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  1. 1 minute ago, GoColts8818 said:

    Sorry but it’s wasn’t.  38 of Taylor’s 60 yards came on two carries and heavily skewed his average.  Take those two runs out and his average drops to 1.57 ypc.  Those two runs were exceptions to how it went the rest of the day.


    the TD run with Burton was a nice trick play but I am not factoring that in as a sign the run game as a whole is work mist like I wouldn’t hold it against the run game had it not worked.  It’s a gimmick play in its own category.


    That's fine.. we won the game... if you're the coach and we're down 21-0 are you going to try to run every play or are you going to pass?  If you choose the former, I don't want  you as my coach.

  2. 2 hours ago, rockywoj said:

    After the game vs Cleveland, on NFL network, I believe it was Charley Casserly that was reciting how well Taylor is doing running the ball vs how poor the Colts running game is when Hines or anybody else is in there (Mack excepted), and his point was he simply does not understand what the heck the Colts are doing NOT sticking with Taylor and giving the budding star all the opportunities possible.


    Today, again 5 ypc average, but on only 12 carries, plus 4 rec. for 55 yds.


    I completely agree with Casserly.  I find it to be, well, just bad that Taylor is not being given a true number one workload. Keep him in, the threat of the run is always there, as is the possibility of getting him even more involved in the passing game, in space.  He is a big play home run hitter waiting to happen and offers much better big play potential than Hines. I think Taylor is being woefully under utilized and I don’t buy the excuses for doing so.  The Colts are much more dangerous with Taylor in, as compared to with Hines in.  If they’re so infatuated with Hines, use him more as a slot receiver. 


    He averaged 5 YPC and almost 15 yards per catch today. He had >110 total yards from scrimmage.  We were down 21-0 to start the game.  Of course he isn't going to get a ton of carries at that point.  He had two very nice carries from shotgun formation when the D wasn't expecting the run.  I don't think he was under-utilized given the circumstances.. we did what we had to win.  If we were up 21-0 and he got 12 carries, that's a different story.


    1 hour ago, GoColts8818 said:

    Plus the run wasn’t effective today.  With that said another solid outing from Rivers against the Lions should back teams off the run game a little. 


    The run game was effective today.  Very effective.  Hines didn't run once.  Wilkins had 1 carry.  Taylor had 5 yards per carry.  Burton's TD run was very nice play calling by Sirianni/Reich.  I honestly thought we were trying to draw an off-side penalty or were planning to call a time-out when Rivers went out wide.  


    Simple fact, you start 21-0 and you're not going to be running very much.  When we decided to, they were effective.


    1 hour ago, John Waylon said:

    The more he plays the better he gets and the more he taxes the opposing defense. We just don’t take advantage of that. He’s JAG in our offense. He isn’t as important to our offense as any of the top RBs in the league are to theirs. And that may be something that is actually holding us back. 

    I absolutely abhor the way Reich uses our RBs. Terrible management. There’s no reason Taylor shouldn’t get 80+% of the carries on offense. None. Wilkins should only see the field once a game unless he’s in there WITH Taylor. Hines should get no more than 20% of the carries in a game. 


    I am actually more comfortable after today's game how Reich is using the run and setting up motion with WR and running.  Give Reich credit -- Mack wasn't expected to go down so early in the season, nor was Pittman, Campbell or several of our TEs (Burton and Doyle looked good today other than Doyle's fumble and MAC looked good in their absence).   


    The play call to have Burton run the TD in was brilliant.  Hines didn't have a carry and Wilkins only had one (Wilkins has a good YPC over the season).


    52 minutes ago, Defjamz26 said:

    I understand why you don’t run it when we were down 21-0, but they still seem reluctant to run. Like on that really bad punt that gave us excellent field position only down 3 at a point. Two straight passes, with one being the horrible INT that Rivers threw. You run the ball 1st and 2nd down there IMO.


    They need to trust Taylor more. He’s averaging like 5 YPC while being given very little.


    Wasn't a 'horrible INT', the safety made a great play.  Taylor was averaging under 4 YPC before the past two games.  He wasn't supposed to be our  RB 1, nor was he expected to get much more than 10 carries per game.   


    We're doing just fine, we're 4-2 and very much in the playoff hunt.  Let's take a deep breath and be thankful we're doing as well as we are given all the injuries and obstacles we've faced. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, Defjamz26 said:

    I know that he’s a young player and CB is a hard position to transition to from the pros, but I’m not seeing it from him. He’s tough and physical but I’m seeing more negative than positives each week. He’s making the same mistakes over and over again. It’s like each week he’s good for 1 PBU, 2 tackles, 1-2 PI calls, 1 hold, and 3-4 times to be beat in one on one coverage. Today he outdid himself with an unnecessary roughness call by German Suplexing somebody.


    The pass defense as a whole has been disappointing, but it could be argued that Rock has been the low spot. The big play he gave up to Higgins was unacceptable. If you’re going to be that fiery and vocal, the play needs to match.


    I'm far from against Rock.  That suplex was kinda ridiculous, and if you look at the angle from the play on Higgins he bit early to try to move in (Burrows made him bite).  Otherwise, he was far from terrible today.  He had 2-3 not-so-good/bad plays today.  He was fine for the rest of the game.  

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  4. Not the prettiest win, but a very good win.




    Rivers didn't play a perfect game, but he played very well.  The safety made a good play on that INT -- maybe Rivers shouldn't have thrown the ball there, but I was fine with the decision looking back at it, it wasn't a perfect throw and got picked, but it wasn't anything like the INTs versus Cleveland.  He didn't panic, the team rallied behind him even when we were down 3 scores.  IMO, that'll go a long way in the future, having the faith of his teammates when we're in a hole (I didn't see that so much in our previous two losses). He showed he's got accuracy on the deep ball with a few of his passes (e.g., the 55 yarder to Johnson) and put nice touch on most of his throws (e.g., the TD to Doyle).


    Taylor averaged 5.0 yards per carry.  A couple of negative runs, but a couple of big runs (10+ yards) in critical situations.  We didn't have a very balanced offense today (has to be in part because we got down early), and Hines had no rushing attempts and Wilkins only had 1... but, for the most we were effective in the running game when we needed to be.  Taylor seems to be developing more patience and is starting to (IMO) gel with the OL a bit better.  He also looked very good on a couple of receptions.


