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  1. Agreed with @PrincetonTiger and @crazycolt1 here. As of right now, the way Hart can separate himself and make this team will be as a return specialist and on special teams. I would not be shocked if Parris Campbell gets some reps at PR/KR early on, but as he improves as a WR, I think Reich et al. will think he's too valuable at WR to risk injury in the return game. I think Hart and Ashton Dulin are both pretty long shots to make this team (maybe more likely to be practice squad guys). However, if either was to do it, it'd be by really performing well on ST's during pre-season. My favorite quote from Ballard after the draft in a press conference he did with Reich was something along the lines of "You know you're doing it right when you cut your roster from 65 to 53 and guys 54-65 wind up being signed and playing elsewhere on Sundays." Other than Hughes, I don't really remember anyone Grigson cut going on to play very well elsewhere. Grigson (IMO) spent too much time trying to be 'creative' and signing guys like Adongo and others who garnered very little interest from other teams. I don't know that Ballard has us to the point where all guys from 54-65 will play elsewhere on Sundays.... but there are several players at DB/LB/WR and potentially DL/OL on this team who will likely be playing somewhere outside of Indy next year. It's really the first time in a long time where I can remember thinking going into training camp that there are going to be hard cuts at numerous positions who wind up playing on other teams... good problem to have, IMO.
  2. I hope I'm right, too.... I really think the addition of Mike Mitchell last year greatly helped Quincy Wilson develop (I don't think many would argue). Hopefully he realizes he can have a long, successful career in the NFL if he keeps working like that..
  3. I think we really improved our defense in this past draft and with the addition of Justin Houston and just allowing a few young guys develop (Leonard, Turary, Lewis, several other young LBs/DBs showed a lot of promise at times last year as they were developing). I have a feeling we'll have some new wrinkles in the defense next year. I think due to our age, Flus had to keep everything as elementary as possible. We a little more experience in the mix, I imagine we'll see some new creativity in the defense and he'll be expecting his players to be more than just athletes. I think Reich had very limited tools last year. Doyle was hurt most of the year. TY had to play w/ a high & low ankle sprain for the last almost half of the season. Luck was coming off missing over a full season. Our WR2 for the last half of the season was Dontrelle Inman (who played admirably, but would not be the WR2 on most NFL teams). We had a lot of injuries on-and-off throughout the season on the OL. Mack missed some time due to injury..... all that aside, Luck still threw for the 5th most yards in the NFL, the 2nd most TDs and we had the 7th overall total offense. Let's keep our fingers crossed that we can stay healthy (on both sides of the ball) and that the additions of Funchess, Campbell and another year under the belts of Mack, Hines, Wilkins (and addition of Spencer) really pan out for this team. I think at the end of the day, Reich and Sirianni probably over-achieved with our O last year.
  4. Agreed.... a lot of WR's who come from Urban Meyer systems are very hard to predict in the NFL. Parris Campbell was more productive his last two years at OSU than Michael Thomas (New Orleans Saints). Thomas is now a first-team All-Pro. Reich and others have all said Campbell's route running at the combine was very good. David Carr said on NFL Network after round two that when he was at the combine, Parris Campbell stood out as one of the best route runners there and called him the steal of the draft. As much as I hope Doyle comes back 100% healthy, I have my doubts for now. Hip injuries are no joke, especially when you're as big as Doyle and are required to do his job on a daily basis. I think we'll see Willis and Geathers on the field together quite a bit. Willis is a bit better of a pass defender than Geathers (IMO).... I really expect Geathers to be used fairly often as a hybrid LB/dime package guy with Willis playing along side Hooker behind Geathers. I don't even think it's close other than they both ran sub 4.4 forties. Campbell is bigger, faster, more athletic, better run after catch, and seems more motivated than Dorsett. As the StampedeBlue article that was shared about the two (which was posted earlier in this thread) points out, we also have a more offensive-minded head coach who seems to be more creative on offense. I think we're going to be much more presently surprised with Campbell than we were with Dorsett (who was really more of a disappointment). I think there is a lot more to Inman being a free agent. Inman has said publicly on numerous occassions that he wanted to be back in Indy (e.g., https://www.colts.com/news/dontrelle-inman-provided-colts-a-spark-hopes-to-be-back-in-2019). I appreciate what Inman did for us last year and thought he had a pretty good year and helped us out when we had some injury issues and lack of depth at WR last year. He also had some familiarity with our OC Sirriani. However, over the course of his career, Inman has not done a whole lot in terms of production. He is also on the wrong side of 30 and last year was probably his 2nd best season (with 28 receptions in 9 games). My thought with Inman is he is probably trying to get paid and is over-valuing himself. If TY, Funchess, Campbell all stay healthy, I doubt Inman would really be seeing much on the field. A fully healthy Cain further limits his chance of getting on the field.... I tend to think Inman is requesting too much for how valuable he actually is.
