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  1. He does say Parris is his favorite WR from this draft.... but says Metcalf will be the surest one to be a decent NFL player. Metcalf seems to lack agility and is from tape he looks pretty stiff getting in and out of routes... however, he's got tremendous size and strength and good hands, so he'll still probably be productive.
  2. I thought the biggest reach of the draft was the Raiders selecting Clelin Ferrell (DE - Clemson) at the Number 4 pick (a lot of pundits had Indy taking him at 26). I think that led to a very big run on front seven defensive players (we all knew that was a deep position in this draft, but I think they got scooped up a little earlier than expected the way the first 4 picks went). I think it worked out well for us in the end. The thing about Parris Campbell, to me, that sticks out is he can run routes (David Carr and several others who watched his combine drills, etc. say he jumped off the tape with his route running). He just wasn't used as a route-runner at OSU because like Simms says in the video he could take a screen or short slant for 70+ yards.
  3. Like Ballard said in the post-draft press conference: "You know you're doing it right when the guys you have to cut between 65 and 53 go on and play for other teams. I don't know if we're there yet, but we're getting close." I think we'll see at least 5 guys we cut get signed and make a 53 man roster elsewhere, which is pretty impressive. I think the biggest unknown right now is health and whether or not some guys will be the same as they used to be. Can Cain come back fully healthy? Can Farley come back fully healthy? Can Geathers stay healthy? Will Doyle be able to step on the field early in the season? How about Jihad Ward, Ross Travis, Antonio Garcia and D'Marcus Webb? Will everyone else who has been relatively healthy remain healthy? In terms of UDFA making the 53, I tend to agree with you that there is a strong chance of it ending this year. The few guys I think have the best shot are Hale Hentges (especially if Doyle isn't fully healthy and Ross Travis isn't back to his old self), Jegs Jegeles (I think he's a PS guy, but he literally has almost the same exact build as Autry), Jamal Peters and Shakial Taylor (these guys both fit the mold Ballard wants out of our CBs). With the athleticism we have on our current roster and with many of our young guys having another year of experience (we had 2 rookies and a second year player as our LBs last year, pretty remarkable), I think we'll see Eberflus throw more wrinkles into this defense (we played pretty vanilla on D most of last year, and I think a major part of that was due to lack of overall talent, which we seem to have addressed and a lot of guys being very young or playing in that specific system for the first time). I think Geathers/Willis are likely to interchange between SS and dime CB. Both are thick and should be able to match up well with TEs 1-on-1. Geathers was a team captain last year and Ballard really likes him. He just needs to stay healthy, that's his major issue. If Geathers gets hurt again, he might be done in the NFL. His neck injury was no joke and at the time, a lot of people didn't know if he'd make it back at all. As more and more education comes out about long-term effects on injuries/concussions/etc. we are starting to see guys walk away from football younger knowing it's not worth it to risk the chance of not being able to function shortly after leaving the NFL. For his sake, I hope Geathers stays healthy and is back to full form. However, for his future, if he has another neck injury it may be best to hang it up and be able to have a fully functional life throughout his 30's. I tend to agree. Cain had a few nice moments in pre-season, but he's never played against top NFL talent or in a regular season NFL game. He's a fairly speedy/quick WR coming off a blown knee. He'll have to prove he's fully healthy, has his physical assets back and can play with confidence he was seemingly playing with prior to injury and he'll have to stay healthy.
  4. He started 13 games as a junior and 15 as a senior (as a team 'permanent' team captain). Bama has always had a run-heavy offense and he was used primarily as a blocker and in red-zone receiving situations (about 50% of his receptions were TDs). He played quite a lot, but they just utilized Irv Smith Jr. as their WR/TE hybrid guy and kept Hentges in a mostly blocking role. Time will tell what he's actually made of, but I'm kind of high on the guy as a UDFA (we aren't expecting much from a UDFA anyway, but if he could come in and become our next Doyle in a couple years, it'd be very sweet).
