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  1. I really like this young man. This is worth 5 minutes of time. He talks early about how he was motivated after being called 'the worst pick' in the NFL draft. Then says he's excited about Rivers and thinks the offseason additions of Buckner, Rhodes, Rivers makes the Colts SB contenders this year. Here's another cool clip (9.5 minutes) on First Things First (from February). He's a highly motivated young player and he carries a lot of chips on his shoulder.
  2. I'm excited to see how a few of the younger guys (non rookies) develop. I think Turay was really starting to come around last year before his injury. The addition of Buckner should help him, plus it looks like he's been working his tail off this offseason to get healthy and keep improving. Banogu showed some flashes last year. We knew he was a project pick, so it'll be interesting to see if he continues to improve and add a new threat to our DL. Rock Ya-Sin definitely had some ups and downs, but I think he ended the year strong. Improved DL play/pass rush should help him out, so should his development. EJ Speed I think is a guy who will see a lot more snaps this year -- he's a very good athlete who came into the league raw as a football player from a small school. Okereke -- he impressed me last year, I think he's going to be something special for us going forward. Leonard -- I know he's a 2x all-pro, but I imagine with Buckner and an improved DL, he's just going to keep getting better. Khari Willis -- he played better than I expected last year. I thought he was kind of a low ceiling guy out of the draft, but I want to see if he can continue to improve in year 2. I think the OL we have a good idea of what to expect. My two guys I'm looking at there are Pitner (can the rookie come in and compete with Glow) and LeRaven Clark. Clark was a project pick when he was taken, and I thought he played well for the most part when he has been called upon. I found it slightly odd that we resigned him and let Haeg and Josh Andrews walk. I'm curious to see if Clark is actually developing well. I doubt it, but don't think it'd be totally out of the blue if he could help the OL improve by balling out at RT and allowing B. Smith to move inside to RG. Obviously excited to see if Rivers can turn back to the form he was in 2-3 years ago instead of last year (I think if our weapons stay healthy, he will be much improved with the OL we have compared to what he had with the Chargers last year). Excited to see this Trey Burton guy, he's a Reich guy. I'm not that high on him, but I think TE is currently our weakest/least amount of depth position on O right now. Can this guy or MAC compliment Doyle? How will Hines be used in the O? Can he pick up where he left off as a punt returner? How will Mack and Taylor split the load at RB? Can Campbell stay healthy and turn into a solid WR for us? Can TY stay healthy? What will Pittman Jr and Patmon bring to the table as rookies? Who will emerge as our 5-6 WRs? Does the addition of Nix mean we're going to utilize a FB in this offense? Or was he brought in more to compete on STs and play in very rare O situations? _______ All in all, this is one of the most excited I've been about a Colts team in a while. I think we have a legit shot to win the AFC South and make a run in the playoffs.
  3. Our team also has a ton of cap space, and Leonard is an obvious leader of this team. He's not just an excellent LBer, he's an excellent teammate, leader and he makes clutch plays. He's also still improving and, IMO, will see significant improvement due to the improvements made to our DL this past offseason. Unless he gets a serious injury, I can't imagine Ballard's going to want to let Leonard walk.
  4. Brady had a terrible combine. He was the 2nd slowest QB (5.28 forty), he had an average wonderlic, he had a 24.5 inch vertical (97% of other QBs did better), he was below average in the 20 yard shuttle, and didn't participate in other drills. He as frail and looked very unathletic. Not a lot of scouts were very high on Brady. His two main commonalities among scouts were that he had a good bowl game leading Mich to a win over 'Bama as a senior and that he seemed to be a good leader. Many scouts thought he was too thin/weak, too slow, and not athletic enough. Brady started his senior season splitting time with Drew Henson. Very few people would have ever projected Brady to be one of the best NFL QBs of all time. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/tom-brady-nfl-combine-40-time-bench-press-highlights-scouting-reports/1ja7plixjv88d10k8kfyrpq3i9 (good read) and here's a good watch:
  5. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001112370/article/breesthomas-ryanjones-among-top-10-qbwr-pairings?campaign=Twitter_atn I think he's pretty spot on with all these combos being top 10, but I don't know that I agree with his ordering (e.g., I think Brady to Evans is going to be top 3). Anyway, if Rivers and TY can both stay healthy, and if guys like Campbell and Pittman Jr. can step up and alleviate some pressure off TY, they should have a solid year, IMO.
