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  1. Campbell, IMO, has a lot more upside/potential than McLaurin. We drafted him knowing he was raw, knowing we'd have to work with him on route running, etc... but he has shown when he's got the ball in his hands he can be very explosive. Let's re-evaluate this is their 3rd years.
  2. I actually think the Raiders are a pretty good team. Carr is a very good QB. They have a very big and talented OL. They play a physical style of football and they are well coached. I think we can beat the Raiders if we had to meet them again... but they beat us in that game (albeit, we didn't show up)... I am more disappointed with our loss to LAC with Vinny's missed kicks that could've given us the win in regulation. As Justin Houston told the team last night, we're 3-2 and our 2 losses are because we beat ourselves....
  3. That was 4th and 2 and we needed to move the chains there to keep the ball from Mahommes... not only did Braden have a great block, but Mack did a great job showing patience and running behind Smith. That was Leveon Bell-esque. AC also said he changed his workouts this off-season... one of the strength coaches found he had some muscle imbalances in his hip area which were causing knee problems -- he said he felt the best he has felt coming into this season compared to other seasons in the NFL: https://www.colts.com/news/simple-change-in-workout-regimen-has-rejuvenated-anthony-castonzo
  4. I am out of likes... and yes, I realize we ran the ball last night which is why I pointed out that our run blocking and RBs were a huge strength last night. So far this season we've seen a very balanced offense (not always within every game, but across games). A couple weeks ago Brissett started the game 16-16 and wound up with 310+ passing yards and several TDs. Last night he threw for less than half that, but we killed KC with the run. I'm hoping Funchess and Campbell returning will allow us to add a few new wrinkles into our O... if so, we'll be a very hard team to gameplan against. Reich is also the best Colts coach I can remember in regard to making in game adjustments with the offense. Like Brissett said in the locker room after the game, hopefully that game was a spring board to going on a run and doing special things this year.
  5. Yes, I think our run blocking has been superb and our pass blocking has been very good. However, if there is room for improvement on our OL (perhaps with our RBs) it would be keeping Jacoby clean when blitzers come in... I think we'll be just fine and I think/hope we'll see Jacoby get the ball out a little quicker more consistently as the season goes on, but if there's anything to knock the pass protection on it would be there were a few plays where they sent a blitzer who got through pretty easily.
  6. The nice thing is, we're still 3-2 going into a buy week and we should have Hooker and Leonard back off the bye (Hooker may take another week or two, but I think his goal was to return to practice immediately after the bye). Desir's been back, but IMO he has looked pretty slow the past 2 weeks, hopefully that changes after the bye. I don't know if you saw the post game celebration video (I cannot find it on Colts.com but it was on their FaceBook page: anyway, Houston basically says in our 2 losses we beat ourselves, and it's up to the team to stop beating themselves because nobody can beat them if they make other teams beat us instead of us beating ourselves... I agree with him, we could easily be 5-0 right now.. even though we're injured and not playing our best ball yet, we're still 3-2 (compared to 1-4 at this point last year) and we should only get better. I think he was talking about Green (promoting from the PS to the active)... I found it kinda weird that we didn't keep Phillips on the PS, and sort of think it'd be odd if we brought him to the active roster while keeping a guy like Green on the PS. However, in terms of short-term pass rush needs, I would think Phillips is the better answer than Green. Lewis needs to get healthy, it seems like that is/has been his major issue.
  7. Yes, we can use all the help we can get against other AFC South teams... I have a feeling it's going to be a tight race to get the AFC South crown and it looks as though we have the easiest remaining schedule in terms of non-divisional games. I think KC gets a few players (e.g., Hill) back next week and Reid is too good of a coach to get beaten like that again. I was the same way -- I didn't think there was 'clear, indisputable evidence' to overturn that call.... but whatever, we won the game. At least they had a 4th and 17 after that and had to punt, it would have been much more frustrating if they converted a first down the next play or something.