  5. I still think Castonzo is playing good ball, but he's also one of only 5 players on the roster aged at 30 or older. I also think Glowinski was our weakest link on the OL last year and that Braden Smith is really more naturally suited to play G than T. I know we signed Glowinski back to a decent contract, but I think he's better off as a depth behind either G position or C. I would not be upset of Garcia could be so solid at LT that we had to move Castonzo to RT and put Braden Smith back to RG. Or if Garcia could take over at RT and move Smith into RG.
  6. I am looking at Speed's stats.... as a sophomore he led the nation in forced fumbles. He had an injury-plagued junior year and was a stud as as senior (averaged 8.83 tackles/game). He had an INT and 17 tackles in the D2 national championship in a 10-13 loss to #1 Minnesota State. Seems to me like the guy can play and he shows up in big games. He had offers to play at Univ. of Colorado and I think Oklahoma State (both pretty good D-1 schools) along with other schools. He played a Tarleton State because he wanted to stick close to his adopted brother who was battling cancer at the time -- I tend to think the fact that he played at a D2 school doesn't represent how talented this guy can be. I think Willis and Geathers will be interesting. Based on college tape, I think Willis is a bit better in coverage than Geathers. I expect Willis will mostly be used at SS and Geathers will play kind of a hybrid dime/SS role. I think Rock Ya-Sin will be a starter by the middle of the season, and expect he, Desir and Quincy Wilson will be the 3 CBs on the field the most (with Kenny Moore seeing a large reduction in workload). I think Willis has a legitimate shot to beat out Geathers or at least take a significant portion of work at SS, with Geathers acting more as a hybrid dime CB/LB/SS role. I think Campbell will be on the field a lot as a #2 or #3 WR. He may not be a true starter, but I think he'll get a significant amount of work and will be on the field quite a bit. I also expect Okerere to seriously challenge Walker for the ILB position. I think Banogu will also see the field quite a bit, as he's got a lot of talent, but at this point, I think the staff will have to get comfortable using him in different roles and think he may be a little more raw than Okerere. I tend to think Wilson has a higher ceiling than Rock Ya-Sin, but has skated by on pure talent and didn't really figure out how to work until mid-season last year. Ya-Sin, on the other hand, I think has gotten this far due to a tremendous work-ethic. If Wilson continues to put in work, study film, etc. I think he's going to be a surprise player this coming season because I think he's got the most raw talent out of our CB group.
  7. I think Hart's main value (for now, anyway) is potential as a return man. I think the last player or 2 at several positions (DB, LB, WR, maybe RB) will largely come down to ability to contribute on special teams. It has been a very long time since the Colts have had a very dynamic return man. It's harder and harder to return kickoffs in the NFL due to rule changes, but it'd be really nice if one of the WRs or DBs (more likely a WR) could emerge as a real threat to take it to the house on punt return duty. It seems like Campbell and Hart may be the most naturally dangerous return guys on our current roster (assuming Campbell signs his rookie contract).