    Hines wasn't used on any very obvious run plays (i.e., right up the middle when the D was obviously expecting it) and he did well as a receiving back and looked pretty explosive as a punt returner.


    Johnson looks like he's emerging as our #1 WR.  Even though he spent the majority of the season on the PS, he's doing well with Rivers and making catches when the ball is thrown his way.  I was also impressed (for the most part with D. Harris -- he needs to make some better decisions about going out of bounds, but he showed explosiveness and solid hands).  


    Doyle and Burton both looked solid today and made some difficult, but very nice catches.  


    The OL gave up 1 sack and did allow some pressure, but for the most part kept Rivers up right and did well on run blocking the little bit we ran today.  Other than Costanzo going too far down the field on the TD that was negated, they played pretty penalty free.  


    Sanchez hit one beautiful punt (the one where we pinned them inside the 1) and had 2 other pretty solid punts, and continued to do well as a kickoff specialist.  Blankenship was perfect again and his XP attempts literally go straight through the uprights.  I don't know how much closer to center he could be, if he wasn't right there.


    On D, I thought Buckner really took over the game in spurts (especially the beginning of the 4th quarter).  We sacked Burrows twice and got a decent amount of hits on him.  I didn't really notice Houston much, but I thought Stewart (I thought his penalty was very questionable, I wouldn't have called it) played his best game and I thought the DL overall was pretty solid.


    Okereke had another good game, IMO the past 2 weeks have been his best two after I thought he struggled the first 4 weeks. He barely missed a pick (I think without the thumb brace, he comes down with that).  Walker was solid as well.  Not huge on Franklin, but I didn't really notice anything good or bad from him today.  I think if Walker and Oke keep it up when Leonard returns, our LBs will be very formidable.


    I think Rhodes looked very good today.  He's a solid tackler and had a couple nice plays in coverage.  On plays where they completed the ball in front of him, he didn't let them gain many yards after the catch.  Ya Sin, for the most part, I thought played well.  I'm not sure what happened on the long completion, he bit early, got beat and somehow ran out of bounds and had to come back to pursue the WR.  His penalty for bodyslamming the guy was a bit ridiculous, I think .. but he's a tough young player and playing pretty well.  I thought Moore looked good as a nickelback.  Carrie got picked on the first play he was in the game covering for Rhodes, but otherwise, I thought did OK.  


    Blackmon had another solid day.  Huge pick there at the end.  Willis, I think, is the weak link on our D.  He's a solid tackler and gets to plays which happen in front of him, but I think he's a major liability in coverage and just doesn't have elite athleticism.  


    Offensive play calling -- it wasn't perfect, but they had a good mix of plays and it didn't seem as predictable as the first 5 weeks.  


    No major injuries -- at least from what I could tell.



    Slow start.  Lucky we weren't playing a better team, as I don't think we would have been able to overcome it (or at least I wouldn't count on it).  We lost the turnover battle and both turnovers came at bad times (the first drive) and later in the game when we could've really put them away.  We lost the time of possession battle.  We had untimely penalties which hurt us.  Good thing is, I think most of these are correctable and we didn't seem to panic or throw in the towel at all.


    TY had 1 reception on 5 targets.  Barely missed on the one going out of bounds.  He had one, basically a screen, go right through his hands and another (the negated TD) called back due to penalty.  He's not getting a lot of separation and he and Rivers don't seem to be on the same page.  I'm starting to think Rivers doesn't have a whole lot of trust in him.


    The D played well as the game went on, but they were getting picked apart pretty early in the game and let up a few big chunk plays.  Granted, Burrows is a solid QB and he's got a bit of talent at WR... but other than small spurts, they didn't look like the #1 ranked defense consistently throughout the game.



    Overall, a good win.  A character builder.  We're 4-2 and going into a game against a pretty bad Lions team, then we have a bye.  Hopefully we carry this momentum over, go to the bye at 5-2 and get a few contributors (Leonard, Pittman, Turay, Alie Cox) back in the lineup and some of the guys who have been playing banged up get some rest so we can close the season out strong.








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  5. 58 minutes ago, Smonroe said:

    Wasn’t he a RB in college?  




    His first catch and his run after it was very nice.  The 2nd catch was nice, but he ran out of bounds when I thought he could have turned it up field and got the first down instead of leaving us in a 3rd and 2 situation (Rivers looked like he saw what I saw).  His 3rd catch, ran out of bounds when we were trying to kill the clock.



    The guy is definitely explosive and gives a new wrinkle to our offense.  I like him, I hope he sticks around.  He'll need to improve some decision making moving forward, but his explosiveness and playmaking abilities are very apparent.

  6. 11 minutes ago, stitches said:

    Harris is a much different type of player to Patmon. They probably are in desperate search of a gadget player that can fill Campbell's role. 


    Yes, Harris is much more a hybrid of Hines and Campbell than Patmon is... still, they must really see something in Patmon -- for example, why would the bring up M. Johnson 2x and revert him back to PS after he played pretty well both games?  Obviously, they either thought other teams weren't interested in him or that they wouldn't be hurting if someone grabbed him.  

  7. 2 minutes ago, MPStack said:

    I’m not surprised nor find it strange. Every year it seems a low rd pick gets hyped up in camp. However, it doesn’t translate to game day. Dion Cain was the last one, who fooled a lot of folks here, who thought he was going to be awesome. He’s on a PS year 3. 


    Cain also had a major injury in year, not really a fair comparison.

    4 minutes ago, ColtsLegacy said:


    Patmon must not be much of a special teamer.


    My guess is they think he's got potential to be a decent WR for us, but just needs time to develop.  They have to have some sort of fear that he'd get signed to another team if we put him on PS.  In other words, they must think he's got more 'long term potential' than the guys they are bringing up, activating and sending back to the PS while they are keeping Patmon on the roster but keeping him inactive.

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  8. 38 minutes ago, coming on strong said:

    yea but my point still would be we have marlon , pittman , cambell mo alie cox out .  darius , turray on defense . plus at at least 8 starters are banged up .   after the bye we will have every one but cambell and marlon back .   then we will start up hot and finsish strong .    I think this is a trap game burrow is playing amazing .  My only point is do not get worried over a lose , we are still in a good spot injury wise after the bye .  only marlon is out for the year and hooker .  I feel like the team is better without hooker .   I know this team is a second half of the year team and expect the colts to finish strong.