  8. Sheard can get to the QB, he had 3 seasons with 7+ sacks before coming to Indy and had 5.5 sacks each of his first two years here.... I think he's best suited as a rush defending DE, but it's not like he cannot get to the QB. Wouldn't be surprised if they made this move, though I'd think they would've moved him to the Practice Squad (I think he's still eligible) if they really liked him... he did graduate from Illinois and played under coaching from our DL Coach Mike Phair... so I kinda thought when we initially brought him to Indy that had something to do with it... who knows, but hopefully we find some solution to replace Turay. He's on our PS.
  9. That's what I figured, but never sure on this board.
  10. Yes, hopefully Ben B. makes significant progress over the bye week, as his number is going to have to get called if we don't bring in a FA (I'm not really sure there are any FA's who are worth bringing in along the DL). Time for Lewis to get healthy, and I imagine we'll see him rotate through almost all the positions in the DL depending on the situation. The look on Mathis' face on the sideline after that injury really seemed like he was devastated for Turay. Turay put in so much work this off-season to become Mathis' protege and his improvement from last year was very evident. Best of luck to him in his recovery... and yes, I think this loss may wind up being bigger than playing without Hooker/Leonard/etc.. as Turay and Houston seemed to finally be finding chemistry. I think Sheard's best on the outside... he's not a great pass rusher, but he's adequate, and he is a terrific run defender along the outside... Agreed whole-heartedly on Sheard. I wouldn't be shocked to see Green get brought up, but won't expect much from him... just re-read his scouting report and his major knock was he really lacks playing strength... "Green's tape was much better in 2017 than in 2018 when he was allowed to play as an edge linebacker rather than a defensive end. He is missing the necessary play strength to set strong edges and rush acumen to threaten as an NFL pass rusher at this time. With his length and athletic ability, he could be a practice squad candidate as teams look to increase his strength and school him up as a rusher for a future push for a roster spot." https://www.nfl.com/prospects/gerri-green?id=32194752-4523-7309-50f4-38e38928d30b Of course, I don't know how well Green's strength is progressing, but sounds like it may take a full year or 2 in an NFL strength program to really get to this level.
  11. KC was one of 3 unbeaten teams in the NFL going into yesterday's game. I hope you're being sarcastic. I'd be pretty shocked if KC doesn't win the AFC West and come out in the top 3 overall in the AFC (if I had to bet, I'd say they'd wind up the 2 seed behind NE). Agreed... he (IMO) is our best overall DL and he's very good against the run. How upsetting to see Turay go down? That was by far the best our front 4 has played all year and I was really hoping to see Turay continue development throughout this season... oh, well.
  12. So far this year, they've scored 40, 28, 33, and 34 points prior to only putting 13 on us. Hunt's on NFL suspension and joins the Browns when he returns.. no need to worry about him being in KC this year. You're right, with Hill and Watkins in the game, they've got a more explosive offense... but still, we held a very good offense with an MVP-caliber QB in check. Mahommes is light years better than Johnny Manziel. He can make every throw on the field, he can pass in the pocket and he can extend plays if he has to... Manziel at a different level could extend plays, but has nowhere near the arm Mahommes has. Even without Hill and Watkins, they still have good WRs in Pringle, Hardman, and Robinson plus they have an elite TE in Kelce... Our team put on a very good performance. If we have to face them again in the playoffs and they've got Hill/Watkins in the line-up, I'm sure we'll have to make adjustments, but we had a very sound strategy going into this game and for the most part we executed on all 3 fronts.
  13. As @Stephen said, Funchess will be back. I think expectations are sometime between weeks 8-11... so we should have him at least the last 1/4 of the season.