  8. 1) TY 2) Funchess 3) Campbell After that, I think it's a toss-up. Rogers has proven to be dependable, but nothing spectacular. Cain looked very good last year, but we don't know how he's going to bounce back from a knee injury. Pascal has value as a return-man, but needs to improve as a WR. Fountain and Ishmael are both very raw (at least were last year), but very talented and have potential. Marcus Johnson I thought looked good before he got hurt. If I had to guess 4-6 now, I'd say (4) Cain, (5) Fountain, (6) Pascal..... but I don't think we can really predict until we see these guys live in pre-season to determine how much they've developed, if they are fully healthy, etc. I imagine we could stash Ishmael on the PS again, and maybe the same with Johnson and the UDFA.
  9. I think Tell is a lock because he is extremely versatile.... Moore is a very good slot corner, but he's (IMO) kind of limited to slot corner. Darius Butler was a very good slot corner, but that is about all he was (and age probably caught up to him)... Ballard really seems to like guys that can play all over the field, and he likes bigger/rangier CBs. I am rooting for Moore, you're correct. However, the thread kind of evolved from 'player most likely to be cut' to later people discussing players who could be surprise cuts. I think Moore could be a surprise. I'm not saying it will happen -- I am saying, though, if we have a surprise cut in the secondary, I would not be shocked if it was Moore, as I think if we're going to try to keep several of the young DL/LBs and stick to 10-11 DBs, Moore is not as versatile as some of the other guys in the backfield. He is a very good slot corner, but he can't play safety (like Wilson and Tell both likely could if necessary) and he does not fit Ballard's mold for outside CB's due to his size. Ballard has said in the past, it took a lot of convincing from other people to take a chance on evening signing Moore since he's not the prototype for this defense. Moore (IMO) struggled early as a Colt, but has since exceeded expectations. I am rooting for him, but if it comes down to keeping a final CB/DB, I think guys like Tell are more versatile in the defensive backfield and probably have more potential as special team players. Therefore, while I like Moore and root for him, I will not be shocked if he is one of the players we have to part ways with during final cuts.
  10. I like Moore a lot. However, we have a lot of cap space and a lot of CBs who are on pretty cheap deals. I don't think contracts for our DBs are going to play much of an issue when it comes times to trimming the roster. We generally keep 10-11 DBs total. I posted this the other day, but I'll post again: Safeties (bold are guys I think are locks, italics guys I think are most expendable): Malik Hooker Mathias Farley Clayton Geathers Derrick Kindred Rolan Milligan George Odum Khari Willis (R) Corners (bold are guys I think are locks, italics guys I think are most expendable): Pierre Desir Quincy Wilson Jalen Collins Nate Hairston Chris Milton DJ Killings Kenny Moore II Marvell Tell (R) Rock Ya-Sin (R) Jamal Peters (R) Chris Rayford (R) Shak Taylor (R) I have bolded a total of 6 (2 safeties, 4 CBs). I bolded Tell, because I think he's versatile enough to play CB or S. I think ultimately we'll keep 4-5 S, 5-6 CBs (with Wilson and Tell both having ability to play S if needed). If Farley is back healthy, I think he's a lock at S. Odum showed he can be a phenom on special teams, and they seem very high on Willis as a rookie. So I see us potentially having 5 S, leaving 5-6 CBs. Unless one of the UDFA CB's really surprises in camp, I think the last 1-2 spots after Desir, Wilson, Ya-Sin, and Tell are going to be a battle between Moore II, Hairston, and Collins. Moore II played very well for us last year, especially in the slot and especially in the playoffs. Before Hairston rolled his ankle, though, he was our primary slot guy and was playing more than any other player on D (he missed only 1 defensive snap in the first 4 weeks). Collins has the size Ballard covets at CB, and Hairston has more of the raw physical attributes than Moore II. I'm rooting for Moore II, but I think it'll come down to the wire to see who our DBs are come opening day. Whether it's Moore II, Hairston, Collins (or 2 of them) who get cut, they'll be playing on Sunday's this year barring injuries (or in Collins' case, failed drug tests). This is the first time in a long time where we have this much depth and competition at DB, and it's exciting to know there will be difficult decisions to be made.