  5. Best Pick: Ben Okerere (I think he'll wind up starting or seeing the field very early, maybe not as much long term potential as Banguno, but I think he'll contribute early and often) Worst Pick: EJ Speed (he could also be the sleeper pick -- the reason I put him as worst pick is because I think we could've gotten him later in the draft) Sleeper Pick: Khari Willis (I will not be shocked to see him taking snaps away from Geathers or playing on the field with Geathers and Hooker at some point this season).... Josh Barton is the other one -- he's huge and seems athletic for a tackle (he needs to build some lower body strength and work on technique, but I'll be excited to see what Mudd can do with this guy, it may take some time, but I won't be shocked to see him on the field in a year or 2).... Gerri Green is another guy I expect to contribute this year who nobody seems to really talk about Wish they could’ve got: N/A -- other than a few DL who went in the top 20, which we knew we weren't going to get, I don't think we really missed on anything throughout the rest of the draft (sure it'd be nice to have Nick Bosa, Josh Allen, Ed Oliver, etc... but I think we all knew that wasn't going to happen) Can’t believe they passed on: N/A -- if we didn't sign Funchess, I'd say K'Neal Harry, but with Funchess we already have a big-bodied WR and I think if Funchess pans out, we're probably better off with Campbell anyway UDFA to Watch: Hale Hentges (he reminds me of a young Doyle)... Jegs Jegede (he's raw/from a small school, but a physical freak and almost the same exact build as Autry) ... Jamal Peters/Shakial Taylor -- I doubt both make the team, but they're both good-sized for CBs and both seem athletic Draft Grade: A-
  6. Yes, Doyle was more productive in college as a WR but he also played at Western Kentucky on a team with nowhere near the receiving depth as Alabama. Hengtes started 13 games as a junior and 3 of his 7 receptions were TDs. He was named team captain as a senior and started 15 games, with 3 of 4 receptions for TDs. He is said to have good hands, he just was used primarily as a blocker whereas Irv Smith Jr. was their receiving TE. You're probably right that he needs some refinement as a receiver... but to start on Alabama full-time for 2 years is saying something. I am not totally sold on him making the team, he just reminds me a lot of Doyle and I imagine even if we have to stash him on the PS for a year or two and learn from Doyle and others that he can develop into a similar player as Doyle in the NFL (I don't think Doyle had more than 12 catches and was rarely used as a receiver his first 3 years before breaking out with 59 catches his 4th year).
  7. Well, TY is also getting older (not that 29 is that old for most -- but as a small WR who relies mainly on speed and agility, I don't expect him to keep producing the way he is forever -- we all saw how tough he was playing through 2 ankle sprains, but also saw when his speed is limited he becomes very limited in how effective he can be -- he was basically a non-factor in the playoff game against KC b/c he was a couple steps slower for normal). Luck is going to need weapons surrounding him -- we also saw Luck can do some pretty amazing things on his own, but he struggled a bit when defenses could limit him to one or 2 legitimate targets. We have the most cap space in the NFL by far (Ballard has already said, he saves a lot of this to repay the guys he drafted, so yes we'll have to spend some to keep Leonard, Q, etc. in a few years). Still, I think it's very feasible if DF and EE both perform at high levels that we can bring both of them back for several more seasons. Let's just hope DF isn't the next DHB, Hakeem Nicks or Andre Johnson and actually produces for us during his time here.
  8. He just reminds me a whole lot of Doyle coming out of college.... Doyle was basically a back-up and a grinder (getting by on grit moreso than athletics) used for situational blocking/STs for his first 3 years in the league (after being a UDFA) before breaking out in year 4 as a complete TE. Seems to me like Hentges has a good role model, even if he needs a year or 2 on practice squad.
