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  1. 28 minutes ago, EastStreet said:

    QB is only a one year gig, so to me, it's not removed from consideration. You're forgetting CB which is now arguably the biggest hole on the team. 


    WR - our existing group is arguably better than 2018 if healthy. Definitely need an X opposite TY or whoever is playing Z.


    TE - I'd love Kmet, but I could also see them rolling with MAC and Doyle. Rivers barely used TE last year. We could see Rivers favor a guy like Hines similar to what he did with Ekeler.


    Yes, I don't think QB is no longer a concern/consideration... but if he stays healthy, Rivers is our fix for this year.


    I am more optimistic that we'll see improvements from Ya-Sin and Tell, and that we'll still get solid play from Moore II.  I also don't think Ballard/Reich have given up on Q. Wilson quite yet.  Sounded last year like Reich thought his problems were more lack of confidence than lack of talent.  We surely need depth at CB, but in terms of starting talent (assuming good health), I like our CB position over the WR position.  Though, with improved QB play, maybe Reich is confident he can scheme some of our guys open and this group can perform similar to 2018.

  2. 52 minutes ago, cjrichard said:

    Trade up to around the 20th pick and select J. Jefferson.  My favorite WR in the draft.




    This is from Irsay on the front page:


     "I know Colts fans are excited, I know everyone questions, 'Should we have traded the 13th pick? Is Philip Rivers, is that really the guy?' You don't know. I mean, you don't know what's gonna happen. … (But) we're just so much better now, Colts fans. … I told Chris Ballard, I said, 'Look, the best thing we do is you draft great young players, and Frank Reich the coach loves to coach young players, and he's not afraid of that.' So some of this, on the Buckner thing you could say it's a little contrarian to our principles — it is, but (it's) not … It's just the bottom line is that when you look at it, it's just something that we're so much better and we still have seven picks, including 34 and 44, and so there's other trades that Chris and I and Coach (Reich) have locked down under the hood over, and sometimes I have to say if it gets super radical — 'cause we had a super radical thing going down — and Chris and I and Frank really huddled hard, and we always come out 3-0. We do. We support each other, and I support them. But sometimes — sometimes, as Bill Tobin once said — owners own."


    I don't know what the bolded actually means, but I take it as there's a good shot we'll see other trades this offseason or on draft day.  I don't know if it would mean we'd give up those picks to move higher, or we'd dump them to gather more picks later in the draft.


    25 minutes ago, EastStreet said:

    They aren't giving up on TY or Campbell yet. 


    Doyle was a PB guy only a few years ago. Not scary with JB I agree, but much more productive with Rivers. And I'm not saying they shouldn't draft a TE.


    Like I said, add an X (like Claypool or Pittman) on the other side to go with TY.


    Doyle also made the probowl last year (though I'm not sure he deserved to).  That said, when Reich talks about Rivers, he talks about a QB who can get the ball down the field.  Doyle is a short yardage/possession type of TE who is a very solid blocker.  He's not a guy who is really known to stretch the field.  I will be very shocked if they don't get a TE who is more of a receiving threat and who can spread the field to compliment Doyle before next season starts.


    3 minutes ago, EastStreet said:

    QB is only a one year gig, so to me, it's not removed from consideration. You're forgetting CB which is now arguably the biggest hole on the team. 


    WR - our existing group is arguably better than 2018 if healthy. Definitely need an X opposite TY or whoever is playing Z.


    TE - I'd love Kmet, but I could also see them rolling with MAC and Doyle. Rivers barely used TE last year. We could see Rivers favor a guy like Hines similar to what he did with Ekeler.


    I think we'll certainly see Hines' role in the offense increase as he continues to develop.  That said, just because Rivers didn't use a TE that often last year, doesn't mean Reich won't.  


    The year he was OC in San Diego, Antonio Gates had 69 receptions and 12 TDs.  That same season (2014-15) Ladarius Green was used very heavily as a blocking TE.


    In 2016-17, when Reich was with the Eagles, he had Zach Ertz and Brent Celek.  Ertz had 78 receptions.  Celek played in every game and had 14 receptions, being primarily used as a blocking TE.


    In 2017-18, again with the Eagles, Ertz had 74 receptions.  Celek had 13 receptions and again was primarily used as a blocker.


    In 2018-19, Ebron had 66 receptions.  With Doyle hurt, Hewitt and MAC were primarily used to help block with minimal impact on the passing game.


    In 2019-20,  Ebron (and the Colts passing game) had a down year with 31 receptions (while missing quite a bit of time), while Doyle had 43 receptions and also spent a lot of time blocking (Ebron had slightly more receptions than Doyle when he got hurt).


    Anyway, just because Rivers didn't use a TE very often last year, doesn't mean that TE is not a vital part of a Reich-lead offense.  Every time he's been an OC or a head coach, the TE position has played a major role in the offense, typically with one guy being a dominant receiver and another being more of a blocker.  I doubt that he's going to change his philosophy.  Granted, Reich's gotten lucky with some very good receiving/athletic TEs (Gates, Ertz and Ebron his first year).  I like Doyle, he's been a great Colt... but he doesn't fit that athletic/spread the offense type of TE which Reich has had everywhere else he's been and up until Ebron got hurt last year.


  3. 2 minutes ago, Dogg63 said:

    This is correct, and the Colts posted that he was reinstated to our roster by the NFL on Jan 29th, 2020. Apparently he wanted to pursue modelling. Perhaps he's ready to play again. He was a 5th round pick in the 2017 draft.