  11. Moore did play very well in the playoffs. I think the coaches and FO really like him... however, as far as 'natural' talent goes, I think we have several CB's who are better than him. He seems to outwork others and plays very hard and smart... but if we had a major 'surprise cut,' I think it'd be him or Sheard on D.
  12. Hairston played every defensive snap except for one during the first 4 weeks of last year. He rolled his ankle and his playing time went down drastically after that.... He didn't miss any significant time on the IR or anything due to the ankle, but I cannot figure out if his playing time decreased because he was a step slow due to a banged up ankle, or if the coaches liked working Moore and others into the D based on their skill set. I'm thinking the ankle had to have something to do with it. If he comes back fully healthy after this off-season, I think he can be a real asset to our secondary (perhaps more so than Kenny Moore). I know everyone likes Moore a lot, but he is by far our smallest CB and we all know Ballard and Co. like big DBs. It'll be interesting, but like Ballard said "You know you're doing it right when the guys you're cutting are playing on other teams during the season." Finally, we have competition in the defensive backfield, and it's likely several of the players we wind up cutting there will find their way onto another team.
  13. Ballard spoke very highly of Ward in his post-draft press conference... so I doubt it. Here are a few I think are on hotter seats: 1) Josh Andrews -- we brought back Boehm and drafted Javon Patterson... so we have 2 centers behind Kelly aside from Andrews and Haeg and Nelson can both play C if needed. 2) Krishawn Hogan/Jordan Veasy -- we've got a lot of WRs on the roster right now and these 2 are the most expendable, IMO 3) Ross Travis/Gabe Holmes -- the signing of Hentges as a UDFA makes both of these 4 year TE's who have done little in terms of production in their career expendable 4) De'Ondre Wesley/J'Marcus Webb/Antonio Garcia -- Webb is on the wrong side of 30 coming off an injury, and I get the feeling Barton who we drafted can replace either of the other 2. 5) William Poehls -- Don't see him as much more than a camp body at this point. 6) Anthony Winbush/Carrol Phillips -- same as Poehls 7) DJ Killings/Chris Milton -- I think these guys are both more expendable than Hairston or anyone else we have on the roster at CB
  14. I think Hentges by far has the best shot, especially if Doyle is not 100% come season opener (which is a good possibility). After that, I tend to think Jamal Peters or Shak Taylor... both are >6'1" and seem to have pretty good ball skills and physical attributes that Ballard really likes in this defense.
  15. I'm imagine Reggie Wayne is going to be helping out some with the Colts in the off-season. Reggie was closer in size to Parris (Reggie was 6'0" 203 lbs, Parris 6'0" 205 lbs.). TY and Parris have very similar speed and quickness (Parris is faster, and I think quicker than Reggie ever was). I really do hope Reggie comes and helps out some. Getting taught by TY and Reggie would be almost the ideal situation for Parris as Reggie can help him use his size (205 lbs. is pretty nice for a WR, as many CBs are in the 175-185 range, especially in the slot) and TY can help him use his speed and quickness (TY at 5'10" 183 lbs. is significantly smaller than Parris, IMO). You are 100% right, though -- very few WRs are very polished route runners straight out of college. With Ebron, TY, Funchess, Mack, Hines, etc.. we should be able to find mismatches for Parris early on anyway, even if he needs half a season or more to really polish his routes. This clip is worth listening to, from David Carr:
  16. He has a chance to win a ring in Indy and keep himself healthy. He'll be a free agent after this year and can pick and choose where he wants to wind up. Right now, it doesn't look like any of the teams with a shaky QB situation (there really aren't all that many) are in good position to win. Also, Luck is a year removed from missing 1.5 seasons from what many initially thought may be a career-ending injury. The chances he is likely to get injured as just as high as the chances of any other QB getting injured. Fingers crossed that Luck doesn't get hurt, but at this point in time I do not see any situation that is clear-cut better for Brissett than Indy (let alone 20). If another team has their top QB go down early in the season or in the middle of the season when they're in the playoff hunt, we still have trade value with Brissett even though he's a FA after the year. If not, we retain one of the top back-up QBs in the NFL and he can pick where he wants to go after the season.