  9. I'm still not totally optimistic Doyle will be 100% come the start of this season. I do think that Hale Hentges, the UDFA from 'Bama is about as close to a Doyle clone as you could get (Doyle is about 5 pounds heavier and 1-2 inches taller). But Hentges specializes in blocking and can be a reliable receiver in short yardage situations if needed. Both guys seem to get by more on work-ethic and toughness than pure athleticism... If Hentges makes the team, I see him almost as Doyle Version 2.0 (it may take him a year or 2 to get up to par in the passing game). I do agree though, if Cain and TY can stay healthy, if Funchess lives up to his hype/contract, and if Campbell can adjust to the NFL game -- I think we'll see a lot of creativity on offense (a lot of ifs, I know -- but let's be optimistic here -- it's a much different WR corps than we've seen in a while and can be dangerous -- and a lot of teams should struggle body-ing up against both Ebron and Funchess in certain packages). The nice thing is, with Andrew and his weapons, we can move the ball through the air if we need. With Big Q and the OL growing another year together, we should be able to run the ball down people's throats if we need to, as well. This is the most exciting off-season in quite some time (IMO).
  10. I think we'll carry 3-4. Mack and Hines locks (as Hines can almost double as a slot WR), and Wilkins plus possibly Ware or Williams (Ware and Williams major issues have been staying healthy). When it comes to adding players for depth or leadership, it seems like Ballard likes to stick with guys he or someone high on his staff have familiarity with ... Ware is one of Ballard's old Chiefs and is coming into compete as a back-up with veteran experience. Hines has better receiving ability and Reich likes that in his system (see how he used Sproles as OC of Philly). Wilkins' major issue last year was the way he was holding the ball.... I think it's a fixable/coachable problem -- but look at his game logs here: http://www.nfl.com/player/jordanwilkins/2560187/gamelogs He lost a fumble in week 5 and then he didn't touch the ball in week 6. They seemed to be working him back into the lineup until he lost another fumble in week 12, then he got put in the dog house with 1 touch week 13, 0 touches week 14, 1 touch week 15, 0 touches week 16 and 4 touches in week 17. See above response -- he was getting quite a bit of reps until he coughed the ball up in week 5. He needs to secure the ball better, and I think he's gotta run a bit harder (that was a major knock on him coming out of college was that even though he's got very good size for an RB, he plays like a little guy). We have kept 4 both years Ballard has been here.... I expect we'll keep 4 again, in part because Hines can sort of double as a WR, and in part because Mack needs to show he can play a full 16 game season. I think we also carried more OL last year because Castonzo was banged up the first 5 weeks of the season and then we had some health/injury issues with Kelly on and off later in the season. With Q we've got a guy that can play G/C and probably T... with Smith, he can play all 5 positions on the line, and so can Haeg.... it sounds like this Jarvis Patterson and Glowinski can play all interior positions -- so I tend to think if it came down to it, if we're healthy on the OL, we'd see us carrying 9 and increasing WR/LB/DB/DL by a a digit compared to last year as those are more rotational positions and we seem pretty deep at all of them. As far as TE goes, I think Reich really likes to run 2 TE's in his offense. Doyle missed 10+ games last year and our back-up TE's after him were Mo Alie-Cox who is very raw (though played fairly well considering he played basketball in college), Eric Swoope (who was an OK WR, but couldn't block) and some other no-names. When Doyle was healthy, we seemed to run a lot more 2 TE sets... I think Reich was adapting to his personnel when Doyle was out (do we go with TY, Inman, Grant on the field along with 1 TE or do we go with TY/Inman on the field with Ebron and Ross Travis?? kind of a rock and a hard place there... if Doyle comes back healthy, I expect we'll be much more balanced next year unless of course Funchess/Campbell/Cain are all playing like rock-stars).
