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  1. That might be your answer. Maybe that particular red zone was to work on specific type of plays. Don’t sweat it too much. I find everyone objective of what they saw interesting. It happens every year where everyone sees something different. Sometimes the stars in camp don’t even play well in regular season.
  2. It would be fair if he didn’t add that last sentence. How about let’s see if we see improvement. Of some nuance that it might take a little time after not practicing in two years. I haven’t read the story so maybe it’s in there I don’t know. I am just getting tired of them calling for a BANDAID vet QB. They all suck. There isn’t one out there. Eason can only get better by taking more reps.
  3. Did you guys watch Eason presser on Saturday? I was impressed because the media kept trying to get him to say how excited he was that he might get to start. He could of been oh yeah I might get to start and that would be amazing. He was very respectful of Wentz and basically just said I am just trying to get better every day. I thought he showed a lot of maturity not to be excited for another mans injury that would allow him to play.
  4. 10 o’clock tomorrow. Just realized putting that date in tomorrow is my nieces 10th birthday.
  5. Everyone sees stuff different. It happens every training camp. That’s why you can’t read too much into it. Just take it for what it is. Foe instance I am watching Lawrence’s live stream he just did. Him and his guest both say Eason has had up and downs but has looked pretty good. They both like what they see so far. If you went by the local media you would think he was trash. This happens every year with camp. We just forgot because of no camp last season. The fun part is seeing how people see things different.
  6. This is why everyone is saying just get the surgery. Because deciding you need it in the middle of the season would be bad. We have six weeks so he has a long window here to rehab. I don’t think they are going to wait long to decide. Just a few days. But the bad thing is what if it gets better and he plays game one then he can’t play. Surgery is probably a 7 week recovery.
  7. Best to have the correct info and give the correct timeline so it doesn’t bite them in the Butt. If they gave wrong info it would look like they were lying. We aren’t in the Luck territory yet.
  8. Yes I know. The point was everyone was like just get it because it always goes bad. But like you said everyone is different but it does show sometimes the conservative approach does work.
  9. If Wentz was going to miss half the season then I could see it. But just a couple maybe not. I had to laugh at a tweet I saw. We are all like get the surgery because it always ends up bad. They go Umm Brady rehabbed and waited to have surgery and won the SB. Thought that was funny.
  10. Some of these teams that aren’t having players secluded for camp are having awful covid issues. This might turn out worse than last year. Glad the colts are locked away at Grand Park right now. We will see what happens when they leave. I take that back players are out with family today. Seeing guys like Turay with family ect. This could get messy really quickly.
  11. The nice thing If he plays great and team is winning you don’t have to rush him.
  12. I would think if he is already decided to try rest the Dr has already looked at his scans. I mean he can do that at home. They are easily sent with technology.
  13. I still think there is a big possibility a lot of Lucks ankle issue was in his head. He had PTSD from all the injuries. It all makes sense. Remember they couldn’t even figure out what was wrong. If this Wentz injury required a long rehab after surgery they would just do it. They probably feel they have a week or two before needing to make a decision. In the mean time We get to learn a ton about Eason. We will gain a lot of info on him. He gets to show what he has for other teams too if he has to play week one. Great opportunity for him.
  14. I think it might be good news they are giving him time to rehab before deciding on surgery. To me that means the surgery is minor and they have the time to see if rehab will work. Seems they aren’t concerned with him missing many games so they will give rehab a try. If rehab works maybe then he will get some practice in late before the season starts.
  15. Shouldn’t miss many games even with surgery. Hopefully he doesn’t take long to decide if the rehab is working. This sounds very minor.
  16. The doctor actually gave my mom some exercises to do and mentioned if that didn’t work they could look at other options including surgery.
  17. I think most of us will agree. If rest and rehab will actually heal it he should put off surgery. Bur if it is something that is going to be bothering him all season he needs to just fix it and miss a few games. This season isn’t going to start well with him not practicing if that ends up being the case.
  18. I never said that lol. Some of you read way into a post.
  19. Mr moms went away. But I suspect if she was a athlete or did anything strenuous it might come back. She uses a shoe insert if she will be doing any hiking ect. Until the colts give a diagnosis all we have is speculation.
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