  17. I think Grigson knew with a QB as good as Luck, in the AFC South, you'll be contending for a division title every year. Grigson just failed to keep Luck protected and didn't give him some weapons that he needed (or a defense). In his short time here, Ballard has made sure we have one of the best OL's in football and he's providing him legitimate weapons (Ebron, Funchess, Campbell, etc.). He's also giving Luck a D so Luck doesn't have to feel the need to do everything for this team to win. We were the hottest team in football going into the playoffs last year. When we played KC, TY was so banged up and we didn't really have a legit #2 to take pressure off him and give Luck legitimate threats as receiving options. We've gotta stay healthy this year, but we definitely are deeper than we've been in probably about 10-13 years all the way across the board. I don't think we bribed anyone, I think this is a legitimate top 8 team in the league and arguably in the top 5.
  18. We did give him a relatively large signing bonus as a UDFA, so the FO/coaching staff must like something about him. I still worry that Doyle is going to struggle with health this season, so having a very solid blocker at TE will be helpful (at least until Doyle's back to 100%).
  19. He had multiple offers to pretty good D-1 schools (including Colorado and OK State), but chose to stay close to home because his adopted brother was diagnosed with cancer and he wanted to be around for him. He said he was hoping his brother would recover and could come play with him afterwards -- he didn't recover, unfortunately. Ballard said they called everyone they could find contact information for to ask about his character and information related to the arrest(s). Highschool coaches, friends, teachers, teammates, college coaches, etc.... and everyone they talked to said "that is not EJ Speed." Basically, it sounds like he was around a bad group and got 'guilt by association,' but has since moved on from surrounding himself with them and has been a solid character on and off the field. I imagine it may take him a little while to develop as an NFL LBer, but with his speed/athleticism/tackling ability, I don't see why he couldn't thrive as a STer from day 1 while he's getting polished up as an NFL LBer.
  20. Agreed -- I think he's one of the best back-up QBs in the league. I just don't see any team right now where he would go in an be the lock to win the starting QB role. Miami seems to have been the best option as I think he could beat out Fitzpatrick, but I imagine they're not really interested after getting Rosen from Arizona. I'm really not sold on Lamar Jackson, and think Baltimore would be his second best fit to get a good starting opportunity in the AFC (though, he'd probably have to rely on an injury to Jackson for the spot to open up this year). In the NFC, his best shot would be beating out Colt McCoy/Case Keenum in Washington (assuming Alex Smith is going to be out a while with that nasty leg injury). Then maybe he could bet out Jameis Winston in Tampa Bay, but that's a big maybe. Otherwise, I don't see a single NFC team that he'd go to and have more than a very small chance of becoming the starter on. There are plenty of teams who have worse back-ups than Brissett, and who could become desperate if they lost a starter... but in reality there are 0-4 teams in the NFL where he'd have a good shot at becoming the starter the way rosters are lined up today (probably closer to 0-1 teams).
  21. I tend to agree, and thought he played well and was disruptive when he got the rare chance. The major knock on him coming out of college was lack of conditioning and nagging injuries. I'm not sure if that's due to work ethic, or just due to his natural size. Apparently he was battling a calf injury most of last year. When he got his most reps, in the playoffs, I thought he was one of our more disruptive DL. He does seem like a guy that needed to get into the rhythm of the game to find his groove -- so maybe his conditioning was keeping him from being able to really get into the flow of the game? I do not know for sure. My two main guesses are: (1) He was a Grigs guy, and Ballard and Co. may not have thought he was the ideal fit for their 4-3 scheme ... and (2) After 3 years in the league, it didn't seem like his conditioning or ability to fight through nagging injuries was getting any better, so the coaches deemed him as lazy and are ready to move on. Anyway, I wish him luck in Philly. Sounds like some of the Colts staff from the Grigs era is back in Philly and help facilitate this move, as one article I read had the GM saying 'it feels like a guy we already know because several people on our staff were with him in Indy when he got drafted.' Sounds like Philly thinks he fits their scheme well, too.