    He did run a 4.4 forty coming out of college.  His mother was killed in a car accident when he was a freshman at Toledo and he became the legal guardian of his younger brother.  He was granted a waiver so he didn't have to lose eligibility to finish college career at U. South Florida.  He had 67 receptions for 822 yards as a senior which is fairly productive.  He's also got good size at 6'1" 190 lbs.  Who knows... he didn't really do anything as a rookie in Minnesota, but Ballard and Co. must like something about him.. they signed him briefly in 2018 and then reinstated him in 2020.

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  4. 7 minutes ago, Dogg63 said:

    WRs currently on the Colts' roster:


    TY Hilton

    Parris Campbell

    Zach Pascal

    Ashton Dulin

    Daurice Fountain

    Steve Ishmael

    Chad Williams

    Malik Henry


    Rodney Adams

    Artavis Scott

    (Adams and Scott were signed at the end of the season to future/reserve contracts)


    A guy I liked last year was Dulin.  He was a project signing from a small school, but he contributed well on STs and I'd not be shocked if he turns into a decent WR.

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  5. 5 minutes ago, bravo4460 said:

    WR is a BIG NEED.


    Correct me if I’m wrong. Signed now.


    1.) Hilton

    2.) Pascal

    3.) Campbell

    4.) Inman

    5.) Fountain


    Hilton is a stud WHEN healthy.

    Pascal can be solid on occasion

    Inman is reliable

    Campbell and Fountain are complete unknowns..


    Probably bottom 10 WR group in the league....


    I fear TY's going to struggle to have a fully healthy year again in the NFL.  He's had 2 years now where nagging calf injuries have hampered him.  Due, at least in part, to his size, he has to rely very heavily on his speed and quickness and it's very noticeable that his play declines when he's just a smidgen slower than normal.  


    I really hope we address WR.  Factor in that after Doyle, who is really more of a blocker and short yardage receiving TE, we don't have a proven TE who is a receiving threat and our passing game could struggle even with improved QB play.  Thankfully, the draft is loaded at WR and has several very solid TEs who should be available to us in rounds 2-4.  It'd be nice if we did address at least one of those positions in FA though, even if pickings are getting slim.  I like Demarcus Robinson (WR from KC) and Tyler Eiffert (TE from Cincy) in FA, otherwise, not a lot of talent left at those positions.  


    1 minute ago, EastStreet said:

    WR is not near as bad as people are making it out to be. 

    This move tells me we'll go X early. 


    Ballard said, I believe dating back to last year's draft, that the WR class in this draft is loaded... and it is.  Chances are there will be someone very capable available at 34 or 44 (or maybe even in the 3rd).  


    I agree, the world isn't ending with our current WR situation... but going into this offseason the positions of utmost concern on this team were IDL, QB, WR and TE (maybe could argue that edge rusher sneaks in there somewhere).  We've addressed IDL and QB.  The next logical steps would be to address the WR and TE positions.  It's not like the sky is falling with our current WR mix, but IMO, it is not clear cut between WR and TE for the weakest group on this team.  


    1 minute ago, Mr.Debonair said:

    How are we including Fountain or Campbell? Neither has done diddly


    Campbell did show flashes when he was healthy last year.  The guy is a freak athlete and very explosive with the ball in his hand.  The coaches and Ballard are very high on him... if he's healthy, I have faith he'll be all right.  Fountain, while I like the guy, was a 5th round pick and he's coming off a very nasty injury.  I don't think he was ever expected to be much more than a 4th or 5th WR.  He's shown some flashes, but yea, I don't think he's a guy we can rely on as a surefire solution to the WR position.

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  6. On 3/19/2020 at 4:41 PM, NewColtsFan said:

    Good tape...   love the explanation of how he came to use the side arm whip throwing motion.   Makes perfect sense.


    I strongly suspect Rivers will mix with our locker room really,  really well. 


    Well, both Reich and Sirianni spent time coaching him.  Reich's a huge locker room guy.  Highly doubt they'd have went after him if they thought he'd do anything aside from mix well with the locker room.



    On a side note, I notice Rivers often has a hat on that says 'nunc coepi.'  I just googled it -- it means 'Now I begin.'  Here's an explanation of it from his perspective.




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  7. 14 minutes ago, Hoose said:

    Sorry. Losing Haeg was a setback. Not totally unexpected but disappointing. Clark is the weak link on the O line, so

    his re-upping is a nothing burger. I’m hoping they re-sign Andrews and find a new multi-dimensional guy in the draft. 


    Nowhere did I say losing Haeg 'wasn't a set back.'  He was valuable depth, mainly because of his versatility.  Clark did just fine in the past when he was called upon.  Not as versatile (therefore, maybe less valuable) than Haeg... but I don't know that I'd call him the 'weak link.'  I mean he's a backup for crying out loud, in an ideal world, unless he makes major improvements, we'd never have to see him see the field.


    Ballard and Reich both have philosophies that great teams are built in the trenches.  I'm sure they are going to be addressing the OL through FA and the draft to mitigate Haeg's departure.  That said, other posters seem to be blaming the front office for letting Haeg leave for a fairly low contract -- we have no idea (as I assume nobody who posts on this board sits in contractual negotiations with players' agents and Ballard and his crew) if Haeg going to TB had anything to do with what the Colts offered him.  He knows with our current starting 5, he's nothing more than a backup.  He's going to TB where he has a much higher probability of being a full-time starter in a scheme where he's probably better suited.  The OL coach there was one of the coaches who he worked with as a rookie and year 2 in this league in Indy.  Brady's his QB, the Bucs have a couple very scary WRs and a lot of talent on offense.