  14. I don't recall any PI calls against Wilson last night (I know Kelce got called for offensive PI when he pushed off of Wilson at one point). I thought the PI calls on Odum and Ya-Sin were very questionable, and recall penalties for D holding on Desir and Ya-Sin, but do not recall any flags on Quincy. TBH, I thought Desir looked like the weak link on our D last night -- I'm hoping that is a sign of him being slowed a bit by his hamstring injury and he will improve after the bye. He got very lucky at least once where he got beat and Mahommes overthrew the ball. After a very solid year last year, Desir has looked a step slow a few times this year -- but overall our D played very well. I would like to think the ability of our front 4 to put pressure on Mahommes consistently all night helped out the secondary and hope we can keep that up. Yes, I think Geathers will still play significantly as a hybrid type in certain packages, but I'm hoping we see Hooker and Willis as the deep safeties when Hooker returns... won't be shocked if Odum also takes some time away from Geathers as the season goes on. He's our captain and all, but he's on a 'prove it' deal and so far (even when healthy) he doesn't seem to really be 'proving' that he should be our long-term solution as a starting safety. I don't see anything on Turay other than a few articles from last night 'Turay carted off w/ gruesome leg injury.' The way his ankle was completely sideways and essentially limp leads me to believe he broke something... I hope it's not too bad. I was really rooting for the kid, he put in a lot of work this off-season and you could tell he really made some solid improvements from last year. I'm expecting he's gone for the year based on what I saw, but I imagine Reich/Ballard will discuss in today's presser what they've learned from doctors. His loss may be significant, as he was really starting to get consistent pressure on the opposing QB and I thought he and Houston were shaping up to form a nice pass-rushing duo... not sure we have anyone on the current roster who can fill his role.
  15. Yea, that TD was kinda ridiculous, I thought. I get we were in a zone, but when the play breaks down like that we've gotta adapt and figure out where open WRs are.... I think Odum is very athletic and is a very serviceable S (for now, I think he showed improvement over the course of last year and has a lot of potential). My major concern about him is he seems to still be more of an 'athlete' than a 'football player' at this point, meaning I think he's got some more learning the game to get into the right positions and reduce simple mistakes and not totally rely on being an athlete (at times, he reminds me a little of Laron Landry and seems to be able to use his 4.4 speed to recover.... it is nice to have a 4.4 guy in the secondary, though). He seems to be a very good tackler and he came up very big stopping that 3rd and 28 conversion towards the end of the game. He also forced a fumble, which was nice.... Overall, I think the kid is a good player, but still has a little bit of work to do on fundamentals. I'd prefer to see Willis and Hooker as our S duo after the bye (or shortly after, depending on when Hooker returns)... but it's nice to know Odum can fill in if need be. He seems like he'd be very good in the role I think the Colts have tried with Geathers (i.e., kind of a hybrid LB/S with high use closer to the box or in the box on nickel/dime packages). Here's a pretty crazy story, which I'm glad Odum was able to overcome: https://www.memphisflyer.com/memphis/memphis-preps-a-death-remembered/Content?oid=3759343
  16. He'll likely surpass Peyton next weekend (only way he doesn't is if he gets injured on the first drive, as he's only 17 yards shy of Peyton now w/ 71,923 compared to 71,940). Brees has 74,845 yards (so Brady right now is <3,000 yards from him). Brees' injury doesn't help him in this regard as Brady will likely make up about 600 yards (he's got 2 weeks/games until Brees returns and he tends to throw for about 300 yards per game) of that gap prior to Brees' return. Assuming he has 600 yards in the next two weeks, that'd put him 2,322 yards short of Brees. Brees is 40, Brady's 42. Both are still playing at very high levels and there is no telling when either will retire. If I had to guess, Brady may stay in the league an additional year than Brees (in part, I think Brady wants to break every record and would stick around just to do so and in part because Brady seems healthier than ever while Brees is coming off a fairly significant injury, while Brady seems like he's reverse-aging). Assuming they both continue putting up numbers similar to what they have been when Brees returns, the only way Brady doesn't catch Brees is if he retires before Brees or if they retire at the same time. If Brady plays 1 year more than Brees, he'd have to only throw for ~2,300 yards which would be something Brady could hit the middle of the season.
  17. My 'favorite' of last week was "Fire Eberflus!" -- People forgot real quick that he was a pretty hot HC candidate after his performance as DC in his first year here... today, his game planning showed why.
