case to get votes. I mean, Leonard was an absolute beast as a rookie and didn't make pro-bowl but made 1st team all-pro (which is a much harder/greater accomplishment, IMO). Why? Because he played for a small market team and very few fans knew who he was outside of Indy. Jack Doyle got in as an alternate last year when his numbers weren't even in the top 10 for TEs. Why? Because he made it several years ago and fans know his name now. Xavier Rhodes had the worst season of his career by far last year and got in? Why because people know who he is. Not saying I think Walker should be in the pro-bowl, but there's a shot if he keeps putting up 120+ tackles and gets more hype that he'll get votes.
  5. Yes, I don't think all of them will get in by any means. Nyheim Hines had 2 punt return TDs late last year and looked great in the role (I think Reich always envisioned him there, but he had some drops early on his rookie year and lost his chance until late last year). He led the NFL in punt return TDs and was not our primary punt returner all year. If he gets off to a start like he finished last year, he's got a shot at getting in. If we start winning games and Rock Ya-Sin develops into a shutdown corner, fans will vote for him. He's got one of the coolest names in football and I'm sure Berman and crew will come up with some catchy phrase around it to make him popular. Mathis just said in an interview he believed Turay will be the NFL sack king within 1-2 years. If that's the case, he's got a great shot. Plus, also has a great name which helps with fan popularity. I agree with you, it's highly unlikely Willis will make it to a probowl. Also Walker. If our pass rush improves significantly, I could see Hooker having a big INT year. You are also right about the RB competition. That said, if Mack puts up a monster year, which I think he can do behind this line, he certainly has a shot. The fact that Brian Baldinger does a special on Big Q every week will help Mack, because the more people hear "Marlon Mack runs for big yards behind big Q" the more popular of a name his will become.
  6. Aiyuk seems like a higher character guy than OBJ, as well. I think after a few of OBJ's famous one-handed grabs his ego got a bit bigger than it was initially, but you could kind of tell coming out of college that he was a bit of a 'me' guy. Seems like Aiyuk would have less problems in terms of locker room chemistry, media relations, etc. than OBJ. I'm sure the Colts have studied Aiyuk extensively. Wouldn't be shocked if we didn't draft a TE if we signed a vet. I don't think Ballard's going to risk 'wasting' any draft picks. If he feels like none of the TEs in this draft are going to be very good, I could see us going into the season with Doyle, MAC, and a FA with the plan to address TE next year. I suppose if Albert O or Thad Moss fell to the 3rd or 4th, they may be too good to pass up. Otherwise, I wouldn't be shocked if TE gets treated like QB this year -- put a bandaid on it with free agency and address the long term solution next year.
  7. I agree. There was also talk of the Colts being in contact w/ Delanie Walker and some other FA TEs. I imagine they're going to address that position somehow (like you say, Reich's offenses seem to always have one dynamic TE and one TE who is used more for blocking and short yards, which I how I view Doyle). Won't be shocked if they get a one-year stopgap type guy to fill the void.
  8. Aiyuk is a little over a 4.5 guy, whereas O'Dell was a 4.4 guy. That said, Aiyuk's 128 broad jump is 6 inches better than Beckham's, and his 40 inch vert is 2 inches better than Beckham's. Could be... but out of all the WRs in this draft, he is the one who reminds me the most of TY.
  9. You can find info/scouting reports about most players in the draft here (well this is specific to Albert O, but you can just search other names: https://www.nfl.com/prospects/albert-okwuegbunam?id=32194f4b-5748-5869-ee3e-85d5399ce937) I like reading the scouting reports as well to see what they say about strengths and weaknesses of each player. IMO, Albert O has a higher ceiling than Kmet and pretty much any other TE in this draft (Thaddeus Moss, watching him in the college playoffs, I think has a very high ceiling and a lot of room to develop even though he's already pretty good, but he's quite a bit smaller than Albert O).
  10. He's the fastest TE in the draft by far with a 4.49 forty (faster than most WRs). Don't think he did any of the other tests at the combine, though.
  11. Yes, the probowl relies so much on fan votes. Leonard didn't make the probowl (even though he was first team all-pro) as a rookie because he wasn't a household name. It's kind of a joke, in some ways. If we were winning games and on national TV more last year, Anthony Walker would have had a very good case at being a pro-bowler with his 124 tackles. Braden Smith had a very solid year as well. If our OL stays healthy and we have somewhat of a threatening passing game, Marlon Mack should have a very big year next year.