    We don't know what was/is going on in Haeg's mind.  We don't know what Ballard offered him.  Money aside, there are very legitimate reasons for him personally wanting to take the opportunity in TB.  No need for any of us on here to be blaming Ballard, Irsay or anyone else for Haeg leaving... in all honesty, he probably did what was best for him as a football player.  I wish him luck, and as a backup he left big shoes to fill (which is saying a lot considering he was a backup).  I'm sure Ballard and Co. will be working their tails off to make sure we have good OL depth next year.  They've already started that process by retaining Clark.

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  8. 28 minutes ago, richard pallo said:

    Out of the QB's you just listed JB is the obvious 1st choice IMO.  Pretty much a no brainer.  BB knows him extremely well so does the OC.  I would bet he is their 1st choice.  If he drafted him in the 3rd getting him back for a 3rd in their current situation shouldn't be too hard to take.  They have like three extra 3rd rd comp picks.  Ballard fleeced him for Dorsett.  I hope he does it again. 


    Winston has some INT issues, but he's also a lot more dangerous than Jacoby.  If it's for a 1 year fix, Flacco rarely turns the ball over (Jacoby's top strength) has a stronger arm and quicker release time than Jacoby and has experience winning big games, and Dalton's certainly had a better career than Jacoby.  


    In terms of fleecing, I'd say we got more out of the deal because Jacoby was a starting QB and we desperately needed one when we made the trade... but it's not like he took us to the Superbowl, won the AFC South, or even took us to a wildcard game.  Dorsett has been to the playoffs every year and won a SB (been to two) since he's been in NE (granted, he wasn't the QB or a high impact player on the SB teams, he's been a decent role player for them since he's been there).  We had a major need at QB and Belichek needed a role player... in the long-run it is kind of an even trade.


    15 minutes ago, Chloe6124 said:

    No i really think they might be waiting until Jacoby is gone. It’s kind of a awkward situation for him.


    It's been reported on a lot of news outlets.  I'm sure Jacoby watches TV.  I'm also pretty sure Ballard and Reich would have let Jacoby know what was going to happen.  They haven't said anything bad about Jacoby in the media and didn't broadcast to the world they were going to bring in Rivers, but I highly doubt that signing Rivers blindsided him.

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  9. 17 minutes ago, EastStreet said:

    Yup, very different situation now. And very different cap situation too. Back then, there was still the belief JB might be the guy, so held more value. I'm not saying give away, but I'd take a 5th plus salary relief in heartbeat, also knowing it's the best thing for JB too. Playing hardball for a 3rd to me is silly. It would be nice to get another mid pick since we lost the 6th for Hairston. 


    Yes, we all know Ballard loves draft picks.  Also, Jacoby and Rivers both have one year on their contract with Indy.  Rivers was signed to replace Jacoby as our starter (not saying there's not a very long shot that Rivers  could play poorly and eventually be replaced by Brissett, but that would be a very unfavorable outcome of the deal).  


    Regardless of whether Rivers chooses to retire or move elsewhere after this year, it's not likely we'd be signing Brissett again anyway.  We have a capable backup in Hoyer and likely a capable backup in Kelly.  We could keep Brissett and watch him walk away after the season and get nothing out of it, or we could trade him and get a 5th... my choice would be to trade him and get something from it.

  10. 2 hours ago, CR91 said:

    So the guy that is always inactive is re-signed over the guy that plays all five positions on the line. I don't get this 


    Haeg wants to play, that's obvious.  He's got a shot at being a starter for a team which just got Brady and has a LOT of talent.  The OL coach in Tampa Bay is Joe Gilbert, who was the assistant OL coach in Indy when during Haeg's first two seasons.  Could be plenty of reasons why he found Tampa Bay more attractive than Indy.  


    1 hour ago, stitches said:

    Yep... and not even for tons of money. 


    Rumor has it (The Pat McAfee Show is my main source) that a lot of FA players right now are letting Tampa Bay know they'd sign there for cheaper than elsewhere since they signed Brady.  $2.3 mil (potentially $3.3 mil) in one year is a ton of money to most people.  A chance to be a starter on a team w/ Brady as QB vs. a bench warmer with Rivers as QB may not be worth an additional $500k if the individual's goal is to play and win a Superbowl in 1 year.


    1 hour ago, CR91 said:


    I get that, but imo we lost a more valuable part to the line to a very cheap deal


    The cheap deal (as explained above) could have been Haeg's choosing for a variety of reasons.  I doubt Ballard told him he was not valued for the Colts.


    Also, Ballard/Reich want to be a top 5 running team.  We've built our line with very powerful guys who are road graders.  While I greatly appreciate the value Haeg had to this team, his biggest knock has always been his lack of ability to develop his strength.  TBH, he's probably a better fit in the O that Arians and Leftwich are running in TB (especially to be counted on as a full-time starter).  IMO, Haeg is a more effective pass protector than run blocker.  We know Arians likes to air it out and I'm sure with the addition of Brady, they'll be a pass-first team.


    Clark played well when he had to replace Costanzo.  It was well known he was a project pick with good physical tools.  In some ways, he fits more of the philosophy of Reich/Ballard.  I believe Clark can play both T positions and probably G if the team absolutely needed it.  


    I, personally, think Clark is still a work in progress... but the coaching staff must see that he's making enough progress that they brought him back.  Haeg, I'm pretty sure we saw his ceiling.


    Granted he's going into his 5th season, so it should be time for him to really be ready as a pro.. but this is from Clark's nfl.com draft profile:



     "He's going to end up being big time in our league. He's got elite foot quickness, he's long and he's smart. He'll keep getting better once he gets to a pro offense and away from that stuff Texas Tech does and he'll become one of the top five tackles in our league." -- NFC personnel director"


    Here's an excerpt from Haeg's:


     While the pedigree and the body type look the part, continued tape study begins to uncover core strength issues that permeate several facets of his game. As a run blocker, his inability to drive and sustain blocks is a concern while his pass protection shows a good, initial pass set that turns into leaning to make up for his lack of anchor. While Haeg has the athletic traits of a zone blocking tackle, it won't matter without better functional power."