    I think we'd be better with Blackmon and Hooker than we are with Blackmon and Willis.... also, not sure if I can agree that we are a '2nd half team'.... sure Reich's first year, when we had Luck, we started 1-5 and went on a hot streak... last year we were 5-2 after 7 games and lost 7 of the last 9.


    Not a 'must win' game, but it's an important game and we may be in a bit of trouble if we don't win it.

  9. On 10/14/2020 at 5:44 AM, boo2202 said:

    Don’t think it’s a coaching problem, it’s not having a franchise QB problem. The one year Reich had good QB play we made the playoffs and won a playoff game. We’re just missing the most important piece. 


    It's more than a QB issue.  It's an injury issue across the board.  Right now, if you look at our roster/depth chart from the start of the season to week 6 we are without our #1 RB, our #2 and #3 WR, our #1 FS, we've been rotating TE (Doyle, Burton and Alie Cox have all had injuries and missed games), we were without our #1 LT last week, without our 2x All-Pro defensive captain last week(and maybe this week), had our 2nd (Walker) and 3rd (Okereke) LBs banged up last week, missed a starting CB (Ya Sin) for a brief stint, etc.


    Every team has injuries, so it can't be too much of an excuse... but, I'm not sure how many other teams have that many this early in the season.  We've got a new QB who had a shortened training camp and no preseason games playing with multiple back-ups at key position on the O.  Our D hasn't been as badly banged up, but they've had their issues and they're still one of the top units in the league.  


    I'm nowhere near hitting the panic button yet.  I think we're still in a good position to make the playoffs and don't think TN is all that good.  That said, there have been times where the playcalling has baffled me (e.g., defensively week 1 and mainly the runs up the middle by Hines on O).  Regardless, I'm sure week in and week out every team in the league has some questionable calls and I just don't focus on those games as much.  


    On 10/14/2020 at 10:51 PM, LJpalmbeacher2 said:


    Could maybe say that about the fans too? Most every time a talented,high profile player is available the fans say "I'll pass" lol.


    But seriously,  our coaches, not just the head coaches don't seem to impress with their intelligence or resume. 

    Our current coaches(hc,oc,dc) are first timers in their current positions. Pagano another example and his assistants.  How Pagano got a HC gig I'll never know. And and the list of OC's we've had. Since Polian, Dungy & Tom Moore how happy have you been with our hires, playcalling? Arians had success before he came here tho, but most of us wasn't really pleased with his play calling thinking  it would get Luck killed.


    Maybe it's a Indy thing, small market , mid west etc.. that doesn't attract Big Time hires?


    There's a growing number of fans here that are becoming less than thrilled with Reich and are thinking of moving on from him in a season or two. I'm not one of those, because who will be the guy irsay  hires to replace him? For years we waited and prayed for Pagano to be gone. When it finally happened,  Reich is who replaced him. 


    Our Golden era was Manning, Polian, Dungy, Tom Moore, and our OL coach Mudd. And our Star Wars offense with Freeney,  Mathis, and Bob Sanders on D.

    Winningest team of the Decade!

    Those were the days my friends. :D


    There is nothing Reich has done in his time here that leads me to believe he is unintelligent.  He hasn't hit on 100% of his playcalls, but no coach in the league has..  from all I can see Reich is a very intelligent human being.  


    How did Pagano get the HC job?  Easy, he was a coach in Baltimore (secondary coach for 3 years and then d-coordinator in 2011 before he came here) on one of the best defensive teams of all time.  Baltimore went 12-4 in 2011,  lost by 3 to NE in the AFC Championship game and their D was outstanding.  How Grigs became the GM is baffling to me, how Pagano became the head coach makes a lot of sense, he was the DC on one of the best defensive teams in the entire league.


    I don't see a whole lot of fans who really want to move on from Reich right now.  This board is over emotional after losses (and also after wins).  Regardless, the fans on this board don't get to decide if we should move on from Reich in a year or two.  Ballard, and ultimately Irsay, get to do  that.  Irsay has to realize that Brissett was not the best option for us last year after Luck retired and we're way too early in the season to figure out if Reich can lead us to the playoffs again right now (my gut is that he will).


    On 10/15/2020 at 6:03 AM, ClaytonC said:

    Did Andrew Luck notice Reich's habits that kill drives and momentum?   I have been wondering this for some time now.  


    No, I think Andrew Luck noticed he was going to rehab and to get surgeries for basically his entire off-season (and rehabbing during the season) for several years in a row and decided he wanted to be able to live a normal life instead of being a cripple by age 30.


  10. 5 hours ago, coltsfansince65 said:

    Yeah thanks. I was well aware of Hines 2 punt returns last year. What Edo posted was:  "Yes, even more impressive than the one from Hines last season."     The original post was about a kickoff return, not a punt return. The last Colt "kickoff" return was 2016, not last year. Thanks for "letting me know" that Hines had 2 punt returns last year which as you say are "way different" than kickoff returns, which the original post was about.

    you are very welcome.

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  11. Sunday was not a fun day to be a Colts fan.  We beat ourselves again, similar to what we did against Jax.  Rivers' threw 2 picks which he should have held onto or chosen a different read, and both we very costly, as was a safety from an intentional grounding.  I don't think it's the end of the world, though.  Rivers had a couple nice deep balls to Marcus Johnson and Ashton Dulin (a PS guy and ST guy).  After allowing a couple of big drives, the D stepped up against a very good O.  Aside from the odd fair catch inside the 5 by Hines, our STs played well and I. Rodgers broke out a 101 KR for a TD.




    We got off to a fast start again, which was nice.  We were definitely inconsistent, but we weren't absolutely 'terrible' aside from a handful of plays.