  18. I think the Pats showed in the playoffs last year that the effective way to slow Mahommes is to get to him mainly with your front 4 and avoid sending blitzers (i.e., keep everyone covered but still make him get the ball out quick). The Lions had some success with that last week (surprise, surprise, the Lions HC is a former DC under Belichek). Not sure where our pass rush has been the few weeks before this game, but our front 4 was consistently pressuring Mahommes all night and we ran very few blitzes (the one with Moore II was perfectly timed and Moore II made a great move to get by the T). I give major props to our D, especially considering we were without 3 starters and a key DL contributor. That said, if we see them again in the playoffs it will be interesting to see how we game plan assuming Watkins and Hill are in the line-up. I think the game plan has to be similar, it'll just be interesting to see if our DBs will be able to be as effective against them -- the nice thing is, 9 of our 11 DBs have 3 years or less experience in the NFL (everyone but Geathers and Desir) and 6 of the 11 are rookies or in their 2nd season... they all seem to be improving week to week, so hopefully we'll continue to build and get better as time goes on.
  19. He's been in the NFL longer than Ya-Sin, Willis, Milligan, Odum, Shakial Taylor, and Tell III on defense. He's been in the league the same amount of time as Hooker and Moore II and less than Desir and Geathers. With their contract extensions, Desir and Moore II ought to be the leaders of the CB group... and as team Captain, Geathers should be the leader of the S group. I agree, it's time we need to start seeing more consistency from Wilson.... but he did come out of college early and age-wise only Shakial is younger than him. It was clear he struggled with maturity as a rookie... last year, he really stepped up (reportedly because of aide from Mike Mitchell) and this year he seems to have some lapses in concentration or something, but overall I don't think he's been downright awful. Tonight he was very good, other games he's had his good plays, his bad plays and some plays (PI calls) which were questionable.... Hopefully a game like tonight is what he needed to get confidence up and hopefully he can continue improving after the bye. At worst, he's a serviceable DB with versatility to play outside, inside, at S, etc... at best, he has games like tonight (potentially better)... I just hope we see him having games like tonight more consistently.... and it should be pointed out that we had 4 sacks TN and had Mahommes making rushed throws all night, we haven't seen that type of pressure the past few weeks.. a solid pass rush from the front 4 does wonders to help the guys in coverage.
  20. Thanks.... our D was missing our 2 best players (Leonard and Hooker) along with another starter (Geathers) and a key rotational player (T. Lewis). They were without 2 WRs (Hill and Watkins are both very good, but I'd say Kelce and Mahommes are the 2 best players on that offense). Their O was no more injured than our D (Mahommes did slow down a little bit after his ankle got stepped on late in the 3rd, but he was still in the game -- our first team all-pro LB wasn't even on the field).
  21. Very good team win, yes. Best team win we've had in a while, the only real negatives I took from this game were: (1) Turay's injury, and (2) It would've been nice to get another couple of TDs rather than settle for FGs. Otherwise, there are some minor adjustments to make, etc... but we executed a very well thought out game plan very well. I think 'Flus silenced some doubters with his win. We had 3 starters out on D, I think they had 2 out on O... sure, it could've been a different game w/ Tyreek and Sammy Watson in the game, but it could've also been a different game (in our favor) if we had Hooker and Leonard in the game. KC doesn't have a very good run D, and mainly they don't need to because Mahommes and their O put up so many points which forces other teams to pass. That said, credit our OL and our RBs should be given as much as discrediting KC's DL. Q was dominating guys, Mack and Wilkins showed nice patience and trust in their OL (that 4th and 2 run where Mack followed Smith on the outside was a thing of beauty and something which I haven't been used to as a Colts fan since the Edgerrin days). The only real blunder I saw from our OL in the run game was the pitch to Wilkins late in the game when Costanzo didn't get outside fast enough to put a body on the Honey Badger (in reality, Honey Badger just made a very very good play). Yes, Ebron was going to the ground, and he had a guy behind him who would have landed on his back, but the ball hit him square in the numbers and the defender didn't deflect it or have a hand or anything else obstructing Ebron's vision.. it was a bad drop. Yes, I agree keeping moving to prevent stiffness and booze are probably the most two effective ways to help an ankle injury. After the second time Mahommes had his ankle tweaked, we kept him sitting on the bench for ~15 minutes and he did not look very mobile after his return to the field.. even though it went only 34 yards, that 8 minute 34 second drive was a thing of beauty at that point in the game. The ball he threw to Cain wasn't a perfect ball, but it was a good throw. Cain, if he hadn't gotten tripped, would've had a very good chance at coming down with that and it's the first time this year where Brissett showed he's got the arm strength to really take some deep shots.