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  11. 1 minute ago, richard pallo said:

    Nah,  I disagree.  Do what's best for the team.  We are in the drivers seat.  Not the Pats.  If they want him they pay out price.  If not he's our backup.  Ballard said he was perfectly fine with that. Just cut Hoyer.   


    With Hoyer and Kelly on our roster, it's very likely we'll have at least one pretty capable backup QB when the season starts.


    Brissett's play in either year of being our starting QB likely doesn't warrant a 3rd round pick.  We're trading a player that many teams in the NFL saw play and probably feel is a very competent backup, but unless on a team loaded with talent cannot win a division championship (let alone a Superbowl) as a starter.  Belichek and NE would be the team where Jacoby would have the highest likelihood of success (IMO).  


    Listen to Rob Ninkovich on Pat McAfee Show if you want to learn more about how Belichek negotiates.  If Belichek thinks a 5th rounder is worth it for Brissett, he's not going to bend and give up a 3rd round pick (IMO).  There are other options for them who Belichek could figure out a way to win with if he had to.  




    It could be a pretty awkward situation if Brissett stays on this team.  I think a 4th round pick for Jacoby would be a reach.  A 5th round is better than nothing.  Ballard/Reich/etc. made it very clear to Brissett that they view him as a backup QB by signing Rivers.  Backup QBs aren't worth 3rd round picks.



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  12. 7 minutes ago, EastStreet said:

    Nah, do what's best for JB. 

    It's more important to get him in the best place and relieve the salary, than to play hardball. 

    And nah, the rivalry is not back on lol. Maybe it turns back on this off season, but not yet.


    This was a quote from Ballard when there were talks about trading Jacoby when Luck came back healthy a couple seasons ago.


    “It would take somebody doing something that would blow me away, and it has to be the right thing for the kid, too,” Ballard said. “I’m not just sending him anywhere.”


    “He is a special, special teammate,” Ballard said. “He’s well-respected throughout the locker room, both offensively and defensively.”


    “This is what I told Jacoby: ‘I’m not giving you away. I won’t do it,’” Ballard said. “I had chances last year, and I didn’t do it, and I won’t do it again. It would have to be right for the organization and for him.”




    Obviously, it's a very different situation now with us signing Rivers to take over for Jacoby.  While Jacoby would probably be a top 3 ranked backup QB in the NFL, I think signing Rivers is a very strong indicator that Ballard doesn't think he's the long-term answer for this franchise.  That said, I imagine Ballard would still want to do what's right for Jacoby.  New England makes a lot of sense, he's familiar there, with Belichek as his coach there's a decent chance he'd have a shot at winning the AFC East, etc. etc. 




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  13. 11 hours ago, Moosejawcolt said:

    We need another DT....nose tackle


    I will not be shocked at all if we aren't done making moves on the DL.  That said, Autry was very good 2 years ago and I think he can play anywhere on the DL if needed (with rush end being his weakest spot).  Also, Stewart was drafted as a development pick.  Ballard was very high on him last year, and I get the sense Ballard thinks Stewart's about to turn the corner.  Having an elite guy next to him should only help.  


    As is, if we stay healthy and Turay, Stewart and Banogu continue developing, our DL should already be much better than it was last year (especially if Houston doesn't decline).  If we add another improvement, it'll be that much better.  I thought prior to yesterday that IDL was probably the biggest need on this team (without a doubt, the biggest need on D).  Now, I think QB, WR, TE are bigger needs than any other position on D.  


    In Ballard, I trust.


    10 hours ago, shastamasta said:


    I don't think they are hitting the panic button either...but I do think this move was made (in part) to fully push open the competitive window and win now. They traded their top draft assett (a lottery pick)...AND a huge chunk of cap space...for a 26 year-old player in his prime.


    And this is probably the last two seasons where your core aren't all on 2nd deals (Nelson, Leonard, Smith).


    Even if we are optimistic and assume Buckner will stay in that prime for the entirety of his 5-year deal...I think they are still going to want to maximize each of those years...and especially the next two. Now maximizing doesn't mean they have to imprudently sacrifice the future to win right now...it just means making sure you have enough pieces in place to compete. 


    So for this upcoming season...it potentially means being even a bit more aggressive in FA/trades...upgrading the QB position...and adding some weapons...which I think is definitely doable by the end of the draft.



    I don't disagree with you here.  And yes, we still have quite a bit of draft picks and even though we lost our first rounder, there should be talent around in the 2nd and 3rd rounds when we pick (definitely possible to seriously upgrade the TE and WR positions, though not very optimistic about the QBs in this draft after Burrows).  


    That said, I believe this team can still win the AFC South even if Brissett is our QB, so long as we give him a few more weapons and we stay relatively healthy across the board.  I know you never want a game to come down to a field goal, but literally, our kicker(s) cost us for sure 3 games, potentially 5 games last year.  With all the injuries, etc. we had, I don't have much doubt that this team can win the AFC South with Brissett next year and potentially make a run in the playoffs is we improve at our other weak spots.  I'm not saying I think Brissett is the long-term answer at QB, but I'm skeptical about Rivers, I don't really want to see Brady as a Colt, we're unsure if Carr will be available, and while I think Bridgewater would be an upgrade, I don't think he's a surefire solution for the long term.  I'd be fine seeing Brissett at QB again this year, and think we can certainly contend to win the AFC South if we stay healthy as a team, make field goals and extra points and improve at other areas of weakness.  If Brissett doesn't make a major leap, I'd be fine addressing the QB next year, as I think that's a deeper QB draft and there will likely be some younger FA QBs that'd be able to give us more than 1-2 years of service.