    QB - Rivers had two very bad passes on the interceptions.  The one where he tried to force to TY, it looked like he could have looked right and dumped it off to the RB fairly easily (maybe not for a first down as the Browns had a guy closing in, but likely for a completion and no risk of INT or a pick 6).  The other INT was also a bad choice and he didn't have much zip on that ball (he had Pascal wide open out to the right, could've maybe dumped it to Taylor or just ran and slid).  Not sure on the intentional grounding/safety... it was obviously not thrown near a receiver and he was under a lot of pressure.  He did get up and immediately tell the ref he thought a WR was breaking to that spot though, so whether that's the truth or not, who knows... regardless it was a bad play call that deep in our own zone with the pressure they were getting and it was a bad decision for Hines to fair catch that ball so close to the goal line.  Otherwise, I thought Rivers played pretty well, he had two nice deep balls (Johnson and Dulin) and was more in sync with TY than he has been all year.  Rivers didn't play great, by any means, but aside from 3 very bad plays (almost a 4th as the same DB who had the pick 6 almost had another on a similar throw to Doyle), he wasn't that bad.  To his credit, his WR 3 (maybe 2) was pulled up from the practice squad and his pro-bowl LT was out in a game where we were playing the best DE in the NFL (Garrett).  It's obvious, Rivers doesn't like getting pressured or hit (no QB do, as far as I can tell), and he's playing without the intended #2 and #3 WRs (Campbell and Pittman) -- we've got to do two things moving forward -- protect Rivers better and get our WRs in positions for him to be able to dump it off as a security blanket (I'm thinking this wouldn't be as big an issue with Campbell and Pittman in the lineup, as Pascal, Fountain and others behind TY - and even TY himself - seem pretty inconsistent this year).  In summary, it wasn't Rivers best game and yes he did make a few bone-headed decisions.  Do I think Jacoby would've been an upgrade on Sunday? Absolutely not.  


    RBs - Taylor's best YPC of the year (4.8).  Unfortunately, we got in an early hole and with Rivers' pick 6 to start the 2nd half, we had to pretty much abandon the run game.  Wilkins was barely used and I was really not impressed (again) with how Hines was used in the run game.  Had we been in a closer game (score wise), I think we could have gotten the run going. If we came out and scored instead of throwing a pick 6 on the first offensive drive in the 2nd half, my feeling is that our game plan would have been much different.. oh well, like Forest Gump said 'Ish Happens'.


    WRs - TY had his best statistical game, though I wasn't overly impressed with him.  Thought he could've caught at least one more ball his way, but overall I'm glad he and Rivers seem to be getting more on the same page.  Marcus Johnson caught all 3 balls his way including a nice 36 yarder.  Dulin made a nice catch on the 34 yarder (the only ball thrown his way, I'd like to see him more, at least until Pittman and maybe Campbell return).  Pascal caught both balls his way, but was underwhelming, he didn't seem to be getting open consistently.  I didn't notice Fountain if he was on the field, but I know he wasn't targeted at all.  I really think this group is suffering with injuries.  I mean our 2nd best WR on Sunday has been sent to the practice squad after the past two games, it may be worth trying to make a trade for a WR if we don't get Pittman back soon or if things don't start changing -- TY doesn't look like a #1 and nobody currently looks like a valid #2.


    TEs - MAC was not really used much (only target was the 2nd INT thrown by Rivers).  Burton, I don't dislike, but I thought our offense was more explosive the way we were using MAC  in Burton's absence than we are using Burton on short dump offs.  Doyle was 0 receptions on 2 targets... overall, an underwhelming performance by our TEs, but then again Doyle and MAC were forced to help block against the CLE d-line in multiple instances.


    OL - To be honest, I didn't think they were that bad.  It's the most pressure Rivers has faced so far, but he was only sacked once.  Considering Garrett is the top pass rushing DE in the league right now, Clark didn't do too bad against him.  Did we miss AC?  Yes, for sure.  We were still able to run the ball with Taylor and for the most part keep Rivers up right.  Rivers, IMO (haven't statistically broken it down - just going off the eyeball and memory), was getting similar pressure from the right as he was the left.  I was disappointed in Q's holding penalty, but overall I don't think our line was absolutely terrible.  CLE has a very good DL.


    Play calling -- I liked the first drive a lot.  Otherwise, if we don't get a talent upgrade at WR, I think we need to change our play calling against teams that can pressure Rivers to make sure we've got shorter options for him (see the safety, if Rivers was lying to the ref about a WR running to the spot he was trying to throw to and the WRs actually ran their intended routes on that play, that was a bad call, especially that deep in our own territory).  Still not impressed with how they use Hines in the run game.  I don't mind Burton on the field and think Rivers is comfortable with him, but as I said earlier, I hope it doesn't mean MAC's reverted to #3 TE and will not be a consistent target going forward.



    K- Blankenship was perfect again - leading scorer in the NFL.  Solid day from him.

    P - Sanchez only had 1 punt and he boomed it 54 yards.  He did a nice job on kickoffs as well.

    Return coverage - again solid, holding Poeples-Jones to a 19.8 yard per return on kickoffs and only 5 yards on his punt return.

    Kickoff return - exceptional -- I. Rodgers (I said in last week's takeaways I would be surprised if he didn't take a kickoff to the house this year) is very fast, reads the field very well and just about always gets us to at least the 25 yard line.  Teams will start kicking away from him if he keeps this up.

    Punt return - still not thrilled with Hines for faircatching that ball inside our own 5.  Seems like he's made at least a couple questionable fair catches this season.  I don't doubt his explosiveness, but I was not happy when he made that decision and was less happy when we gave up a safety right after.




    Gave up a couple big plays on the opening drive.  Impressed they held CLE to 3 on that drive.  Also gave up a couple big plays on the second drive, but several of them were exceptional plays by CLE (e.g., Landry's catch with Okereke right on him, Okereke really couldn't have played that much better).  After those drives, the D settled  down.  They were very solid in the 2nd half.  Without our D captain (Maniac) I thought Leonard and Walker both stepped up and had their best games of the year.  Still impressed with Blackmon, he's got good instincts and made a few nice plays (one was sniffing out the QB scramble and stuffing Mayfield deep in the red zone to prevent a TD).  Again, thought Willis was the weak link in the secondary, he just doesn't excel in pass coverage.  Our DL got pressure to Mayfield, but if he got out of the pocket, we weren't really doing much.  Unfortunately, although Mayfield is an athletic QB who can throw on the run, etc.. I don't think he holds a candle to Lamar Jackson or DeShaun Watson in terms of making plays with his legs (we have 3 matchups left combined between those 2) or to Mahommes or Josh Allen (who we'll likely have to face if we make it to playoffs and want to advance).  