  11. If you listen to Ballard in the post-draft press conference he said the following (maybe not in this order or exact quotes, but close enough): (1) He expects Grover Stewart to make a big leap this year, (2) He thinks Hunt and Autry are very good in this defense, (3) Expect Tyquan Lewis to play on the inside more (I think he/Autry/maybe Ward will be counted on as our interior pass-rush, (4) Jihad Ward was playing very good ball until he got hurt...... He genuinely seemed to think we were good on the DL (but then of course, I'm sure he's not going to get up there and say "Grover Stewart's a bust who won't develop, etc."). I think Jegs Jegeles is more of a project/practice squad type guy at this point, but he has almost the same build as Autry (6'5" 273 for JJ vs. 6'5"270 for Autry). I would agree, except there will be unexpected cuts from other teams and more likely than not some unexpected injuries as we go through training camp.... I doubt we'll see any big name splashes unless there's an unexpected cut or unexpected injury. Same as I said to Chloe... I don't think we're going to do anything 'big,' but Ballard's a mover and a shaker and I'm sure when other teams cut guys he coveted or we have injuries we'll be making some more moves. I think Ballard/Reich/'Flus are expecting Grover Stewart to take the spot Al Woods had been playing. As much as I like Al Woods, if we're going to sign someone at/over 30 to play DT, I think it's gonna be on a 1-2 year deal and there are several guys available who are better than Woods -- and we have plenty of money to spend on a short-term deal (guys at 29 or above who I think are better than Woods include Suh, Wilkerson, and Logan --- Shelton's only 25, so I could see a longer deal for him if Ballard were to pull the trigger, though from watching the post-draft presser I was very convinced that Ballard is OK with our DL as is right now). The guy that stuck out to me on the list was also Berry. I think he's probably past his prime with the injuries he is coming off, but it was just 2-3 years ago he was a first-team All-Pro. Ballard also seems to have an affinity for players he has dealt with in the past and Ballard was an executive in KC during Berry's prime years. We've got so much depth in the d-backfield right now, but if anyone goes down, I could see Berry becoming a similar signing to Mike Mitchell (maybe more likely, since Ballard has known him for at least 5-6 years).
  12. Garcon played at Mount Union which is basically like a D1 Football Program playing D3 (pretty sure their coach is the winning college football coach in history). Malone University is D-2, which I generally think of as weaker than D3 in terms of football. I just read Malone U. has axed their football program after last year. Glad we found this guy before that happened (not that I expect him to be more than practice squad material).... he definitely got the size and speed with potential to develop... even though he's not playing top competition, it also seemed like he's got good balance, runs pretty good routes and isn't afraid to go up and get the ball. Honestly, if the coaches can develop his natural athletic set and turn him into a football player he probably has a higher ceiling than Rogers and a couple other WRs on our current squad... hopefully he can translate into a Sunday player, that'd be cool story.
  13. The additions to our OL definitely help neutralize Watt and Clowney, but if those guys are both healthy, they are scary no matter what. I am excited that it seems like we may finally have a few good WRs to compliment TY for the first time since Reggie blew his knee out. It should make our offense much less 1-dimensional (it was obvious in the playoffs after TY's first quarter or half when his ankle started locking up that Luck didn't really have the weapons he needed to exploit the Texans D in the second half or the Chiefs D in the 2nd game). The Jags have a very good D, but their secondary is what concerns me a little more so than the Texans D.
  14. Ballard seemed to say that a lot over the past 2-3 months.... part of the reason why Q. Wilson is so valuable is because he can play outside, play nickel/dime, and if needed he could make the transition to safety. Sounds like he thinks the same about Tell... he said he wants to start him at CB, but he's got value because he's got the size/athleticism/experience to move away from just and outside CB. We also have guys like Geathers who is by trade a SS, but I think we will see him being moved into kind of a hybrid LB/dime CB on 3rd down packages. I think a lot of the players we took this year, especially the LBers, are really just very good athletes with a lot of range. I don't know that we'll always have a true WILL/MIKE/SAM all year as Leonard, Speed, Okerere and potentially some guys from last year (e.g., Skai Moore if healthy) can play as hybrid-types in certain packages. I agree completely here. This is the strongest overall competition I can remember in the past 25 years across the board. Our defense seems to really be getting full of athletes with a lot of range and ability to interchange at positions. I'm just hoping for a healthy camp and season. As Ballard said, "You know you're doing things right when you have to wind up cutting players who sign and play with other teams." I think that'll be the case at WR, DB, LB, potentially OL and DL -- which, at the end of the day, is a good thing.