    8 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    When he was with the Browns, he was actually an above average player. When he joined us he got fat and lazy like you said. He stunk here.


    I don't know about that... he averaged 3.6 yards per carry.  Last year in the NFL there were 40 RBs and 1 QB who had >100 rushing attempts and averaged more than that (including our own Marlon Mack who rushed for 4.4 ypc).  In 2012, there were 37 guys with >100 carries who had a higher average (35 RBs plus RGIII and Cam Newton).  Donnie Brown average 3.9 ypc for us that same year.  


    Richardson was ranked 17 in total rushing yards across RBs (with more carries than multiple guys above him), so he in terms of league wide RBs, he was slightly below average in terms of total yards and well below average in YPC.  For comparison, Richardson's total yards in 2019 would have also put him at 17th in the league, and 10 of the guys with >950 yards in 2019 had less carries than Richardson did in 2012.


    Richardson had pretty good receiving yards for a back, but it wasn't like he was anywhere near an all-pro or a top 5 guy at his position.  Buckner is coming off a pro-bowl year, one year removed from being 1st team all-pro and I think the majority of people would say the only clear cut DT in the league who is better than Buckner is Donald.  


    And, I think most would agree that RBs are much more expendable that IDL in the post 2010 league (aside from guys like Saquon Barkley, AP in his prime, Derrick Henry last year and a few others, a lot of GMs view the position as pretty interchangeable -- there wasn't even an RB selected in the first round of the 2013 draft).


    Sure, it didn't help that Richardson got fatter and lazier when he became a Colt... but he wasn't an elite guy worth a first round pick when we made the trade for him.  Buckner's an all-pro and a top 2-5 guy at his position across the league.  IMO, they are much different trades and the Buckner one makes a lot more sense.  


    3 hours ago, Two_pound said:

    If a gm doesn't like a player at 13 I really don't think he would consider that same player at 34. A wasted pick at 13 is a wasted pick 21 spots later. This trade is fantastic, even with the 13th pick as the cost. The steelers gave up what turned out to be the 19th(I think it is) pick in the draft last September for Fitzpatrick. All in all this was a much better move.


    Not disagreeing with you entirely about if the GM doesn't want a guy, he doesn't want a guy.. but the 13th pick and the 34th pick are very different.  Especially at QB.  If you pull the trigger at 13 (or anywhere in the top  half of the first round), you get crucified as a GM if the player busts or doesn't become a franchise QB within the first couple years.  If you take a QB after the first round, there's a lot more leeway in allowing the player to develop and having fans and the media forget about the player not turning out to be great within a few years.

  14. On 3/15/2020 at 7:16 PM, DEFENSE said:

    our record speaks for him


    He was forced to have a head coach in his first year who he had fundamental philosophical disagreements with (especially on defense).  He has had 2 seasons where his QB was not who he planned (TBH, Luck was a QB that made the job of being the Colts' GM a highly coveted position despite the mess that Grigs turned this team into).


    I am pretty sure everyone of Ballard's draft picks are still in the NFL (albeit, not all with us).  He has gotten our cap into a very good position and hasn't overpaid (so far) for any FAs, in part knowing that we're going to have to give big contracts out to Q, Leonard, Braden Smith and others who he's brought into this organization via draft.  Grigs was overpaying for almost every player he brought in through FA (RJF, Landry, Arthur Jones, etc. all come to mind -- plus the T-Rich debacle, the drafting of B. Werner with a number 1, etc. etc. etc.).  


    The fact that this team could have been in the playoffs last year save our K costing us between 3-5 games is a tribute to how well of a job Ballard has done to this point.

  15. 4 minutes ago, CR91 said:


    my guess, our pass rush line will mostly be Turay Autry Buckner Houston


    Now, if we could put some points on the board consistently and force other teams into passing only mode, it'll be a thing of beauty.


    I guess the FO knows more about Turay's recovery and Banogu's development... but I won't be shocked if we added another edge rusher.  It sure would be nice if we could really hone in on dropping the other QB, though.

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  16. 3 hours ago, Superfly said:

    Not happening, as CB would virtually be replacing JB with JB. 



    Bridgewater is quite a bit more athletic than JB, IMO.  Bridgewater runs a 40 in the 4.7 range compared to Brissett who is closer to 5 seconds.  Bridgewater also seems to be more accurate (Brissett has a 59.9% career completion percent, compared to Bridgewater who has a 65.2% completion rate -- if we gave Bridgewater a bit of improved weaponry at TE/WR with the time to throw that Brissett has, I'd assume Bridgewater could potentially be even more accurate).


    2 hours ago, KB said:


    PFF (well these three guys) says we lost the trade. They dont see interior defensive line as being worth that kind of draft capitol. Shows that we are in a win now mode.


    Not sure we're in a win now mode.  Pretty much everyone on this board was in agreement before this trade that our 4 biggest needs (in no particular order) were QB, IDL, WR and pass rush - with some concern about TE and secondary.


    Buckner greatly improves our IDL and pass rush, which should also improve our secondary.  A ton of mock drafts had us taking Kinlaw at 13.  Buckner's a more proven player without the injury concerns and he's still young with several years left at the prime of his career.  It's not like he's a 35 year old guy that has one year left in him.  He should have at least 5 years playing at a high level.  Ballard has said since day 1 that the games are won in the trenches and that he's obsessive about wanting a top OL and DL (we already have a top OL, now we're one step closer to having a very solid DL).  


