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  1. Joel Erickson was mentioning on his podcast how Lewis and AQM played 80% of the snaps in this game. He said you can’t expect players to take that many snaps especially against Jackson. I know Paye and Rochelle missed this game but he mentioned baker has to do a better job with rotation. Even if that means Banogu gets more snaps. Also a good point is this defense relies too much on a splash play instead of just fundamental football.
  2. Reich said he is optimistic he will be back for SF.
  3. Teams play zone all the time. Even zone coverage isn’t as wide open as ours. We have players who are not disaplined in their zones. We have terrible LB in zone. Even zone isn’t that wide open. And this is why Reich said him and flus had a long talk.
  4. Just as I expected players aren’t following protocols anymore. He is still wearing a mask in his presses so I am sure he isn’t vaccinated. Pascal has been posting a lot of stuff unmasked also when rules say he should be wearing a mask. He hasn’t done a presser so he might of got it. Same with Eric Fisher. Unmasked in the locker room. Unless he had covid while also being vaccinated. He wouldn’t be fully vaxed because you have to wait so long after testing positive.
  5. Yeah you can add that one since Wentz had bad ankles. But with 3 turnovers we should of won if Reich would of run the ball more.
  6. So their center didn’t practice all week but is still questionable.
  7. I thought Rhodes looked like he was finally back against the ravens. Really hurt when he went down.
  8. Look at this. Rock isn’t even questionable. Rhodes just has to go through that final step of being cleared. Looking so good/
  9. Yes he can’t play until week 9. But he can start practicing next week. Sounds like TY is going to play too.
  10. We get both corners together for the first game this week. Dayo is elgible to start practicing next week. We will get Nelson back for SF. Hopefully smith is back too. Things are really starting to look up.
  11. He had the same issues with Nick. Reich is a good coach and knows how to call plays. He has to much going on and he loses the feel of the game. He needs someone in his ear to to help him with that. The game feel is where Reich has trouble. It could free him up if he wasn’t calling plays to have a better feel of what’s going on in the game. Or someone in his ear telling him these things.
  12. He was playing on that injury so seems like he should be able to return soon. Wonder if he had a procedure to clean something up. If that’s the case it might be a little longer. I need Little Bo Peep to go.
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