  15. It's well documented that Ballard likes to bring in good athletes (in the secondary, he also likes them to be big) and allow coaches to work with them to develop and reach their ceiling. It's my opinion that Kenny Moore has a lower ceiling than Ya-Sin, Desir, Wilson, Hairston (if healthy) and Tell. I hope he comes out and maintains last year's productivity.... however, if these other guys reach their ceiling or come close to it, I see Moore as being a player who gets his playing time reduced. These guys may not reach their ceiling, but I'm not confusing anything as you're suggesting... simply stating that out of all the CBs we have on this team, Moore is the least prototypical for the style of D we like to play. Based on size and athleticism alone, I don't think there is a complicated argument to suggest we have multiple CBs with more potential than Moore. That isn't to say Moore isn't a solid player or that I want to see him fail. It'll be a good problem to have if all the other guys reach their ceiling and we have to make a tough decision about who gets the most playing time and who we may have to get rid of.
  16. Yes, they bring 2 very different skillsets to our offense. Doyle is sure handed for short yard catches and he is a very good blocker. Personally, I agree with you -- we have so much cap space and it's not likely Doyle will be demanding a huge amount for renewed contract given he'll be on the wrong side of 30 at that time and we don't know how he'll bounce back from injury. I also think it's easier to find a physical guy who can block and pick up short yardage gains than a guy like Ebron who is practically a WR on the field at the TE position. In reading about Hentges (UDFA from Alabama) they say he's one of the best/most aware/physical blockers in the draft, with good hands for short range catches (though rarely used as a receiving TE in college). He's tough and more of a hard-worker than a great athlete... that reminds me almost exactly of Doyle when we first got him, and he developed into a better receiver after several years in the league.
  17. I don't think he was our 2nd best player on defense... I would put at least Leonard and Hooker ahead of him. Sure he played well, but I think you could argue that Desir played better at CB and was usually lined up against a better WR from the opposition (e.g., there's a reason why Desir was lined up against DeAndre Hopkins and not Moore when we played the Texans). As I've said in previous posts -- Moore started off shaky in year 1 and really improved last year. That said, he's our smallest CB by far and it's pretty well known that Ballard and our coaches like bigger/longer guys. I am rooting for Moore, I just see several of the other young guys we have on our team 'fitting the mold' of this D better. It may take a year or 2 for a couple new guys (Ya-Sin, Tell) to adjust to the NFL, but I also think it's clear that Ballard is looking to get bigger and more athletic in the secondary -- he just drafted 2 guys that are bigger and more athletic than Moore -- plus, I think we'll see Wilson continue to improve and Desir was just signed to a nice contract renewal. Out of all those guys, Moore has the lowest ceiling (at least IMO) and is the least prototypical player for the scheme Ballard and Co seem to be trying to implement.
  18. Like @Chloe6124 said, Ebron has become a leader of this locker room for sure... as team captain last year, I'm sure Doyle has fine leadership qualities as well. IMO, there are 2 main things separating Doyle and Ebron: 1) Doyle's 3 years older and coming off a serious injury, (2) Ebron is just a better athlete (IMO) than Doyle -- I really won't be surprised if a guy like Hentges can come in as an UDFA and perform at a similar level as Doyle within a year or 2. You're right Doyle catches most things thrown his way even if it's not flashy or leading to score..... but Ebron doesn't have terrible drops (he had 9 drops or 0.6/game, which is not great but TY had 6 drops which is 0.4/game -- nobody every complains about TY's drop rate). I also think Ebron and Luck are getting more comfortable and Ebron's hands will continue improving as he gains more confidence in himself and this offense. It's all speculation at this point, but if I were the GM and going to replace one of Doyle/Ebron I would definitely keep Ebron due to age and the fact that he's just a better athlete (therefore, harder to replace). There's probably a reason why Ebron was a top 10 selection in the draft while Doyle was a UDFA.