    Ballard has said for a long time now that this draft class is stacked at WR (https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2020/02/25/2020-nfl-draft-colts-wide-receivers-tremendous-depth/).  He says it in that article, but I think he said it dating back to early last season or maybe even last year's draft.  Anyway, I think it's pretty obvious that Ballard thinks we can get a very good WR in the 2nd round or later (maybe a couple of them).


    Next year's draft class seemingly has better QB talent than this year.  To be honest, I think Burrow is the only lock in this draft.  With all the scouting Reich/Ballard/Dodds have done at the QB position, I think it's kind of obvious they either didn't think any QB in this draft that would be available was worth the 13th pick, or they think they can get a solid QB later in the draft.


    I think most teams in the NFL want to 'win now', but I don't think us trading for a 26 year old All Pro at arguably the most important position on our defense, which was also the most glaring weakness on our defense means Ballard or Reich are hitting the panic button.  This move certainly still allows for our team to keep improving for years to come.


    1 hour ago, deedub75 said:

    He fills a big need but this almost seems like a ‘one player away’ type of trade. 


    I think everyone would agree that IDL was our most obvious weakness on D last year.  As I stated above, a lot of people had us taking Brown (who likely won't be there) or Kinlaw (who has knee concerns) at 13.  Instead, we got a guy who is just entering his prime in the NFL, who has already proven he's All Pro caliber.  I understand people's concerns about his salary, but that's what is needed to be spent on all pros, and we have plenty of cap space still available.  Sure, this move should make us instantly better.. but I don't see it as a 'one player away' type of trade... chances are we would've used that 13th pick on an IDL anyway.


    1 hour ago, jameszeigler834 said:

    Well im saying this cause I have seen this team trade for a high profile player before for a first rounder then a bunch on here said we got a steal and it quickly turned into a complete and utter flop.


    Richardson (assuming this is who you meant) wasn't even a 1,000 yard rusher before we traded for him, let alone an All Pro or Pro Bowler.  He was a product of a ridiculously loaded college system at Alabama and for that reason he was over-hyped and over-rated.  He was said to have a very poor work ethic (and showed it by showing up to camps fat and out of shape).


    Buckner, aside from the national championships, was also a First Team All-American in college.  He's said to have a tremendous work ethic.  He's accomplished a lot more than T-Rich ever did in the NFL.  


    Maybe you're talking about someone different, but to compare T-Rich to Buckner at the NFL level is not a very good comparison.


    39 minutes ago, CR91 said:


    On pass downs, but Stewart and Buckner will most likely be the starters


    Assuming we stay healthy, our DL should be pretty deep (and I won't be shocked if we add another piece).  Banogu was known to be a project player when we drafted him.  He showed signs of being very athletic and talented (just raw) similar to what Turay did as a rookie (who was also a guy we expected would take time to develop).  Turay really came on strong last year before getting hurt.  I expect Banogu to make a similar jump.  


    If fully healthy, I think we'll see a frequently rotated DL depending on situations.  I assume Buckner will be a starter and mainly a 3 down guy, but otherwise, I think the DL will rotate enough that we won't truly have 'starters' at the other positions, with the rotation changing based on specific situations.


    21 minutes ago, CR91 said:


    Why would Autry start over Turay when he's not even a DE


    I doubt we'll move Autry back to DE... but he was a DE for Oakland.  We signed him as a DE and converted him to IDL.  I think he can play anywhere on the line if needed.

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  17. 2 minutes ago, WifiGuy said:

    IF he is healthy.  He has missed 10 games in 3 yrs . Not a good track record.

    He is a liability receiving,   he is not a good receiver, he's not even an average receiver 


    Last year he started 14 games, which is the healthiest he has been.  Hopefully he can keep that up or improve on that number.  Hines is our receiving back and I think the coaching staff is just starting to figure out how to use him and how dangerous he can be.  I don't consider Mack a liablity as a receiver, he's not asked to do it much and that's not his designated role in this offense... but he can catch OK and he does fine with yards after the catch.  I could be wrong, but IMO, upgrading the WR corps and TE position is a much bigger concern than the RB position.


    3 minutes ago, boo2202 said:


    Terrible QB play and a non existent #2 threat, with an aging wr that’s has battled injuries lately and basically a TE that’s just a possession guy. This offense needs a playmaker, or we’re going to see the re-enactment of 2019’s offense power house. Hopefully this finally fixes the D. There’s been a bunch of high picks that haven’t worked out. Hopefully this one does, so we can address other holes that been on this roster for 3-4 years now.


    Not a 'bunch of high picks' since Ballard's been here haven't worked out.  


    Hooker, for the most part, has been solid for us (Ballard's first draft pick in Indy).  His first draft was his worst draft, though Hooker, Mack, and Walker have all worked out pretty good for us, with Grover Stewart seemingly starting to find his way in the NFL.  Q. Wilson has been up and down (mostly down, but his 2nd  year he showed flashes of being able to be a pretty darn good NFL player), then Basham and Banner (3rd and 4th round picks) have done OK on other teams (not sure if 3rd and 4th round picks are 'high picks', but 2 or 3 players who haven't worked out isn't a 'bunch.'


    Year 2, Ballard got first team all-pros with his 1st two picks.  He got a very solid starting guard with his 3rd pick (Smith).  Turay was turning it on last year, and if healthy has shown no signs of being a bust.  Lewis leaves much to be desired, but Ballard's already said this year is his make or break.  Then he did OK with the 4th round and later picks.