  12. He definitely showed flashes, though wasn't very consistent and it seemed like he did his best against lower-tiered tackles but was neutralized a bit by elite tackles (not uncommon, but the great pass rushers won a fair amount of battles against elite tackles). We knew he was raw when he was drafted. Ballard didn't hide that from us. I think having him work with Mathis (and Houston) is a great thing for him. From watching the clips he posts on twitter every once in a while, it seems like he works his tail off and is dedicated to honing his craft. You can watch some by scrolling down here: https://twitter.com/Kturay_58 Hopefully he stays healthy and this last injury doesn't have any lingering effects. He should continue to improve as he learns more technique and reduces his rawness. The addition of Buckner to the line should also help both Houston and Turay tremendously.
  13. Well first of all, not all Jones' pro-bowlers were pro-bowlers as rookies. For example, Michael Irvin and Troy Aikman were drafted in '88 and '89, respectively. They didn't make a probowl until 1991. Arguably, because Emmit Smith (who made the probowl as a rookie in 1990) was added to form the original 'trio' (followed later by our Colts, who didn't see Marvin or Peyton become pro-bowlers until 1999 when Edge was drafted). Big Q and The Maniac were the first rookie duo to make first team all-pro on the same team (and 2nd time in NFL history) since 1965 when Dick Butkus and Gale Sayers did it. Several players drafted by Ballard have potential to be pro-bowlers. I won't be shocked to see Braden Smith, Marlon Mack, Malik Hooker, Rock Ya-Sin, Kemoko Turay, Ben Banogu, Bobby Okereke, Anthony Walker, Khari Willis, Nyheim Hines (return man) make at least one pro-bowl before their careers are over (I doubt all of them will, but I'm sure at least one of those guys will, probably more). I don't have the time to do it, but I would bet that very few GMs have every single player from the past 3 drafts still in the NFL. TBH, I wouldn't be shocked if Ballard is the only GM in the league who can say that. Of picks who didn't make it as Colts since Ballard started: 2017: Basham is doing fine for the Jets as a rotational DL, Zach Banner started 1 game in Pittsburgh and was depth for them last year, Nate Hairston had a decent year with NYJ last year. 2018: Deon Cain is the only one not still with the Colts (out of 11 picks, that's ridiculous), and he started 3 games for Pittsburgh last year coming off a bad injury as a rookie (he also started 3 with us before we put him to PS and he got claimed by Pitt) 2019: Javon Patterson went on IR but is still with us. Jackson Barton didn't make our team, but has a SB ring and is still with KC. Gerri Green is the only other guy who was only a practice squad guy out of the 10 picks in that draft.
  14. It seems like you'd be happy if the Colts only drafted Notre Dame players every year. So nothing I say here will probably make sense to you. Kmet was a productive college TE, for sure. He like @WarGhost21 already said is not a very good blocker. With his size, that's alarming. It seems like his poor blocking is due to a lack of instincts there, which are hard to teach. Not totally unteachable, but lack of instinct is not a good trait to have in the NFL. He also ran a 4.7 forty, which is decent for a TE in the NFL (good for a college TE). There are 4 other TEs faster than him in this draft. My take on Kmet is that he's already playing right around his ceiling and won't really improve too much in the NFL in terms of blocking. He gets jammed up at the line if a body is put on him and doesn't have the speed to recover if that happens. I will trust the scouts, coaches and Ballard to make the right decisions in the draft (Ballard has a pretty good track record). I won't be terribly upset if we took Kmet at 34, but depending how the board plays out in the first round, I imagine there will be players with more value than Kmet at that spot. I don't think this TE class is as bad as others are saying, as I think several TEs from this class will be productive NFL players (Brycen Hopkins, Albert Okwuegbunam, Thad Moss, Harrison Bryant being a few of them). I don't see any Gronks or Tony Gonzalezes in this draft, though. If I had to bet, I think Harrison Bryan and Albert Okwuegbunam (and maybe Thad Moss) have the highest ceilings and they are all players who seem like they can grow more with NFL coaching than