    Not a good loss.  Again, I think we beat ourselves more than the Browns beat us.  We were without our D Captain and a stalwart of our O-Line.  I think our offensive play calling needs to adjust and we need to figure out how to get Rivers more in sync with the WRs.  I'd like to see more MAC than we did on Sunday and while I don't mind Burton, I'm hoping 6 targets to him and 1 to MAC isn't the ratio every week going forward.  


    After 5 weeks, we're one of 8 teams in the AFC with a winning record.  The Jags and Texans are 1-4 and the Titans, though 3-0 are kind of a cluster***k right now with all the covid issues going on.  I expect Buffalo beats them Thursday night.  If that's the case they'll be 3-1.  We still have a good shot at controlling our destiny in the AFC South and have 2 very winnable games coming up against Cincy and Detroit.  


    We need to get Maniac and AC back soon.  Ideally we'll see Pittman back soon, too.  I think Turay or another speedy guy on the DL would help as well.  Otherwise, we need to stay healthy.  I don't think we're as bad as everyone made Sunday out to be.  Some things to improve upon, for sure... and I don't see why we can't improve upon them.  If we're 5-2 in two weeks, we're in pretty good shape.  Let's keep the faith, fellow Colts fans.

    For the record, I know everyone is bashing on Rivers -- but I have a hard time believing anyone really thinks that Jacoby gives us a better shot at winning right now.

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  12. 6 hours ago, coltsfansince65 said:

    That was the point of my post.


    The way the thread was working, the OP @King Colt said it was the first KO return for a TD since 2016. @Edo said it was more impressive than Hines' return last year.  You said "How can that be if the last KO return was 2016?"  My response was to let you know Hines had 2 punt return TDs last year, which are way different than kickoff returns -- the last time before Rodgers on Sunday was Jordan Todman in 2016.

    12 hours ago, GoColts8818 said:

    Yeah Ballard said he was close to breaking one as well.  Hopefully it’s just the first of many.

    He is very explosive.  I feel like if he gets just the smallest crease and decent blocking he can do it again.  He pretty much always gets the ball past the 25, even if they (the opponent) have good coverage and he's taking it out of the endzone.  

  13. 21 hours ago, coltsfansince65 said:

    How can that be if the last Colt kickoff return for a TD was 2016?


    Hines had two punt return TDs last year.. not any Kickoff return  TDs since Jordan Todman in 2016 vs. Green Bay.


    5 hours ago, stitches said:

    If someone suggested this before that game I would have laughed it off and considered it insane... so trust me when I say... I know it's verging on the insane. BUT... Rodgers showed some incredible speed, exposiveness and change of direction on a whim.... so...


    I said in my 'CurBeat's Takeaways' last week that we'd see Rodgers take one to the house this season.  I wasn't expecting it yesterday, per se... but the dude is very explosive if we can give him just a small opening.

  14. On 10/9/2020 at 11:42 PM, EastStreet said:

    What are your thoughts on picking up Carter. I said in another post, I think either they're not confident on Turay's return, frustrated with Banogu, or both. I like the pick up regardless, but also know he's a project and setting expectations appropriately.


    I'm Ok with Stallworth, but disappointed with Stewart. Probably because I just didn't expect much from Stallworth. I expected more from Stewart, and thought he'd get freed up more Buckner on his flank. Autry has looked absolutely great at times, but has a bit of inconsistency at times.


    Not totally sure on Carter.  Could be either/both of the things you listed, the FO may be concerned on Turay returning and I highly doubt anyone in the FO or coaching staff is very impressed with Banogu right now.  Carter at 6'3" 269 lbs is just 8 lbs lighter than Tyquan Lewis (6'3" 277 lbs).  After all the hype from training camp, I've been mostly unimpressed with Lewis this season and it sounds like Carter was primarily a DE in college but also rushed from the interior of the DL so maybe they're looking at him to fill a role like they wished Lewis could?  I do know 25 or more teams offered Carter UDFA contracts and the Cowboys gave him the highest guaranteed $ out of their 15 UDFA class.  I have seen at least one report suggesting he was very high on the Colts' radar, so it could also be a move where Ballard/Reich are happy with the depth we have at other positions and figured they'd keep him on the 53 man (inactive) and see how they can develop him throughout this season and with an offseason under his belt.


    Agree with your second paragraph, kinda wonder how a healthy Day would be doing in this D. 


    On 10/9/2020 at 11:42 PM, EastStreet said:

    I'm really surprised about Oke's performance vs the pass. He's never been great vs the run in the middle, but I just expected him to ball out in year 2 at least vs the pass. I also thought LB would be one of our strengths, but at the same time, didn't expect Walker's snap decline. Both guys will get their chance Sunday. Oke though worries me most vs Hunt and Mayfield. I'd prefer to let Walker play Mike and Oke play WILL to be honest, but have a feeling it will be the opposite. Walker is a tackle machine, so I get it if they want him at the WILL.


    Agree, will be interesting to see what they do and I wonder if (and how much) a role of the injuries Oke and Walker have.  The Browns definitely have a dynamic offensive attack, and we're going to need to be firing on all cylinders on D to keep them in check. 


    On 10/9/2020 at 11:42 PM, EastStreet said:

    Really hoping Rock is back 100% this game. If so, should be a good test with Rock, Rhodes, and Moore back at NB. I do however hope to see Carrie get some snaps against his old team. I think he's earned them. Would love to see him get a pick vs Mayfield. I'm sure he know his tendencies pretty well. 


    Agree, Moore is definitely a much better NB than he is outside.  If we can stay healthy and keep him in the NB role, we're a much better D.  I also think Carrie has earned playing time.  If we can control the run and make CLE focus on the passing attack, I won't be shocked if Carrie sees quite a bit of time.


    On 10/9/2020 at 11:42 PM, EastStreet said:

    I definitely want more Wilson. Willis to me has been inconsistent. He's very very good at what's in front of him, but just have seen a few times where he looks lost. His overall coverage though has improved this far, but it's been vs some bad QBs. Like you, I prefer him in the box. Wouldn't be shocked to see Mayfield test both Willis and Blackmon early. And yup, Hooker/Blackmon is much better than Blackmon/Willis. Oh well. Right now I'm just praying Blackmon balls out this weekend, and is up to the deep test. I do think Hooper, Hunt, and Landry will test Willis. 