    Year 3, too early to tell.. but Ya-Sin should be just fine (he had a few growing pains as a rookie, but he's going to be OK more likely than not), Banogu was a project pick and he showed signs of improvement as his rookie year developed, Campbell showed signs of being a very solid playmaker but couldn't stay healthy.... then our 3rd and 4th round picks played very well as rookies.


    Overall, Ballard's been a very solid drafter since taking over this organization.  Grigson, not so much... but that was an old regime.

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  18. 1 minute ago, NewColtsFan said:

    I think we want to do less of those exotic blitzes this year.   We had to last year because we weren’t getting enough pressure from our front four.   I heard Ballard talk about this in the off-season.


    He wants the front four to provide the pressure so the back seven can play pass protection behind them.   


    That makes sense... and if Buckner can command double teams and put interior pressure on the opposing QB/RB, it helps everyone behind him out.  I don't think we'll see exotic blitzes go away entirely, but even if they're used slightly less, it's going to really boost the back 7 of the D by allowing them to stay in coverage (for less time) or react to run plays better.



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  19. 2 minutes ago, boo2202 said:

    Top 10 D with a old bottom level O. Hope this finally fixes the Defense tho. Ballard has sure thrown a lot at that side of the ball. Hopefully he save a little for our putrid offense.


    Keep in mind we had some major injury issues on the O last year (Funchess missing 15.5 games, Campbell missing a load of time, TY missing games and being noticeably hobbled in many games he played, Ebron missing a significant chunk of time).  I don't think our O is putrid, it just needs to be healthy.

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  20. 2 hours ago, Holden89 said:

    The amount that this will help Leonard and Walker can't be understated either.  Buckner will demand a double team.


    Compared to other NFL DT's over the past 2 years, Buckner has 125 tackles (2nd most), 18.5 sacks (3rd most) and has commanded 482 double teams (6th most).  It should really help the other DL and everyone behind him (that interior pressure will force the ball out of opposing QBs faster making the secondary's job easier, eating up extra linemen will allow Houston and Turay to avoid double teams, should allow for us to blitz up the middle more consistently in turn helping the LBs, etc.).


    1 hour ago, NewColtsFan said:

    Sorry, but no.    We don’t play the defense where the DL try to slow the OL to allow the LB’s to run free and make plays.    That’s an entirely different defense.   That’s more typical of a 3-4 defense. 

    We ask the DL to penetrate quickly and make plays and blow up the offense.  Completely different responsibilities. 


    I get where your reply suggests our 4-3 defense doesn't rely as much on DL to take pressure off other positions as a 3-4 base... but the guy has commanded the 6th most double teams in the NFL over the past two years.  It's going to make everyone's job easier.  


    We saw some creative blitz packages last year bring LBs or secondary guys up the middle.  Having a guy commanding double teams is going to make those blitzes a lot more efficient.  It also takes a ton of pressure off the other DL.  He's going to help everyone on this defense out.


    1 hour ago, JohnnyGringo said:

    Absolutely love this trade. Also, this means Rivers is a lock. Drafting a DT at 13 is exactly what Ballard would have done and DTs take a few years to develop, time Rivers doesn’t have. Star DT power will help all the defensive players we’ve drafted over the last 2 years and the ability to see if Hooker is the player we hoped. We are officially in a 2 year win now window. If you don’t know much about Buckner just go to a 49er forum and see how upset they are about losing him. 


    I think we're always in a 'win now' mode with Ballard and Reich leading the ship.  That said, I don't think Ballard is building this team to tank after 2 years... he has acquired a lot of young talent, including Buckner.... this team should be competing for AFC South titles (and hopefully superbowls) for years to come.


    55 minutes ago, Cynjin said:


    Also, if he requires a double team that leaves one less OLineman to get on a LB.


    Yes... even though our D isn't built like the typical 3-4 D which really demands IDL to eat up blockers to free other players... any time a guy in the middle of the DL is commanding double teams, it's going to help everyone behind him.


    8 minutes ago, WifiGuy said:

    Be careful mentioning Jalen Hurts . Even though he has some of the best measurables in the draft, when I mentioned this I got bashed.


    I will once again predict we either sign a FA like Rivers or Floes and keep JB as the backup, Or we are rolling with JB and giving him weapons, like a WR and a better RB.




    Not sure that we need a better RB.  Mack showed last year that if he is healthy he can be a 1,200-1,500 back fairly easily behind our OL.  He's also a fairly good receiver.  


    I think we're really just starting to figure out how to use Hines and Wilkins is also a solid backup.  

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  21. 37 minutes ago, DougDew said:

    LOL.  But no, Ballard never gave him much in the weapons department, other than stop gaps/cast offs and mid/late round picks.


    Ballard gave him a  top 5 o-line right off the bat.  I think the goal being to keep Andrew from getting killed, like Grigs had him on the path for.


    Ballard inherited a pretty shotty team.  It made sense that he tried to patch the D up and give Andrew an OL before he really started focusing on weapons for him.  I think I'd call Marlon Mack and Nyheim Hines solid weapons.  TBH, if I were Andrew I think I'd rather Big Q and Braden Smith to keep me upright and give me time to throw to so-so WRs than to be given solid WRs and be running for my life every time the ball got hiked to me.




  22. 5 hours ago, DougDew said:

    Every player you mentioned was either a stop gap 1 or possibly 2 year deal, or a late round draft pick.  Fleener was help, but DA was just the BPA at the time.


    The only investment made to help Luck was Dorsett, who is also the most severely criticized on this forum.  Just goes to show how much people don't understand.


    Also, PM got Edgerrin as help too.  Our GMs signed barely broken down RBs or mid roiund/late picks.


