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  1. I would like to see what these stats are with just the last four games throwing out the first 3 games. For instance Wentz is number one in QBR the last four games. But is like 12th if you add all the games.
  2. This is exactly what Reich and Ballard said when they drafted him. It’s his home run ability . I know people don’t like taking a RB that high bur in this case he is special and probably should of went higher. Yes you can get a good RB anywhere. But they don’t all have the ability to break one like Taylor does. Taylor and Henry are probably the only two in the league who can do that.
  3. Now we know why Taylor wasn’t playing 4th quarter.
  4. Watch how they are trying to bring down the QB. To me it looks like they are trying to swipe the ball out too much instead tackling the QB correctly.
  5. Colts are only doing a walkthrough today. Tomorrow will also be very light. Then Friday they will have a hard practice. Reich said the long trip wanted to give the team some extra time to rest their bodies. Smart move because we know the Titans very well so get tram as rested as possible.
  6. Hopefully we get that compliment to Pittman in the draft or through FA. Most likely the draft. Just not sure we can find what we need without a first round pick. If TY wants to come back another year it might be smart to bring him back one year. Then draft someone. Campbell can’t be considered the future anymore.
  7. I wonder if Pryor could play LT. That could really save us money next season.
  8. He slipped. Maybe they could of spread the formation out a little more.
  9. I hope Rhodes can play this week. We need both him and Rock. I am actually worried about smith being rusty. We have a good thing going with Pryor.
  10. They were like inches from scoring a TD. It was the right move. If Titans had gotten the ball first in overtime they would of scored a TD.
  11. Pretty sure smith was always the starter on the chart because he never went on IR.
  12. If he was getting more snaps that would be less of Mo. I don’t think anyone wants that. Wentz did just miss Granson on what would of been a really big play Sunday. It was just a bad throw.
  13. It always takes TE awhile. Plus Mo has been really good.
  14. I was watching his highlights from that SF game. I never laughed so hard. One of them Wentz practically through it right at the DB and Pittman just came back for the ball to force the Pi. Some of these throws were so smart and very calculated to get those PI calls. It was done on purpose. Pretty smart QB play and coaching. Pittman also has to have a skill to do it.
  15. Colts have had a top 5 offense the last few games.
  16. Colts might have their 2021 version of the triplets.
  17. That isn’t a lot at all. We need a vet. Plus he is at the end of his career so that would be a pretty even trade.
  18. I hope Smith isn’t rusty if he comes back this week. Pryor has kind of made us forget about him.
  19. Colts got the officiating crew who has called the most penalties this season so far. Just throw deep to Pittman lol. They trick or treat that early? Here it’s not until like 5 or 6 pm.
  20. I was just talking how good he has been this season.
  21. Colts have been great in the red zone the last two games. Ifs getting there. Throw out those first few games.
  22. This would actually make a lot of sense. Don’t know how much Kerrigan is making. But it would give the young guys a veteran to help them. We have had some good luck with eagle trades. Lmao
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