  6. My guess is Lewis will be playing inside on 3rd and longs... maybe his nagging injuries made him look slow, but from what I have seen of him, I don't foresee him ever excelling on the end, especially as a pass rusher. My 2nd guess is that Windsor, the rookie from PSU, will play well in camp/pre-season and make Lewis expendable. That'd be my main concern w/ signing Clowney is it'd limit the growth of Turay and Banogu... though, I guess the risk is if Turay gets healthy and Banogu doesn't continue growing, we may be in some trouble (though, I think we could move Autry to DE, potentially Lewis, etc.). The fact that we haven't yet offered to extend Hooker's rookie contract and that Ballard thinks Blackmon is a legit starting FS in this league, to me says Hooker will either need to really step up and the Colts would have to extend him mid-season, or he's gone. The Taylor draft pick probably means Ballard is not going to give huge money to Mack to stick around. Kelly, I think will be kept, he and Big Q are too good a duo to separate while they're this young. TY is not going to be getting a huge contract if he is plagued with injury all year.
  7. I wonder if Blackmon was on their wish list but an uncertainty if they'd be able to get him. Ballard said before the draft when asked about Hooker's rookie extension that he'd wait until after the draft to think about it more. It looks like Blackmon will probably start the year on PUP. It'll be interesting to see now if they extend Hooker before May 4. If not, I would take that as somewhat of a sign that they're very happy with Blackmon and think he'll replace Hooker. Other than receiving, it seems as though Taylor is just as fast, explosive, shifty and powerful (maybe more so) than Barkley. I am not sure if Taylor's not a good receiving back, or if he just wasn't asked to do it much in the Wisc. offense compared to what Barkley was asked at Penn St. I agree. Prior to that point, I was thinking "Man, Marlon Mack has to be feeling disrespected the way they are talking about how explosive Taylor is and what he could do behind the line." (they didn't say anything bad about Marlon, but I could see how he could take some of the comments as 'am I not good enough?')... Glad Marlon seems cool with the pick.
  8. When he said Mack's fantastic but doesn't look good when he's hurt, "you can't help the club when you're in the tub" to me that's just a cliche statement. It's true, but it seems like reading the horoscope in the newspaper. A very broad statement that anyone can relate to, but really doesn't provide much insight. He says closer to the end "when I watch TY's tape, Pittman doesn't look TY fast." Yes, TY is a WR in the mold of Smith. It's very hard to watch an NFL player's tape (who Smith has also seen live as an opponent) and compare it to college film. And, TBH, very few WRs look 'TY fast' in the NFL (when TY's healthy).
  9. And that article says his major problem was his labrum, which was a football injury. The sprained AC joint was from snowboarding, but a separate and totally unrelated injury to the labrum.
  10. Luck's labrum injury and surgery were football related injuries. His AC sprain was snowboarding related. He said his doctors unanimously told him the AC sprain had nothing to do with the labrum. Luck was sacked 41 times as a rookie, 32 times in year 2, 27 times in year 3, 15 times in year 4 (played 7 games, so on pace for over 30 sacks), 41 times in year 5 (15 games).... and then bring in Ballard and he's sacked 18 times in 16 games in 2018. You're right, Luck didn't do the best job at avoiding contact. He was also running for his life the instant the ball touched his hands from the snap. If Luck 'got down' when a hit was coming, he would have been sacked 80+ times in his 5th year. As a GM, if you are going to bring in a franchise QB, you better make sure you provide him with protection. Grigs failed terribly there. Yes, most elite teams have solid depth across the board. Most elite teams also have very good coaches who can scheme players into good positions. Take Belichek and his average Joe WRs. Welker did basically nothing as a WR in Miami before he went to NE. He was 5'9" and ran a 4.65 forty. He is nowhere near the athlete or physical freak of most NFL WRs. He had solid hands, he ran crisp routes and he played in a scheme where Belichek could figure out how to get him into open spaces and Brady could find him. Because of that scheme, Welker is now a border-line HOFer. Most elite teams also have very good 'units.' Our OL is there or very close to being there. We have 3-4 pro-bowl caliber players in Castonzo, Q, Kelly and Smith. Glow is a solid player, but he looks better than he would on other lines because the talent around him can mask deficiencies. If he went down, we likely wouldn't skip a beat with his backup coming in. We'd be in a bit more trouble if any of the other guys went down (IMO, especially Q or AC), but the unit is strong enough as a whole that it'd probably be OK, at least for a few games. The Pittsburgh LB example, they can plug LBs into that scheme because they almost always have a very solid front line and if one LB goes down they almost always have 2 other very solid starting LBs. It's very rare for a team to be able to lose the starting QB and still be in position where they are super bowl caliber. This takes both a very good team on all fronts and very good coaching, and in most instances, requires the backup QB to be very good. Reich was in this situation 2x -- once as a player when he backed up Jim Kelly in Buffalo, a team which had HOF RB Thurman Thomas, HOF WR Andre Reed, a solid OL, excellent special teams and a very solid D (lead by HOFer Bruce Smith)... a second time as OC in Philly. In total, 10 QBs who started the season as backups wound up winning super bowls. Roger Staubach - SB VI - HOFer Jim Plunkett - SB XV - Plunkett was a former #1 overall pick Doug Williams - SB XXII - Solid player, on a very good team Jeff Hostetler - SB XXV - Solid player, on a very good team with an unbelievable defense (#1 in the league, lead by LT) and great coaching (Parcells the head coach, Belichek an assistant), and aided by a Scott Norwood missed field goal to start Buffalo's cursed super bowl run Kurt Warner - SB XXXIV - HOFer on a very good team Trent Dilfer - SB XXXV - A game manager QB on a Baltimore team that had arguably the greatest defense of all time Tom Brady - SB XXXVI - we know this story, maybe the best thing that ever happened to Belichek was Bledsoe getting hurt and Brady never giving him his job back Earl Morrall -- Super Bowl V - Johnny U. started this game and got hurt before half time. Morrall helped the Colts barely squeak by Cowboys Terry Bradshaw - SB IX - HOFer on a great team which wound up winning 4 championships in 6 years.