    Yes, Willis does seem lost at time and I agree that both he and Blackmon will be tested today... IMO, we really need the pass rush to step up today to force Mayfield to get the ball out early and screw up his decision making.  If we give him a lot of time, I expect they'll land on at least a few big plays.


    On 10/9/2020 at 11:42 PM, EastStreet said:

    I think we can hold on to a good ranking until week 11 :-)

    I just hope our O is up to the challenges ahead lol.


    We shall see.. I hope so, too.

  15. 6 hours ago, CR91 said:

    Luck to hilton was special. Would Marv have been as good without Peyton?


    Marv, IMO, was the best route runner in NFL history and he and Peyton worked tirelessly to perfect their timing.  Several top-tier CBs who played during Marv's time have also said he is the hardest WR they had to defend because of his route running, quickness and speed (Peanut Tillman and Champ Bailey come to mind):  https://www.stampedeblue.com/2014/10/16/6988669/charles-tillman-says-best-offensive-player-hes-ever-faced-is-marvin   https://www.stampedeblue.com/2014/6/21/5830436/champ-bailey-toughest-wr-to-cover-was-marvin-harrison 


    In TY's first 8 seasons, he had 0 with 100+ receptions, 1 with 91 receptions, 2 with 82 receptions and 1 with 76 receptions (so only 50% of the time he had 70+ catches).  He has 5 seasons with 1000+ yards and has two seasons with 7 TDs, 2 with 6 TDs and 3 with 5 TDs.


    TY had Reggie as a true #1 when he came into the league, which took a lot of pressure off of him.  Marv was #1 the day he got drafted and had Harbaugh as his QB.  Marv had a better rookie year (in a less passer-friendly league) than TY with Harbaugh (who I don't think anyone would consider on the same level as Manning or Luck, and his second year in the league was comparable to TYs 2nd year where TY became the top option fairly early in the season after Reggie went down with the knee).


    In Marv's first 8 years, he had 4 with 100+ receptions and 1 with 90+.  He had 8 TDs as a rookie with Harbaugh (better than Ty's best year) and 6 in year 2 (matching TY's 3rd best year).  Marv's 3rd year (Peyton's rookie year - and Peyton didn't have a very good rookie year) he played 12 games and had 59 receptions and 7 TDs (matching TY's best year).  Marv had 5 of his first 8 seasons with >1,000 yards, and 5 with 10+ TDs (including seasons with 14 and 15 TDs, which double TYs best year).


    Your question has some validity -- most 'great WRs' had good, very good, or great QBs.  However, Marv was a better WR than TY (IMO, by far).  Would Jerry Rice be as good if he didn't play with 2 HOF QBs (Montana and Young)?  Probably not.  If you break it down on production over a time period, Marv had far better numbers than Rice.  Unfortunately, Marv got hurt and never recovered fully - Rice had more longevity and had overall better career numbers.  


    You could ask another unanswerable question like 'would Larry Fitzgerald put up better overall numbers if he played with Brady/Manning/Brees for the majority of his career?'  I assume, he would have (Moss probably would have better career numbers than he wound up with if he was paired with Brady and Bellichick his whole career)... Larry's still a HOF talent, just like Marv.  TY simply isn't.  


    Going on durability, Marv missed 4 games in year two, he missed 1 game in year 8 and played 16 games in the other 6 years (going on first 8 years to compare to TY - so 5 games in 8 years with 75% of the years making it through 16 games).  TY has played 16 games in 4 of his first 8 years (50%), and missed 10 total games.  TY was hampered by calf injuries the past 2 seasons, which is somewhat concerning.


    I like TY.  I like him a lot.  He seems like a great teammate.  He's got a great personality.  He's a very good football player.  There is a lot that goes into the NFL now that didn't then (e.g., social media, ESPN doing more 'personality' type of work, etc..).  Marv was, from all accounts, a good teammate.  He never spoke to the media.  He was never flashy.  He never wanted attention off the field.  Despite that, Marv was a 2x First-Team All-Pro, 3x Second-Team All Pro, and 5x pro-bowler in his first 8 years.  He let his production do the talking for him.  TY has not made a First- or Second-Team All Pro team once in his first 8 years and made it to the probowl 4x.  Part of the pro-bowl (a big part) is fan voting.  TY has an excellent TD dance, he sells 'The Ghost' shirts, shows up to games with clown masks on, he's a likeable guy and fans (not just Colts' fans) love him.  He has really marketed his 'brand' which was not really a thing when Marv was in his early days (I guess Keyshawn Johnson's 'Give me the damn ball' book really changed that for WRs and with social media and more television coverage for individual personalities now, it's continued to grow).


    Long story short, TY is not Marv.  He's not a HOFer (Marv should have been 1st ballot - his off-the-field, after retirement, gun stuff had to have impacted that).  That said, I sure do like TY and am glad he's a Colt.  Marv was an 'elite' WR by year 3 in the league and kept 'elite' status until he blew out his knee at the end of his career.  TY has never been 'elite', he's been 'very good' a few seasons.  To TY's benefit, he was #2 to Reggie and after Reggie got hurt he never has had a top-notch #2.  Marv didn't really have a true #2 in Reggie until 2003 (Reggie was nothing more than 'average' year 1 and 2 which was 2001-2002).  In 2002, Marv was getting double or triple teamed every single game and caught 143 balls (in a far less WR-friendly league than TY has dealt with his whole career).  



    5 hours ago, Sumo63 said:

    I think hes going on 30 right?  That the "natural" tipping point.  youre right, its definitely fair.


    As a rule of thumb, sure.  That's anything in life really ("I'm on the wrong side of 30" works for recovering from a workout, a night out, eating fast food, etc.).  TY turns 31 in November.  He had nagging calf injuries that obviously impacted his performance the past two years, and missed some time in training camp with another leg injury (I think it was a hammy). 