Kmet, IMO. ______________________________________________________________________________________ In terms of top WR that may be available around when we pick, Ballard has been saying for a while now that this class is loaded with WR talent. It'll be interesting to see what happens, as a lot of teams picking in Rd. 1 have a lot higher priorities than WR. I think the odds of a QB run in the first vs. a lack of QB run are almost 50/50. The guys I see at WR who are going to be very good right out of the gates are CeeDee Lamb, Jerry Jeudy, Riggs III, Higgins. More likely than not, those guys will be gone way before 34 comes around. Guys who I think are most likely to be very good out the gate are Claypool, J. Jefferson, Jalen Reagor, Mims, and Brandon Aiyuk. There is a very good chance more than 1 of them are available at 34. I'd prefer us getting a big body which would eliminate both Aiyuk (5'11), Reagor (5'11). It seems as though Mims' stock is rising as fast as any player in the entire draft, so I doubt he's around when we pick. Other big frame guys who I think could be good early (but better with a year or two of coaching and NFL experience) are Gabriel Davis (6'2" 216 lbs, 4.54 forty, 72 receptions, 1,241 yards, 12 TDs last year), Laviska Shenault Jr (6'1" 227 lbs, 4.58 forty, 52 receptions, 721 yards, 4 TDs last year), Tyler Johnson (6'2" 200 lbs, 4.54 forty, 86 catches, 1,318 yards, 13 TDs last year), Collin Johnson (6'5" 221 lbs, 4.55 forty, 38-559-3 last year), Michael Pittman Jr. (6'3" 219 lbs, 4.52 forty, 101-1,275-11 last year), Antonio Gandy-Golden (6'3" 222 lbs, 4.6 forty, 79-1,396-10 last year), Bryan Edwards (6'3" 212, 4.58 forty, 71-816-6 last year), Kalija Lipscomb (6'1" 202 lbs, 4.57 forty, 43-468-2 last year), Van Jefferson (6'1" 200 lbs, 4.55 forty, 49-657-6 last year), Stephen Guidry (6'4" 190 lbs, 4.47, 24-311-4 last year on a bad Miss St. passing offense), John Hightower (6'1" 189 lbs, 4.43 forty, 51-943-8 last year), Donovan Peoples-Jones (6'2" 212, 4.48 forty, 34-438-6 last year and better the year before). A few others, but I'll stop there. All of these guys should be available at 34 (and many in the 3rd/4th/5th rounds). One smaller guy to look out for KJ Hamler from PSU. 5'9" 178, 4.4 forty, 56-904-8 last year. He reminds me of a hybrid between TY Hilton, DeSean Jackson and Hollywood Brown. He is very good after the catch and if we're looking for a future TY replacement, he seems like the one WR in this draft that could be his clone. He's projected at rounds 2-4. To be honest, if Ballard really wants to boost our WRs, if one of the studs in the first 2 lists doesn't drop to us, I wouldn't be a bit shocked to see him trade 34 back for additional picks allowing us to get 2-3 WRs from the last two groups. I'd be thrilled to see us get KJ Hamler (TY clone) and a bigger guy like Gabriel Davis or Tyler Johnson in the late second or 3rd, and use our 44th on a TE, OL, CB, or DE.
  15. Justin Houston's also on the wrong side of 30. He played well last year, but I believe he's a FA after this season and he won't have many more left at a high level. That said, I don't think DE is a huge need right now. Also, I think Reich, Ballard and Co. did their due diligence on the QBs in this draft. Either they like one who they think will fall to us, or they don't like any of them enough to trade up for them (i.e., Burrow/Tua). They may have their sights set on replacing the QB after next year. This year, with Rivers as starter and Brissett/Kelly as backups, I think the QB position is in pretty good shape. Autry and Buckner can both play outside in this scheme. Sounds like Ballard still has hopes for Tyquan Lewis to improve (to TL's benefit, he's battled nagging injuries most of his career -- but I don't know if I believe he's going to be the answer, even if he is healthy). I also won't be shocked if Sheard comes back. As far as I can tell, he's still a FA. He does very well against the run and isn't terrible at getting to the QB. Anyway, I think this is the deepest DL we've had in quite some time. Agreed... two straight years Hilton was severely hampered by lower leg injuries. At his size, he relies on his speed and agility to be good in this league. When he's not full speed, his drop off is very noticeable (for instance, a guy like Calvin Johnson, when he was playing and usually had some sort of nagging injury, because he was so big and strong could get away better off than TY if he wasn't full speed because he had tremendous physical attributes aside