  11. I believe both his brothers were also walk-ons at Michigan. I am very curious as to how the roster expansion will impact the last couple spots on this team. I have read through it some and think I understand it, but am sure I forget some nuances. Anyway, it could be really beneficial for a guy like Glasgow who I think would normally be cut or sent to PS -- but maybe it affords us to keep a ST ace. I voted practice squad, no, yes... though I'm not sure on that last one -- if there was a 'maybe' I would've went there. I mean there are plenty of teams who like having a ST ace and plenty of players who made their career out of doing so. A good friend of mine played at Lafayette w/ Blake Costanzo who made it 8 years in the NFL as a ST guy -- I don't know that he ever got a snap at LB, but he was very solid on ST. Chris Prosinski (Univ. of Wyoming) made it 7-8 years in the league. Only one of those years did he see any time as a S, but he was a stud STer. Then you've got guys like Steve Tasker who was a 7x all-pro and more recently voted as the 9th best player not to be in the HOF. He had 51 receptions over a 12-13 year career, but was an exceptional special teams guy. He had the ability to really impact games with his ST play and was a big part of the Bills run at losing all those Superbowls in the early 1990's. From 1985-1989 he had 2 catches (both in '85)... from '90-'93 he had a total of 8 catches (2 per year)... '94 no catches.. 95-96 he had 20 and 21 catches (and 8 and 9 attempts running the ball) and 97 he had no catches. He seldom returned kicks and late in his career he had a couple years where he was a situational punt returner. Long story short, the guy was a 'gunner' and a ST ace. So it's hard to say -- but if Glasgow winds up being 80% the STer Tasker was, I'd say he's well worth the late 6th round pick.
  12. Thanks for your response. I didn't realize until @C0LT5 pointed out that we haven't resigned Williams at RB. My guess is we'll keep 4 with Mack, Taylor, Hines and Wilkins -- but either way, if we cut any of those guys they'll wind up on another team (assuming they are healthy). I agree with you on our QB Depth. We may not be the most talented, but we are very deep. I wouldn't be shocked if we traded Jacoby (potentially to the Pats, as rumors fly around) for a draft pick. I would be shocked if we cut Eason, he's got a lot of potential and he's in a very good situation to learn behind Rivers and under the tutelage of Reich. I wouldn't be shocked if we kept 3 QBs this year with Rivers, Eason and Jacoby/Kelly. I understand about Newton still being available and Dalton being an unknown... that said, those guys are both going to be way too expensive (and old) for a lot of teams as back-up QBs. Kelly is a cheaper/younger option. IMO, if he didn't get drunk at Von Miller's party that night and get arrested, he'd probably still be a Bronco. At worst, he'll wind up on a practice squad somewhere, but if I had to bet, some team will sign him to be 2-3 string QB (lol, and yes, he does seem like someone Belichek could sign and probably turn into a decent starting QB). On WR -- I agree with TY, Pittman, Campbell, Pascal being locks. I think we'll keep 6. He's always had healthy issues, but Marcus Johnson has impressed me in glimpses when he is healthy enough to be on the field -- same with Fountain. I like Dulin coming out of college, he's very raw but very athletic. Ballard mentioned him several times last year and how impressed he was with his ST play. Then Patmon, just because of his size/speed, I think has a legit shot. Among TY, Campbell, Fountain, and Johnson, my biggest concern at WR is keeping guys healthy. I think we'll have fantastic competition from 4-5 guys for the last 2 spots, which is a good thing (last year after Funchess and Campbell went down it was kinda the same 4-5 guys fighting for the 2nd and 3rd WR spot -- hopefully it's those guys fighting for the 5th and 6th spot instead this year). Agree on TE and your comment on Nix. Now, what surprises me, is I know Ballard values STers, and he's said in the past things like 'we kept Q. Wilson as a scratch b/c he can't contribute on STs like some of the other DBs... etc.' -- this is the only year I have heard him say stuff about liking a guy specifically due to his ST talent. I don't know if the roster expansion is playing a role in that, or what -- but Nix was a solid ST guy... my guess would be, Burton outcompetes him and both can play similar roles. OL, yes, I think Clark can play T/G. Pinter played T at Ball State but at 6'4" 305, and from his scouting report, he may be the new 'Haeg' of our OL, but it seems like he'd be better suited to play inside as a backup G or C than at T. I was high on Patterson last year before he got hurt.. if he's healthy, I think we have a very solid backup C with him. Like you said, hard to judge the rest as I've seen very little of them. On DL, Buckner played outside at times on the SF D -- and I agree, I don't think we see him moving over there often, but on goal line and rush downs, I can see (and agree with your packages). I think this is 100% the put-up-or-shut-up training camp for Tyquan Lewis. What excites me about Cline is that he's a pretty good athlete -- I