    5 hours ago, Moosejawcolt said:

    Apparently the major indicator of a WR regressing is dropped  passes. They start to lose their legs which leads to drops. Heard that from a top GM. Not sure about the rationale for it 


    The rationale is when you're young and nimble, you 'trust' your legs and athletic ability to put you in the spot you expect them to be able to be in.  Essentially, if you have 'hand-eye' coordination and 'foot-eye' coordination, you are able to basically eliminate the 'foot-eye' (maybe not eliminate, but you just do it faster and trust yourself) and focus on the 'hand-eye'.  Not sure your age or if you've ever had friends throw you a ball when jumping off a diving board into a swimming pool -- but when you are able to just look at the diving board and the area you intend to land at in the pool very quickly, you don't think about the run from the end of the diving board or leaping off it, you just go and focus on the ball.  You get a little older, maybe a little slower, you would likely tend to have a bit of hesitance just running off the board and you'd be looking at your surrounding to make sure you aren't going to slip, not going to jump to early or late, not going to hit the water at a bad surface because you're worried that your legs may fail you.  Not sure if that's the best analogy, but if you think about a WR looking a sideline or a yard marker, when they can just do it 'in stride' after a very brief glimpse with high confidence, that 'foot-eye' coordination/concentration goes away and they can focus on the ball.  If they lose a step or even a half-step with how fast today's NFL players are, and spend 0.25 seconds extra wondering if you can actually get your legs/body to the ball, you lose 0.25 seconds focusing on the ball.  



    I don't want to have this sound like I'm bashing TY.  I like the guy and am not too concerned with him.  I think he benefited a lot with Luck because Luck could extend plays and TY was quick and elusive enough to find the right place to be.  Luck also had a cannon which in certain instances allowed TY to just outrun his defender and chase the ball.  Luck, and Brissett, also kept TY as their #1 target (Brissett very obviously was looking at TY as option 1 and not doing a great job of checking everyone else out last year).  Rivers does not extend plays with his legs, nor does he try to.  He is comfortable spreading the ball around, he's also comfortable to 'dumping' the ball off to his nearest target (sometimes, I think he prefers that and trusts the YAC from the shorter/safer throw).  I think Rivers still has a good arm, but he doesn't have the cannon Luck had.  


    All to TY's benefit of doubt: 1) He's 4 games into a season with a new QB who has a very unique way of delivering a football, 2) He's played several games without the planned #2 and #3 WR options (Campbell and Pittman), 3) He's played several games without the planned top TE targets (Doyle and Burton), 4) He's played several games without the planned RB attack (loss of Mack), 5) This would be the end of 'pre-season' games in most normal years where some minor kinks in game-like situations could be worked out between the QB and his #1 WR (you'd have a hard time selling me that the intra-squad scrimmages equal pre-season games against other teams, and 6) he is playing with a QB who has been long known to distribute the ball pretty equally (TY was always the go-to after Reggie went down for Luck (who extended plays) and always for Brissett (who struggles progressing through reads), Rivers doesn't and has never had a 'go-to' guy that he relied on to get the ball to, he gets it out to the first read he sees as fast as he can).  

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  16. On 10/8/2020 at 11:25 AM, J@son said:


    ^Very Much This


    11 minutes ago, Moosejawcolt said:

    If Campbell and Pittman were playing, I beleive things would be quite different. U take any teams #2 and #3 receivers oit of the game plan and they become less predictable.


    Going into the year, I think it was pretty clear cut that our offensive weapons 6 of the top receiving targets (arguably through Hines here or Pascal) were TY, Campbell, Burton, Doyle, Pittman, Mack  -- we have seen in the first quarter a lot of time without Mack, Campbell, Burton and Doyle and now Pittman (that's 5/6 or 5/8 if you add Hines/Pascal).  That's pretty significant losses and cannot help the coaching strategy, especially when week 1 was Rivers' first game with all those guys.  Rivers has shown a lot of professionalism by being able to put Mo Alie-Cox in there as a top receiving TE in the league after he lost Doyle and Burton for a stretch.  And like @Moosejawcoltsaid, losing Campbell and Pittman doesn't help at all - the fact that Rivers is still making plays with Marcus Johnson (off the PS), Pascal and others is a good thing.  I expect Pittman to be back around the bye week and hope we get Campbell back... imagine if our offense attack stays as steady as it has been (with room for improvement on 3rd Down and in the RZ) with our 'back-ups' and we get our #2 and #3 back and TY starts being TY again?

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  17. Again, great write-up ES! 


    I voted happy and B+.  If just going on the last 3 games, I'd probably be very happy with an A, but that Jags game still stings.



    Very impressed with Buckner.  Not shocked Banogu's grade is so low.  I thought for sure he'd make a big leap in year 2, but he's been very underwhelming.  Hopefully we get Turay back.  Overall, I think the DL has performed very well and like you said it's pretty impressive that we're 10th most in the league in sacks though we blitz the 2nd fewest in the league.  We seem to be just a step or 2 off on getting sacks, so maybe the speed of Turay can help there (assuming he returns).  After all the hype coming out of training camp, I've not been too impressed with Lewis.  I have also been unimpressed with Stallworth and Stewart, good thing we've also got Buckner in the middle.  I have been happy with Houston (I think he's been one of our best overall players all year) and Autry.



    Walker really stepped up last week, though I wasn't thoroughly impressed with him prior.  I'm also surprised in the decline in Okereke, but also thought he played pretty well last week.  I'm assuming with Leonard out (and potentially Oke and Walker) we'll get to see some more EJ Speed this week.  Going into this season, I thought for sure the LBs was the strength of the team and had them pretty much tied with the OL as the two best position groups on the team - so kinda shocking to see that they seem to be the worst unit on the D to this point.  I'm with you, I'd like to see Walker get more snaps than Oke when Maniac returns.



    Very happy with Rhodes and Carrie.  Moore makes some clutch plays, and I agree with you that his rating may be down from his play out wide - he's definitely suited to play in the slot (not only is he better in coverage there, he's a tremendous blitzer there).  Ya-Sin, IMO, is playing just fine - like you said, we need him fully healthy.  And I've been very impressed with Rodges both as a returner and at DB.  I know he's pretty small, but he's so quick and fast.



    Very happy with Blackmon... a few rookie mistakes, but I think he'll clean them up.  I think Willis (from my eye test) has been one of the weakest links on the D.   I wouldn't mind seeing more of Wilson and Blackmon at S with Willis taking a break or playing up in the box.  Odom's barely seen the field on D, but I think he's a solid depth piece and he does very well on STs.  I'm with you in thinking I'd like to see Blackmon be the SS of the future (TBH, I think he and a healthy Hooker would be better than he and Willis).  



    Terrible plan in week 1... but very solid since.


