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  1. BronxColt70

    1958 Baltimore Colts Championship

    I was reading Art Donavans book "Fatso" which is now a collector's item my copy is falling apart, so Uncle Artie writes the 1958 Championship game shouldn't been close, and according to Weeb the only reason the lost earlier to the Giants is because he let them bring their wives up from Baltimore, so for the Championship game no wives, the Colts stayed in the Concourse Plaza,
  2. BronxColt70

    1958 Baltimore Colts Championship

    I was trying to find a clip from Dinner yesterday on YouTube about the Colts pre wedding test,
  3. BronxColt70

    UPDATE: Beckham ruled out for Sunday vs Colts

    They have to save him for Dallas, so at they can finish knocking them out of the playoffs,
  4. BronxColt70

    Baldinger/Nelson Dallas game

    It was a Cold rainy game against the Jets , It was the annual Jets - Colts game back in the old AFC east days. I dragged my friends to it, at this point in the season the Colts have failed to get a victory, we snuck up to the front, the stadium was empty, two crappy teams in crappy weather, I had a crew of friends who bought tickets outside for five dollars We spent the whole game screaming, "Baldinger "" Baldinger' he was into it, earned everyone respect, Ill never forget him going wild, waving his hands, the Colts won that game, it was the only victory of the season,