  22. Ballard said in the post-draft press conference when asked about not really addressing the interior DL in the draft that he thinks we are very strong on the inside. Key points were: (1) He thinks Autry is a very good player, (2) He likes Hunt and thought by bringing him back it eliminated a need to make a major move on the IDL, (3) He thinks Grover Stewart is going to make a big leap this year, and (4) He likes Tyquan Lewis' ability to play both inside and outside. My thinking is there is something about Ridgeway that the coaches/FO didn't like how he fit our scheme or maybe he work ethic, etc.... I thought he got pretty good penetration when he had time to get into a groove... but the past two seasons we've had 8 and 9 DL on our final roster, respectively and we already have quite a bit of competition and talent there right now..... I'm bolding who I think are the top 9 DL on our current roster (assuming we don't make any more moves to acquire other DL): Justin Houston, DE Al-Quadin Muhammad, DE Carroll Phillips, DE Jabaal Sheard, DE Kemoko Turay, DE Anthony Winbush, DE Margus Hunt, DT Grover Stewart, DT DeShawn Williams, DT Jihad Ward, DT Denico Autry, DT/DE Tyquan Lewis, DT/DE Gerri Green, DE/LB Chances are, Ridgeway would have not made our final 53 anyway, even if we don't pursue someone like Gerald Willis.... Kelly has had trouble staying healthy over the course of a full-season and we probably need depth/competition a little more at interior OL than DL right now. Ballard probably thought Javon Patterson either (a) had a more likely chance of making our 53, or (b) realizes we can stash Patterson on the practice squad for a year or 2, which we wouldn't be able to do with Ridgeway. Overall, I like the move.
  23. Where would he go that he would start right now and not be on an entirely terrible team?
  24. Geathers is basically on a 1 year 'prove it' deal. That is prove he can stay healthy and play at a high level all season. I think Willis and Geathers have a lot of similarities. Willis, IMO, is a little better in coverage, but both are really box safeties who are built thick and are sure tacklers. I have a feeling they will be on the field together quite a bit with one of them playing kind of a dime LB/hybrid S and the other back in coverage. I like the pick a lot. A tough kid, a good kid, a solid tackler, pretty good in coverage. Not the most athletic guy in the draft, but it seems like his fundamentals are down and he's got a great head on his shoulders. If nothing else, I think he's going to be a very solid ST player and a team leader in the very near future.
  25. Don't know if you watched Reich/Ballard presser after the draft, but he said this guy absolutely popped out to him at the combine and on film. He said it's 'almost unfair' that Luck is going to have so much fire power this year. We have really struggled in the screen-game since Luck has been our QB (some of that may be on Luck, as he tends to throw high on short passes). I'd be stoked if Parris Campbell breaks that spell. Even if he doesn't, I'm sure Reich and Sirianni are going to find very creative ways to utilize this guy's skill set. I like the nickname given to him by PFF: "The Swiss Army Knife." Listening to Reich and David Carr (NFL Network), I don't think his routes are going to be a major issue. They both said he stood out among other WRs at the combine in route-running drills. OSU has a unique offense and Urban Meyer uses players to fit his scheme and has obviously been very successful at the college level. It's not easy to assess OSU WR's pro-style skill set because the way he uses them -- Michael Thomas (WR, New Orleans Saints) for example was less productive in Urban Meyer's scheme as a senior than Campbell was, but is now an all-pro NFL WR. Reich says in his press conference that you have to take into mind that Parris Campbell was used specifically for OSU's scheme in college, but that he can do a whole lot more than what you typically see on film. If we can continue to develop our OL and keep Luck upright and give him time, teams will have nightmares trying to keep the lid on their defense with TY and Campbell blowing past them.
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