    Again, it's exciting we have the #1 ranked D after 4 weeks.. but we also haven't been playing top 20 offenses.... we'll learn a lot in the 2nd quarter of the season with the Browns (39.3 pts per game over the last 3), Bengals (Burrows is really improving), Detroit (have scored >20 every week and Stafford is always a threat) and then Baltimore.  I'll be shocked, but very impressed, if we still hold the #1 ranking after that stretch. 

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  18. 36 minutes ago, Mr.Debonair said:

    Unfortunately unless he makes some game changing splash plays, increases sack numbers or causes turnovers etc, I don’t see him winning it.


    Thats stuff is usually what wins awards


    Yes, most voters aren't watching every game of every team.  As Colts fans (I assume many of us on here watch every game), we get to see a lot of plays which Buckner disrupts without getting any ticks on the stat sheet.  


    DPOY is usually a guy who has (a) a lot of sacks, (b) a lot of tackles, or (c) a lot of interceptions -- or some combination of the 3.  As of right now, Buckner's on pace for 6 sacks, 72 tackles (total) and 4 passes defended.... that's not to say he's not doing an excellent job and playing the role he needs to play to drive this defense... but, outside of the Colts world where we see how valuable he is week in and week out, those numbers are not typically going to gain the attention of the voters.


    Eric Kendricks (MIN) is on pace for 180 tackles.


    Za'Darius Smith (GB) and Myles Garrett (CLE) are both on pace for 20 sacks.


    Pierre Desir (NYJ) and Carlton Davis (TB) are both on pace for 12 INTs. 


    I know a lot can change in the last 3/4 of the season, but I have a hard time believing Buckner wins the vote if he and the above players mentioned keep the same pace of the first 1/4 up throughout the last 3/4 of the season.

  19. Should be a good game.  Few things that jumped out to me: 1) Rosenthal seems to say a reason we'll lose is b/c Rivers' accuracy has been erratic.  He's 4th in the league with a 72.7% completion rate.  He made a couple bad decisions in week 1, but he's been pretty darn accurate all year.  The Bears game was an off game, prior to that I think he was at >78% completion percent.  2) Mike Florio says the difference of the game is the absence of Nick Chubb -- they still have Kareem Hunt -- frankly, I think the absence of Leonard (and potentially Okereke and Walker) is a bigger blow to us than Chubb is to them... also, the loss of AC to us is not good.


    I'm going with the Colts, though... 34 - 20.

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  20. 39 minutes ago, Dogg63 said:

    Reich said Clark will start at LT.





    Thanks.. I kinda figured that as Clark came in the 4-5 snaps that AC missed last week, but on the depth chart they've got Green as the backup LT and Clark backing up RT.


    I actually have faith in Clark.  I won't be shocked if we see Pinter as an in-line TE more than normal against CLE... I definitely expect MAC or Doyle to be lined up on the left side a lot as well, as Burton doesn't really seem to be much of a blocker but Doyle and Mo Alie-Cox are both very good blockers.

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  21. 16 hours ago, EastStreet said:

    Doing a two, maybe three part (STs) look at stats, ranks, ets. Part 2 (Defense) will be posted tomorrow. It's done, but too tired to format.

    Part 1 - 1Q Offense
    A. Grades
    B. Offensive Unit ranks, and opponent's oppoiste unit rank
    C. Misc Offensive Stats
    D. Individual PFF, Snaps, and Key Stats

    Note: I realize some don't like PFF. It's not perfect, but is generally directionally correct. In short, save the anecdotal "PFF sucks" stuff, and provide stats or factual data if you disagree.

    Red = bad, decline, etc.

    Green = good, improvement, etc.



    East Street's Offensive Grades (based on the below)
    OL: B-
    QB: C+
    TE: B+
    WR: C+
    RB: C+
    Coaching: D+



    Offensive Unit Ranks and Stats  (showing each opponent's D unit rank JX/MN/NYJ/CHI)
    YPG: 19th (23/29/18/8 - avg 19.5)
    Pass YPG: 18th (24/29/15/9 - avg 19.3)
    Rush YPG: 15th (26/24/22/16 - avg 22)
    Points PG: 17th (23/26/30/7 - avg 21.5)
    Sacks (least): 3rd (most 31/23/25/18 - avg 24.3)
    RZ Offense: 28th (16/2/14/1 - avg 8.3) 
    3rd Down O: 30th (23/2/24/3 - avg 13)


    1. Yards and Points are average, RZ and 3rd down we're awful. We all know this lol.
    2. Only surprise to me is that MN's RZ and 3rd Down D is top 5 given all the other ranks. Talk about bending a lot, and not breaking. 
    3. In terms of improving, I think passing a bit more, would open up the run game, and both passing and rushing would improve. 
    4. Our predictable play calling is the biggest reason for our RZ and 3rd down woes.
    5. Someone tell me why we threw it all over the yard against the worst run D team (Jax) we've played thus far? SMH game plan.
    6. Opponent strength is poor




    Great post ES!


    Thanks for putting in all that work.  I voted 'mixed feelings and c+'.


    I think I may have an answer to your 5th point there...  Mack went down with a busted achilles and I don't think Reich fully trusted Taylor yet.


    Our first drive went "Pass for 8 yards, pass for 21 yards, Mack run for 8, Mack run for 3, Hines run for 12 yard TD".


    Our second drive went "Pass for 18 (screen to Campbell), Pass for 19 (screen to Mack), Mack run for 18 yards, Incomplete, Pass for 6, Hines run for 3, Hines stuffed on 4th and 1 at Jax 3"


    Third drive: Rivers threw a pick (ESPN's play by play broke for a minute -- the drive started with a 20 yard pass to TY, then 3 plays later Rivers threw a pick)


    Fourth Drive: Mack for -3 yards, 6 yard pass, 17 yard pas, 3 yard pass to Mack -- Mack tore achilles, out for remainder of game and season.


    We were actually fairly balanced right up to that point.  Reich seemed to basically abandon the run afterwards.  Other than his 2 INTs, Rivers had a very good game overall, he had a high completion % and we were for the most part moving the ball at will (save for getting stuffed on 4th and short on, you probably guessed it, Hines up the middle).


    Also, it was week 1, so we didn't know the Jags would have such a bad run D at that point in time.


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