    Not really making an investment to help Luck....sort of just getting by and making Luck fix the problem with great QB play.  I'm sure he got tired of it after 6 years.


    No wonder he made up fake leg pain to retire. 


    I think DHB was intended to help long term.  He was 26 when we signed him.  He was a former 7th overall draft pick.  He's a burner.  I think the thought process was with him as a bigger (6'2" 220 lbs.) guy who could run a 4.30 forty alongside TY who is a smaller guy that ran a 4.34 forty out of college, we could blow the top off defenses with speed and Luck's arm.  Unfortunately, DHB couldn't run routes well and had butter fingers.


    Hakeem Nicks was also only 26 when we signed him.  He had a few very productive years with NYG before we signed him.  He had an amazing post-season in 2012 when they won the SB.  He had some nagging injuries, but cleared his physical before we signed him.  He never really returned to pre-injury form though and unfortunately was a bust.


    Moncrief was a guy who was certainly intended to be a long term solution.  He was bigger at 6'2" 215 lbs. and also a burner with a 4.4 forty at the combine.  He showed promise in year 2 with 64 receptions.  Unfortunately, he had some injuries and never really reached his potential (in part due to injuries, in part due to never really becoming a refined route runner and in part due to inconsistent hands.... and in part due to Andrew getting injured his last year in Indy).


    I see your point on Gore and A. Johnson as stop gap guys.  However, Gore was still playing at a high level (granted we had an abysmal o-line) and even last year was playing at a high level.  AJ was just washed up when he came over to us.


    We did give Luck a legit RB threat with Mack.  We also gave him two pro-bowl TEs in Doyle and Ebron.  And I believe Funchess was a test last year, where if he was playing well that we would have tried to extend him mid-season.  


    But yea, Grigs certainly never did anything to seriously try to give Luck a solid line and did a poor job of giving him weapons (outside of TY and a couple others)... assume you're kidding about him faking a leg injury, but I'm sure he had to be extremely frustrated with the way the organization handled the rest of the team during his duration in Indy.  He was a franchise QB and Grigs let him take a lot more punishment than just about any other franchise QB across the league that I've seen in my lifetime.

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  23. On 11/22/2019 at 3:37 PM, Four2itus said:



    My first observation is, since the Manning era beginning in 1996, the Colts have never valued a WR above the 30th pick to be worth the selection. Since coming to Indy, they have drafted..

    M. Harrison @ 19

    Sean Dawkins @ 16

    Andre Rison @ 22

    One is in the HOF, one should/could be, and one failed. Looks like the odds are pretty good drafting a WR above the 25th pick.







    I wouldn't call Dawkins a failure.  He had 7 straight seasons with 50+ receptions.  


    He wasn't a HOF caliber guy, but he had some productive years for us (his best was '97 with 68 receptions) and then with other teams.  


    Maybe not exactly what you want from a 16th overall pick, but he was a pretty good player.  

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  24. On 3/6/2020 at 2:17 PM, stitches said:

    Dulin has been great on special teams. I wonder if they take this into account. 


    Imagine we bring Funchess back... and we have TY, Campbell, Pascal, Funchess... rookie?, Dulin... Fountain... one more rookie? 


    Dulin won't have an an easy job to keep his spot IMO. 


    Yes, they certainly take ST into account.  That's usually what separates the last player on the depth chart at WR/LB/DB/RB from who gets cut, and as pointed out earlier in the thread makes an impact on who makes the active roster week in and week out (Q. Wilson was a healthy scratch due to his inability to excel on STs last year, for example).


    Dulin also has potential as a WR.  He was a small school guy (I think Malone's first ever player to make it to the NFL).  He's got very good speed and good size.  A little refinement on his game, and I think he's got potential to be a decent deep threat and potentially red zone threat.   Not saying he's going to turn into a #2 WR overnight, but as a 5th or 6th WR, with his ST skills (I think he can also return kicks), I think he's all right.


    On 3/6/2020 at 2:57 PM, EastStreet said:

    STs is big, especially for those last spots. 


    I think it's likely

    Z/traditional Slot - TY, Campbell, Fountain

    X/big slot - Pascal


    That leaves 2 spots (if we keep 6), who are likely either 2 Xs, or 1 X and one tweener. 

    X - Draft

    X - Funch - his value has likely dropped due to draft depth

    Tweener - Dulin

    Tweener - Rogers


    I think Funch's value also dropped by being injured all of 2019 (almost all of it, anyway).  He was on a 1 year 'prove it' deal and missed 15.5 games to injury.  The Colts' FO/coaching staff will have a better ability to evaluate him than any other team in the league as they're the ones who saw how he was progressing/taking care of his body/etc. from injury.  


    I'd imagine he will not be able to command more than the ~$10 mil he got on his one year deal last year simply because he didn't 'prove' anything on that deal by not being on the field.


    On 3/6/2020 at 3:09 PM, Hoose said:

    No room at the inn for Johnson. Too many options already on the team with a likely addition or two from the draft. 


    It seems like we have a lot of options... but really, after TY, we don't have a guy on the current roster who has proven he can be much in the NFL.  I thought Johnson was the 2nd best healthy WR option on the team by the end of last year.  


    If he doesn't get picked up quickly in FA, I would bet we'll bring him back for cheap and at least let him be a camp body/potential PS guy.  He's got very good speed (4.39 forty) and other measurements from his combine (22 reps at 225, 1.53s 10-yd split, 2.48 20-yd split, 7.26 3 cone drill, 37 inch vertical, 11'3" broad jump, which are all very solid for a guy that's 6'1" 215 lbs.).



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