from speed). That said, I'm not sure if we want to look for TY's replacement, per se. I feel as though a guy like Campbell, who has better size than TY, is that speed demon, quick, super athletic guy that can make things happen after the catch. I'd really like to see us get a bigger WR who can dominate because of size/strength (and speed) rather than just speed. The only thing I could think is when Reich said he's really happy with our WR depth. Though, I read that more as he's happy that we have 4-5 guys who will likely be very solid 4th and 5th WRs. I know they're high on Campbell. Pascal played well last year (I think he's an average-above average #3 WR, and a very good 4th WR). Then it seems like a lot of hope for Fountain. I agree with you... we need a WR who can complement TY. Especially given TY and Campbell's health issues last year. That's 2 years in a row where calf/ankle injuries have severely hampered TY. For a guy his size who depends on his speed and agility, and at his age, I would bet he's going to continue to have nagging injury issues. ___________________________ IMO, the biggest needs on this team going into this season are: 1) WR (preferably a bigger guy who could be a 1A/1B to TY, allowing Campbell to be used kind of as a flex or slot guy) 2) TE (receiving TE who can stretch the field, allowing Doyle to be the blocking TE and the TE for outlet passes and short yardage situations) 3) Secondary depth (I am fine w/ Hooker and Willis starting, and even though the backups Odum/Milligan are very solid on STs, I'd like someone, potentially re-sign Geathers, who could replace Willis without declining if need be ... also think we'll be OK with Rhodes and Ya-Sin being starting outside CBs with Moore in the slot, but unless Tell or Wilson make leaps, I worry a bit about depth there -- could also see Wilson being tried out more at S this year). 4) OL Depth -- Haeg was our swiss army knife, and we lost Andrews to NYJ who was a quality backup C. Maybe Javon Patterson recovers from injury and is a solid backup C. I have faith in L. Clark as a backup T, but I think we need to add some depth across the entire line. Not safe to assume we'll be the only team to have all our starters play every game next year. 5) Edge DL -- I'm fine with Houston, Turay, Banogu going into the season as Buckner and Autry can play rush edge if needed... but it'd be nice to add another piece or two there (I'm not faithful that T. Lewis is going to be more than what we've already seen from him). Other things for further down the line: 1) QB 2) WR -- even if we add another piece this year, TY's a FA after the season and getting older 3) OT -- Castonzo isn't going to be around forever 4) Upgrades whereever else -- as Ballard always says, he's always looking for ways to improve this team.
  16. Chase missed 3 kicks from 40-49 yards. Your stats are false. No more argument from me.
  17. Adam was 17-25 last year with 3 misses over 50 yards. Chase was 18-23 with 5 misses from under 50 yards. If Adam is being honest (which I think he is) and was playing injured, if he gets healthy, he's probably the better kicker.
  18. Yea, I said I think going out on top at 599 is probably more important than being the first to reach 600. That said, some of Chase's misses have come in clutch moments (missing the OT winner from 47 vs. Seattle when he was with SF, missing the 47 yarder against TB which would have put us up by a touchdown and cooled the Bucs' momentum off in his first game in Indy come to mind). There is a reason why he was on 3 different teams before he came to us in December. If he was 'that good', he would have not been a free agent in December after being cut by 3 teams. Not saying Vinny (at this point) is better, but I'm not against a competition in camp. It'll take 20 years if he does it, but I'd bet you $100 that Chase never comes close to touching any of Adam's records -- it's not like he's a prodigy kicker.
  19. If he was truly injured before last season (I think he said after he went to IR that he regretted not having his knee cleaned up in the offseason), I would really not be shocked if he did get his knee scoped/cleaned up a bit and worked his tail off, that he could be productive for another year (I would also not be shocked if he is washed up and doesn't even want to play anymore). Regardless, if he does want to continue playing, I see no problem in us bringing him in at a lower rate than he was making and giving him a fair tryout.