also read he went from 6'4 ~270 lbs to about ~295 lbs recently and has really added a lot of strength and size. He's not as big as Stewart, but he reminds me some of Grover due to the fact he is from a small school, but athletic and raw -- I don't think we'll see him be a huge contributor from the start, but could see him spending a year on the PS or stashed on the bench and developing into something pretty solid down the line. I get that Windsor from PSU has a big motor, but I have a hard time thinking he's got a great shot at making this roster. For LB -- I think for sure we'll see Leonard, Walker, Okereke and Speed. I agree, we could probably get away with keeping 5, though we have typically kept 6 under Ballard. As much as I want to agree with you on Moore, and I thought he'd be a total steal coming out of college (for some reason I still think he is more athletic than Adams/Franklin), he hasn't really produced in the NFL. Again, Glasgow, I don't see him really contributing as a defender on this team but maybe with roster expansion, Ballard's really serious about him making it just to be a ST ace. I agree with pretty much all you say on the secondary. Though, I think Isaiah Rhodes has a good shot to make it. Just watching his tape, he is a play maker whether it's returning kicks or on defense. He plays (on D) well above his size and he is very quick to close on the ball and seems to be good at forcing turnovers. And finally, yes, while Ballard has been perfect (well not every player has made the Colts, but they've all made it somewhere in the NFL) with his drafts, it's going to be harder and harder for him to keep his draft picks on our roster. This year alone, I imagine Blackmon starts on PUP, I won't be shocked if any/all of our 6th round picks (Windsor, Rodgers, Patmon, Glasgow) don't make the squad.
  13. Thanks on pointing out Williams not having been resigned, I missed that for some reason -- I guess Darius Jackson and Bruce Anderson II I left out. Jackson's been bouncing around practice squads for 4 years and Anderson for 1. So yes, I think we'll keep 4 RBs (Mack, Taylor, Hines, Wilkins), but if we cut one of Wilkins or Hines, they'll definitely wind up somewhere else. DJ and BA2 probably another practice squad at best. As for WRs. I think for sure we keep TY, Pittman, Campbell, Pascal. If we keep 5, it'd be between Patmon, Dulin, Fountain, M. Johnson, Chad Williams, Artavis Scott, Malik Henry, Rodney Adams, DeMichael Harris for the last slot. My guess is Patmon would be our 5th if we only kept 5. That'd leave Fountain, Dulin, M. Johnson, Chad Williams, Artavis Scott, Malik Henry, Rodney Adams, DeMichael Harris. If healthy, I think Fountain finds a home. I think Dulin finds a home, not only because of his WR ability as a 4-6 WR, but because he is pretty darn good at STs as a gunner. If healthy, I think M. Johnson finds a home -- late in the season when he had 3 catches for 105 yards and a TD with Jacoby as his QB, I'm sure teams saw that... the guy runs a 4.39 forty, is very strong, has pretty good size and is a very good athlete, his issue has been his ability to stay healthy, but he can for sure find his way on a roster as a 4-6 WR. Those 3, regardless of if they're with us or not, I believe will be on an NFL roster (so if we keep 5, that's 3 guys on other teams, if we keep 6, that's 2 guys on other teams). IMO, this is the most likely scenario. Of the rest of the guys I think 3 have potential to make it somewhere -- Chad Williams has pretty good size at 6'2" 205 lbs with a 4.43 forty. He is a former 3rd round pick and started 7 games in 2018 with the Cardinals who have a pretty good WR squad. He undoubtedly has the physical ability to play in this league. I don't know why his production hasn't been up to par, but I could see a team signing him. Rodney Adams, at 6'1" 190 with a 4.44 has pretty good size/speed. I think he had a pretty rough go w/ his mom dying in college and him becoming the legal guardian of his younger brother. I believe he left the NFL early to try modeling or something like that. He was a very productive college player and has very solid athletic traits. If his head's on right, this guy can play in this league. https://theathletic.com/1745768/2020/04/15/colts-rodney-adams-refused-to-stick-to-the-script-and-is-living-his-dream-again/ DeMichael Harris, the UDFA we just signed, is an absolute burner. He went back and forth between RB and WR in college. He excelled as a return man. He's raw and from a small school, but the kid is a very solid athlete and he can fly. If I had to guess, I'd see him on our practice squad -- but, if he shows in preseason that he can take kicks to the house (and we have to choose among him, Hines and Isaiah Rodgers to keep a roster spot, my guess is Hines/Rodgers have more value because they can contribute better on O&D). I could see this guy getting picked up by a team who needs a flex option in their O and a KR/PR. I doubt Artavis Scott or Malik Henry have a shot at much more than practice squad guys somewhere.... so I'd more likely guess 2-3 WRs, but potentially up to 5 (or even 6) depending on how many we keep and what guys like Harris and Dulin can show in terms of contributing on STs during pre-season.