  19. Yea, you can't blame him... but Ballard can be pretty stingy when it comes to signing players (i.e., he will not overpay). If you look at Inman's career he hasn't really been all that productive (at least not consistently productive) throughout his time in the NFL. I like the guy, and he played very well for us last year considering he was signed mid-season and outside of an injured TY, we had very little depth at WR. I just imagine he's asking for more than what Ballard is willing to give or else he would've signed months ago.... now, he may get a pay raise, but doubtful he'll play in a system with a QB as good as Luck or with coaches who are very familiar with him.
  20. I am kind of interested in Shakial Taylor. He's got decent size (6'0" 181 lbs.) for a corner. Hard to find much written up about him and I cannot find a lot of film on him, but from what I can see, he's got some raw talent. I find it kind of odd that he started out at S. Dakota State, then moved as a sophomore to Mesa CC and then Junior/Senior year he was at Kansas. Kansas isn't really a good football school, but he started 9 games before getting hurt as a junior and all his games as a senior. If Kansas is known for anything football wise, it's probably they produce good DBs every so often (Aquib Talib and Darrell Stuckey both made it to pro-bowls after their careers as Jayhawks).
  21. I like Doyle a lot, but think he's mostly over-achieved in his career. And, he's coming off a major injury and is 3 years older than Ebron. Ebron (IMO) is a much more dangerous receiving threat than Doyle. I see the Hentges UDFA from Alabama much more like Doyle than Ebron -- a very good blocker who is OK as a WR but really not a major threat. If I had to guess, we'd be parting ways with Doyle before Ebron. Ebron has definitely developed into a leader and a big part of this locker room culture Ballard and Reich always talk about.... that said, Doyle was a captain last year, too, so even though he's more 'under the radar' than Ebron, he must be playing a major role in the locker room. That said, with Doyle coming off injury, being 3 years older than Ebron, and having less potential as a real game breaker than Ebron, I see him as a more expendable player than Ebron, at least at this point in time. As was previously posted by @Chloe6124, Leonard is really more than just a good LBer. He, as a rookie, was the leader of this defense. He has been a great person in Indy and a great locker room guy for the Colts. I agree with you to some extent, that our defensive scheme may make LBers somewhat expendable (sort of how Dungy's scheme made guys like Mike Peterson/Cato June/etc. expendable). However, if our D performs very well again this year, there is a good chance Eberflus is going to be getting a lot of head coaching offers.... having a leader like Leonard may be invaluable for a while.... unless he gets hurt or really digresses, I imagine he's a guy Ballard wants as a Colt for life.
  22. Funchess doesn't have elite speed, but I do think he's got the size and the capability of being very dangerous in this offense (both outside and in the slot/RZ). The fact that we've got burners in TY/Campbell should allow the coaches to be even more crafty with their use of Funchess.
  23. Yes, I think Reich can be very creative in play calling, given the right tools..... You can already tell how excited he is to have Funchess and Campbell for Luck to work with. If Cain comes back to form, we should have 4 WR's who could be WR2 or better on this team, compared to last year when we had TY at 3/4 speed and a bunch of guys who likely wouldn't be a top 3-4 WR on most other teams.
  24. One other area where I thought Reich and Sirianni really excelled last year was keeping Luck healthy. I forgot until just watching an interview with Luck and Jeff Saturday that Luck was the least sacked QB in the NFL last year..... that was with a rotating OL at many portions of the season due to injuries. Grigson/Pagano/etc. almost got Luck killed in the first 5 years of his career. I really, really like that Ballard/Reich/etc. came in and really emphasized keeping Andrew upright and getting the ball out of his hand quick.... with another year behind our OL, I expect we'll only improve from here.
  25. I don't think this link has been posted yet... but this is a very good interview: I really like around 8:20 mark when Luck talks about being more comfortable in this offense going into year 2 with Reich and Sirriani. "Certainly more comfortable, but a lot of work to do... I remember thinking at the beginning of the off-season talking to Sirianni and he's like "You know we really only worked together for about 5 months." And yea, we hit a little bit of a stride last year, but that was last year........ certainly, I think we're starting at a different level this year." I also like seeing these guys interacting... you can tell they have some strong chemistry on this team.
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