  20. He's made 34 more FGs than Morten Anderson (599 to 565). He has the most points in NFL history. He also has 129 more total points than Mort (2,673 to 2,544, which is 110 points more than Gary Anderson who is 3rd at 2,434). He's 69 XP away from catching George Blanda (that's more than a season's worth of work). And he has 599 total FGs, so he'd be the first to get to 600 if he makes one... kind of a milestone, but he's already the all-time leading point scorer and all-time FG made guy (which in my opinion are better than 'being the first to hit 600' -- he's already got 34 more than the next best guy in history and he did it in 2 less seasons). According to Reich, he doesn't want to make a decision until Adam's fully healthy and evaluates what he wants to do. He'd obviously have to take a pay cut if he wanted to come back, even if just for a tryout. If he wasn't fully healthy before last year started, I wouldn't be shocked if he could out compete Chase. Let's not forget, Chase went undrafted last year (not uncommon for a kicker) got cut by Buffalo. Got signed to Minnesota for 9 days and was cut from their practice squad. Went to LA for ~4 weeks and got cut (he went 6-9 for them with 3 misses inside 50 yards). Then went to San Fran for about 3 weeks and got cut by them. He missed a game winner in OT against SEA. When he came to Indy, he missed a 47 yarder which would have made that Bucs game 38-31 in the 4th quarter, instead we lost 38-35 (potentially cost us that game). He missed 5 FGs in 11 games, all within 50 yards. Sure the kid has potential, but there was a reason he was available to us late in the season, it's because he was missing FGs before he came here. If Vinny wants to come back, I'd be all for seeing a fair battle between him, Chase and any other K we may acquire (potential UDFA). May the best (and healthiest) man win.
  21. That's about what he's worth, IMO. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28982069/sources-jadeveon-clowney-drops-asking-price-17m-18m Above is a link... the longer he waits, the less he'll get.
  22. I could see that, as Peyton has 4 inches on Mahommes and wasn't terribly slow when running in a straight line. Peyton was kind of like the tin-man though when it came to agility/mobility. Mahommes excels in both those areas. Check Manning out on his longest career run -- once he got to running straight, he doesn't look that slow: Even if telegraphed, with a healthy Kelly and Big Q, a guy with Brissett's size and lower body strength should still be able to pick up 1/2 a yard most of the time. And yes, Brissett's 3 cone was better than his 40, but at 7.17 it's still not very special. The solid guys here are all sub 7 seconds. Brissett does have a very strong lower body, though, which does allow him to avoid being taken down and should allow him to push a pile a bit.
  23. The OP says "What's everyone think? ..... What's everyone think?" meaning he's asking a question what other people think. There is no factual basis to Superfly, John Hammond, or Scott P's posts -- they are just saying what they think. Scott P. says nothing about NE -- he says "Traded for a draft pick in the 5th thru 7th rounds this year or in 2021...." answering the OP's question by telling the OP what he thinks may happen with Wilson. There are no 'details' there, and it says in this year or in 2021. There's not a fact anywhere saying Wilson has been cut or that he's signed with New England (or any other team).
  24. He ran a 4.94 second 40. Very few LBs in the NFL are slower than that (heck, a lot of DL are faster than that - Turay ran a 4.65, Justin Houston is listed as a 4.62, Banogu is 4.62.... etc.). So no, he's not mobile. He is difficult to take down, though, and as a couple other posters have said he did very well last year on QB sneaks in short yard situations. Kelly's not exactly a burner with a 4.74 forty. He's also quite a bit smaller than Jacoby. Other than instances where the score indicates the game is over, the only packages I can really see Jacoby being better than Rivers are in QB sneak situations. I don't see Kelly, due to his size, excelling there. Peyton was actually faster (4.8 forty) than Jacoby (4.94). I think we'll keep Jacoby through this season, unless we get a steal from a team like NE and can trade him for a decent draft pick. After Manning missed that year and we went 2-14, Irsay made it very clear that he doesn't want that to happen ever again and publicly stated that the Colts would always have a solid backup from there on out. I think Ballard sees that, as well. Reich, being a backup most of his career, also sees that (and Reich won some very big games in Buffalo when Jim Kelly was hurt). Reich states in the interview that he wants a backup that can come in and win 2-3 games if needed. Jacoby can do that (maybe Kelly can, too, but nobody's seen him in a live regular season game to have any idea there). I actually think we have solid depth in terms of we'll have guys who will be very good 4th/5th WRs. TY's a solid 1-2 guy. Parris Campbell is unproven (I think he can be a solid slot guy, but I'll have to see him get through a season where he's healthy to believe it). IMO, we desperately need to get a 1A to TY before the season. I also think we need (or could sorely use) a solid TE who can stretch the field. When Reich says he's happy with the depth at WR, I don't think he's going to say the alternative "Our WRs are garbage." I think guys like Fountain, Pascal, Dulin (maybe Ishmael, Adams, C. Williams) will be fine as 4th or 5th WRs. I just don't think the FO should be trusting them to be solid #2 or 3 WRs. Reich does say, right after he says he likes our WR depth, that they're 'looking very hard' at WRs (coupled with Ballard mentioning multiple times that this draft is loaded at WR), I suspect we'll draft at least 1 WR with one of our top 3 picks.
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