  14. I don't really think so. Luck was a very fierce competitor. He played through a lot of pain, but he put it on the line every day. I think someone could have looked at him and said "this is a bright young man w/ an engineering degree from Stanford, who may want to bail out in his early 30s instead of play into his 40s, but we can still get 7-10 solid years from him." I could be wrong, but I think Luck excelled on almost all the testing (especially mental testing) he was required to do to get to the NFL. In a lot of ways, I think Luck really just couldn't put his body through it anymore. Grigs did not provide him with an adequate OL. He wound up having to find personal doctors to treat his shoulder (seems like the Colts either had an incompetent medical staff or could have been slightly dishonest with Luck -- doesn't help when Luck was publicly called out by Irsay about his toughness). The medical staff could not give him an accurate assessment about what was going on with his lower leg injury, etc. The guy is a bright young man -- and even since him joining the league a lot more has come out about guys suffering brain damage shortly after retiring the NFL and more and more you hear stories about guys who can barely walk when they're in their 30's or 40's. At some point, you can't really blame Luck -- the guy could have had a 6 figure job using his brain at 22 years old with his degree from Stanford. He has millions in his bank, can still get advertising money for various commercials, etc. I'm sure he could get a job in an NFL front office or go become an executive in a large engineering firm if he wanted. He also will probably be able to live a long, healthy life.
  15. Yes, I think Ballard's said all along - 'draft, develop, plug in fair FAs when you need...' I think the pick of Taylor may be getting at your point 4 (perhaps it was done so we don't need to resign Mack to a hefty contract). If healthy, guys like Q and Leonard will be around here their whole careers, I imagine. Though, other guys who are more expendable can be let go after rookie contracts and replaced by young blood. In terms of castoffs -- I don't think I'm too far off. We'll see... but in my opinion TY, Pascal, Campbell will make this team along with Pittman. Those being the 4 locks. I think Patmon has real potential to be a solid WR for us.... then Fountain (if healthy), Dulin, and Johnson (if healthy) have all shown they can play in this league (Dulin has mainly be a STer, but I think he's quite capable of being a 5th or 6th WR on another team). Nor am I. There's a reason why there are starters and back-ups. It's good to have units which are strong enough to not miss too much of a beat if a starter goes down (e.g., OL -- you'd think with Castonzo, Q, Kelly, Glow, and Smith that if Glow went down we'd still be strong enough there to plug and play a back up without dropping off the overall production of the OL too much). Some teams can get away with a back-up RB coming in and not dropping off if they have a well balanced offense and a good OL (look at Edge and Dominic Rhodes -- Edge was far superior, but Rhodes was still able to get >1,000 yards here due to how solid our O was, but still, IMO, a big drop off in talent). Almost no team (especially top teams) have back-up QBs as good as the starter (rare instances when a Bledsoe goes down, a guy like Brady steps up and doesn't give the job back --- but if Brady went down in his prime, there were only 1-3 other QBs in the league who you would expect to take over and not miss a beat -- Peyton, Brees, Rogers -- most other starters in the league would have been significant downgrades). Almost no teams with top WRs have back-ups as good (e.g., we saw what happened with TY last year and you could argue he's not even a top 10 WR in the league anymore). I doubt any other GM in the league has had everyone of his draft picks still in the league over the past 3 years. That is very, very rare.