  22. There was a lot of press last year when we signed Mike Mitchell that Mitchell kind of took Wilson under his wing and showed him how to watch film and prepare/practice like a professional. I'm not sure if Wilson is slipping up this year without Mitchell or what is going on... to be honest, I don't think he's been having a terrible year (sure, he's got a few PI calls on him, some of which were questionable -- and I don't think he's been spectacular outside of tonight, but I don't think he's be awful either -- mostly, he's just had some lapses in consistency).
  23. That was a ball which should have been easily caught. Brissett's game, as I said was 'all right' (a synonym of OK). That said, he played the game he was asked to play tonight... the only time we went deep we drew a critical PI call (the deep ball to Cain, which was a well thrown ball). Both Mack and Wilkins were averaging over 4 yards per carry. The short passing game was effective at moving the chains. I'm quite sure a major part of today's game plan was 'keep the ball out of Mahommes' hands.' We almost doubled them in time of possession, which was done by running the ball and moving the chains with a short passing game. Mahommes tweaked his ankle twice tonight. The second time he did it, we got the ball back and had a 14 play drive (for 35 yards and ended in a FG) which took 8 min 34 seconds off the clock (this is incredible for a 35 yard drive), plus we had a commercial break for the end of Q3 and the challenge of TY's interference call.... not saying it was exactly the game plan, but aside from killing that much time off the game clock, Mahommes was on the bench with a bum ankle for >15 minutes. Not sure if you've ever had a bum ankle, but keeping it still for that long and then having to try to loosen it up is awful and Mahommes certainly looked a little slower when he came back onto the field. Yes, there were a few plays where Brissett missed reads deep, but overall he protected the ball when he needed to, and our team succeeded at playing 'keep away from Mahommes.' QBR wise, this was Brissett's worst game of the year, but we still walked away with a W in a game which very few expected us to win (I think Vegas had us as 11 point underdogs and you can see the consensus on this message board prior to the game). Brissett wasn't asked to make any huge plays in this game, he was asked to essentially be a game manager, and he succeeded at that... I'm sure there will be games later in the year when he's asked to do more, but for tonight, he did enough to get the W and that's really what matters.
  24. Wilson's biggest issue to date is his consistency. Tonight he demonstrated he has all the physical tools to be a very good defensive back and his mental game supported those tools. There were several games last year where he looked outstanding as well. However, he seems to have some sort of mental lapses which cause him to have other games or moments within games where he looks lost. I think he's still the youngest player on this team. Hopefully a game like today boosts his confidence and his consistency improves. He certainly has potential to be a very good player in this league if he can keep everything together.
  25. Brissett has his issues, but he also played an all right game. He protected the ball well in the 2nd half and didn't take any unnecessary risks. The run game obviously carried us today, but Brissett protected the ball and made very few poor decisions. I don't think our WRs had a great game, either with drops (Ebron had a very catchable ball hit him right in the chest on a 3rd and long that would've put us at 4th and inches) or inability to get open. The woman beater was caught on camera and was suspended by the NFL. The police concluded they had insufficient to prove Hill caused injuries to his kid (https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/chiefs/2019/07/19/chiefs-tyreek-hill-nfl-no-suspension-investigation-child-abuse-allegations/1776290001/) -- there is something in the US Constitution which says citizens are 'innocent until proven guilty.' There was not enough evidence to conclude Hill was actually guilty of child abuse and the child's mom refused to interview with NFL League Officials after Hill spent over 8 hours cooperating with them.
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