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  1. I watched the preview of Peyton's show late night and it's going to be a must watch for me. I love Peyton's charisma and the man is entertaining.
  2. I have been very impressed with the Colts' production team. The videos are awesome and provide great insight into the inner workings of the team. I've enjoyed watching the videos and can't wait for the draft next week.
  3. (L)uck (T)o (E)bron is an awesome acronym. I'm really loving this team's chemistry.
  4. I hope to see some fellow Colts fans at the game. I don't see that many out here in California.
  5. I will finally be going to my first Colts game! Opening week against the Chargers and I hope will come out with a W. I'm so geeked; I can't wait for the season to start!
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