  16. Good point, I imagine we'll bring someone else in there at some point. There are a few decent OT's out there now, but all on the wrong side of 30. Also, I think the FO and coaching staff may have more faith in LeRaven Clark than some on this board. Good point, though there are still several teams with QB mysteries. I think if Kelly didn't have all the off-field stuff, he'd be on a roster now. Ballard's said in numerous interviews it isn't Kelly's physical ability, it's the fact that he has to earn trust from the coaches and front office that he can show up and work hard each day and stay out of trouble off the field. He has been good for a while now (at least in terms of staying out of trouble off the field)... I'd have to check his PS eligibility but if he doesn't wind back up on our practice squad, I bet he's at minimum on another team's (if eligible) if not on another team's 53 (55?) man roster as a backup or 3rd stringer.
  17. I just hope things get back to normal sometime soon. We've got a lot of new pieces. IMO, the two biggest threats to ruining our season are (1) injury bug again, and (2) not enough time to develop team chemistry. I know a lot of teams are in that boat, but how many who are expecting to compete for the post-season are going into the season with a new QB. Two rookie WRs. A new TE. Potentially a new RB. Then likely at least 2 (Buckner and Rhodes) starters at key positions on D. I think with all that going on, it may be a bit more important for our team to get reps earlier than other teams who are returning their starting QBs and likely to have a bit more continuity than us.
  18. In a lot of ways, the Colts may have been the best place for Eason to land for several reasons: (1) A lot of his weaknesses are Rivers' strengths -- like releasing the ball quick, going through reads, avoiding deep dropbacks, timing on intermediate throws, etc.... (2) Reich seems to be very good at coaching to the strengths of his QB (and team in general), (3) Reich also seems to be very good at helping develop QBs, (4) we have one of the best OLs in football, it seems like Eason does get flustered under pressure, but our OL allows some of the least amount of pressure in the league, (5) we have some young, talented WRs who will hopefully be pretty polished by the time Eason is ready to step on the field in meaningful situations, and (6) we have a young core of players and are in good cap space for the foreseeable future, if we need to provide more weapons we should be able to (via draft or FA -- really on D, outside of Houston and Rhodes, we should be set for a while with the rest of our DL, all of our LBs, and the majority of our secondary... on O, we need to start thinking about replacing Castonzo and Glowinski, improving the TE and eventually replacing TY... but by the time Eason sees the field our team should be deep enough at most positions that Ballard should be able to provide him additional weapons if need be). I can't believe Eason's completion percentage was >64% last year given the amount of drops his receivers had. He also had 23 TDs and only 8 INTs. He's got elite size and an elite arm. I don't think he's as bad a scrambler as they say, but Rivers is a pretty terrible scrambler, so he should be learning in a system which will suit his style of being mainly a pocket-passer. I don't see a lot of tape that isn't coachable -- some decision making needs to improve, some fundamentals need to improve (as @CR91 said in the OP, he's gotta stop throwing off his back leg/in the air/at poor angles so much), but I don't see any major flaws which can't be improved with coaching and a year or two to watch Rivers do things at the NFL level. Also, Reich, if given talent at the skill positions, seems to be able to run an offense which minimizes the amount of 'thinking' the QB has to do by putting guys in the right spot and making it easy for his QB to make quick throws, etc.
  19. If we stay healthy, I think we're closer to an 11 win team. Think we should beat Jax 2x, and split with Tenn and Houston (so that's 4-2 in division -- maybe better). We should be able to beat NYJ, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Cincinatti. That's another 5 wins to bring us to 9 total. Then we have Green Bay, Minnesota, Raiders, Ravens, Pittsburgh. The Ravens are very tough and I expect Green Bay will be very tough. Let's call them losses. If we can get 2-3 wins among Minn, Raiders and Pitt. we should be in good shape to get 11-12 wins. Also, based on the way the schedule is, we have our 6 division games. All other AFC South teams get the entire NFC North (Bears, Lions, Packers, Vikings) and AFC North (Ravens, Steelers Browns, Bengals). Since we were 3rd in our division we get 3rd from AFC East (Jets), 3rd from AFC West (Raiders). HOU gets to play NE and Kansas City. Tenn gets to play Denver and Buffalo from the AFC West and East, respectively. I think we have a better shot at being OAK than HOU has at KC. I also think we have a better shot at beating NYJ than HOU has at New England (even though Brady's gone). I think we have a better shot at beating NYJ than Tenn has to beat Buffalo and I'd call it a toss up between us vs. Raiders and Tenn vs. Denver at this point. Of course things can change, but I don't see the Jets, the Bears, the Browns, the Lions or the Bengals being any sort of a threat this year. I also think Pittsburgh is on the decline, and we should've beat them last year save a missed FG late in the game. While all teams in AFC South have improved, I think we made the most improvements (assuming we stay healthy). Now, I just hope no major setbacks happen from postponing mini-camps and other off-season activities.
  20. Not really shocking, to me. With 3 games lost by kicking last year, we were 7-9 and in the race (could easily have been 9-6-1 or 10-6). We were depleted at WR and TE (at least after Ebron hung them up). Our QB play declined over the course of the year. Our DBs were young and our DL took a major step back. We added a potential HOF QB (granted late in his career, but he should be an immediate upgrade). I have to assume our FG/XP game can't get worse than it was last year. We added a 26 year old monster (coming off two consecutive all-pro years) to the middle of our DL. We've added two veteran CBs and our young guys should be better with more experience plus a better DL. And we have Hilton and Campbell coming into the season healthy along with a big bodied early 2nd rounder, the return of Pascal, potentially Fountain, and another big bodied (and fast) WR in Patmon... making guys that were our sometimes 2nd-4th WRs last year be pushed back to 5th-8th WRs going into training camp. We get Turay back healthy. In all honesty, if this team stays healthy, they should be a lot better than they were last year with the offseason Ballard has strung together.
  21. Ballard said last year that you know you're building a very good team when you make cuts from 75 men to 53 men and 10 or more of those players go on to play for another team. Right now: QB: Rivers, Brissett, Eason, Kelly --- I know Kelly was just a P.S. guy most of last year, but I imagine even if we keep 3 QBs (Rivers and 2 of the remaining 3 -- my guess would be Rivers/Brisset/Eason) that Kelly would be picked up by another team. RB: Mack, Taylor, Hines, Wilkins, Williams -- whether we keep 3 or 4, I imagine the last guy (or 2 guys) gets picked up elsewhere. WR: TY, Pittman, Campbell, Pascal, Patmon, Dulin, Fountain, M. Johnson, Chad Williams, Artavis Scott, Malik Henry, Rodney Adams, DeMichael Harris, -- I don't see us keeping more than 6, but if healthy, the I think we'll see between 2-5 guys we wind up cutting make another roster. TE: Doyle, Burton, Mo Alie-Cox, Bunting, Grimble, Lengel, Farrod Green -- personally, I think this might be our weakest position in terms of depth (maybe Burton will surprise me)... and at this point my guess would be we keep Doyle, Burton, MAC -- not sure if any of the others are good enough to make the 53 of another team, though Bunting, Grimble and Lingle all have freakish size. FB: Roosevelt Nix -- I think we could go ahead and lump him in with the TE group. Chances are, if we have to cut him (and he's healthy) the 7 year vet will land elsewhere. OT: Castonzo, Braden Smith, Carter O'Donnell, Andrew Donnal, Brandon Hinter, Cedrick Lang, Travis Vornkahl -- Again, our depth isn't great here -- don't know that anyone we cut will have great odds at winding up on another team's 53. OG: Quenton Nelson, Glowinski, LeRaven Clark, Chaz Green, Jake Eldrenkamp, Danny Pinter -- not a ton of great depth here, so don't know if the guys we cut will wind up elsewhere. C: Ryan Kelly, Javon Patterson -- we'll need to keep at least 2 C's... big Q could play C if needed, but as of now (if Javon Patterson is healthy) I don't see us cutting a C on the current roster. On Offense: If healthy, I think at least 4-6 guys we cut will play on another teams 53 man roster (not bad -- looks to me like OL depth and TE depth are the two major areas of concern right now). DT: Buckner, Sheldon Day, G. Stewart, Autry, T. Lewis, Rob Windsor, Kameron Cline, Chris Williams: not too sure on some of the rookies, but I think between this group and our DE group (I expect guys like Lewis, Autry, Cline, even Buckner to see time inside and outside) we'll see at least a few guys making other rosters that don't make ours. DE: Houston, Turay, Banogu, G. Green, J. Jegede, A. Muhammad, K. Coleman -- again, we typically keep 8-9 total d-linemen. Not sure on the young guys.. but with Houston, Turay, Banogu, Buckner, Day, Stewart, Muhammad, Autry, Lewis -- we already know we have 9 guys who can play in this league. Of the new comers, K. Cline excites me most, and I think we'll see improvement from Gerri Green. I think we'll see at least 1-3 of our DL who get cut make another roster. LB: Leonard, Walker, Okereke, Franklin, Adams, Speed, Moore, Glasgow, Wellington -- here we have been keeping 6 LBs with Ballard as coach. Among Leonard, Walker, Okereke, Franklin, Adams, Speed -- we already know we have 6 guys who can form a solid LB corps for us. I think Skai Moore can find a team in this league. Not sold on Glasgow as an LBer (though Ballard seems to think he could be a STs ace) and don't know anything about the UDFA Wellington... my guess would be at least one guy we cut at LB will wind up on another roster. CB: Ya-Sin, Rhodes, Moore II, Tell III, TJ Carrie, L. Pitts, J. Porter, Travis Reed, Isaiah Rodgers -- last year we kept 5 CBs (5 S's for 10 total DBs), I imagine Ya-Sin, Rhodes, Moore II, Tell III, and Carrie all have good shots. Don't know enough about Pitts, Porter or Reed, but I also imagine Rodgers has a decent shot. That's 6 CBs I think who are NFL caliber with 3 I don't know enough about -- so if we keep 5, I think at least 1 guy makes another NFL roster. S: Hooker, Willis, Milligan, Odum, Blackmon, Rutlege Jr -- Not one of our deeper positions right now (IMO). Won't be shocked if Tell moves back over to this group... but again with the first 5 guys there, I think we have 5 NFL caliber guys with little knowledge on Rutledge. Let's say here, who we cut doesn't make an NFL roster. On D -- that's 5-7 guys we cut being very capable of making other rosters. K: Rodrigo Blankenship, Chase McLaughlin -- I think both of these guys will be somewhere in the NFL next season. P: Rigoberto Sanchez -- no cuts here LS: Luke Rhodes -- no cuts here On ST -- 1 guy we cut on another roster (potentially 2 if for some reason we bring Vinny back). --- Obviously it's too early to tell, don't know enough about some of the later round rookies/UDFA signings, and don't know who will stay healthy -- but on the low end, I think we'll see 10 guys we cut make another roster, on the high end around 14 guys. In a short time, Ballard's done a very good job of making this a pretty deep and well rounded football team.
  22. I really liked before last year's draft when Ballard said something like "You know you're building a good team when you cut from 75 to 53 and 10 or more of the guys you cut go on and make another roster." Right now, I'd say this is the best WR group we've had since Marvin retired. With TY and Pittman, I think we'll have a good 1-2 punch. If Campbell stays healthy, we've got another speed demon. I think Pascal will most definitely make this team. Then we've got Patmon, M. Johnson, Fountain, Dulin for the last 1-2 spots at WR. I'd think if we cut 2 of those guys, they'll wind up on another teams roster by opening day.
  23. You're welcome -- thank you. Not to get carried away, but it looks like Ballard seems to be focusing on STs in this draft/UDFA period moreso than I remember him in previous years. The Glasgow pick Ballard basically said 'he could be a great special teams guy' and barely talked about him as a LBer. Isaiah Rodgers he mentioned being a solid return guy, plus can play gunner even though he's kinda light for CB. De'Michael Harris had a big kick return (100 yards) last year and a pretty solid kick return average. He seems to me like he's more a return specialist than a guy to get too excited about as a RB or WR. Not counting on late round rookies or UDFA to make significant contributions to the team this season, but if nothing else, Ballard is bringing in some very fast dudes.
  24. I agree -- though, some of them are accurate for smaller schools based on pro-days. However, for DeMichael Harris it looks like he didn't get a pro-day due to COVID: https://www.vicksburgpost.com/2020/04/08/former-st-al-southern-miss-star-harris-preparing-for-the-nfl-draft/ He was a track star in HS, though. I can't find a 40 on him, but he won states in HS in Mississippi with a 10.55 100, a 20.8 in the 200, and a 47.9 in the 400. https://southernmiss.com/sports/football/roster/de-michael-harris/5906 The 10.55 100 would have put him in the top 8 in the country for NCAA D-I men's track and field at nationals in 2017 and top 10-12 in 2019. His 20.8 would have put him in the top 20 in the 200 M. So, he's a pretty fast cat.
  25. Yea, sounds like the Colts were showing interest in him moreso than other teams. He mentions in this article he had met with the Colts and talked to them (along with a few more teams). Sounded like right before COVID restrictions he had to cancel a workout with Minnesota but got one in for Indy. https://draftwire.usatoday.com/2020/04/04/nfl-draft-prospects-2020-kameron-cline-south-dakota-interview/ NFL Draft Scout has him listed a 4.52 with a low of 4.42 -- http://www.draftscout.com/dsprofile.php?PlayerId=1018320&DraftYear=2020 Not sure about Farrod as a receiving threat (a nice catch in that video, but another catchable ball that he missed), but he's a pretty good blocker (seems to be what he was asked to do in MS State's O), has good size (6'4" 240) and also played a bit on STs. Ballard seems to think Glasgow could be a real valuable ST piece. "We think Jordan Glasgow has got top special teams ability in this league," Ballard said. "He'll play linebacker for us, but he's got a chance to be a really special core special teams player and those are hard to find." https://www.colts.com/news/jordan-glasgow-nfl-draft-linebacker-special-teams-michigan-graham-ryan-glasgow Yea, his kicks in big moments sort of worry me. He seems to have a big leg, but I think the fact that he looks like a nerd and wears those big, goofy glasses (and was a foreignor) really helped him become a fan favorite at UGA. That, plus the media gave him the nickname Hot Rod. We need good kicking competition in camp, but I'm not totally sold that this kid is going to be the real deal.
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