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  1. Every year he had a capable QB he has made the playoffs and won ten and eleven games. Reich needs stability at the QB position and a little more on game flow. Hopefully he has the QB now. He is a excellent coach.
  2. Just watched Michael Pittmans new video and it looks like Wentz was back out in California working with him. Pittman is on his way back to Indy. He has to drive because the pet delivery service that got Bosco to Cali was bad. Lol. He says he hopes to be able to charter a jet next time. I am laughing because he said all the baby stuff has been delivered to the colts facility while they were in Cali. With Pittman coming back Wentz will probably be spending a lot of time now in Indy with all the WR.
  3. He had a knee injury most of the year. Might of been part of the reason. I thought I read it could be a thing that could effect him the the rest of his career. Sounded like something genetic.
  4. I think it’s cool Doyle will be able to retire a colt. It’s a cool story to play for your home team your entire career. He is always reliable. If they needed ten yards he would get you eleven. He had the one year with the hip and kidney thing but other then that he has been a very reliable colt. Every team needs a Doyle.
  5. I wonder if maybe Cox can have a better season with Wentz as the QB. We will see. He needs to get Cox those 50/50 balls.
  6. Reich was seen talking to the TE coach at the ND pro day. We need that third round pick back.
  7. Ballard will talk to the media Friday. Stephen Holder said he heard Doyle is going to retire after this year. We really need a younger TE.
  8. The main reason he has trouble drafting DE is because they are rare lIke QB to find elite ones. We need to play good as a unit and we will be fine.
  9. We all know practice doesn’t mean much. It does no good for Turay or Banogu if they don’t get time to evaluate them. I don’t think we will be bad. We will add a DE or two in the draft to go along with what we have and possibility sign Houston . I am more worried about the backup 3t with Autry gone. We seen what happened when Buckner and Autry both missed the TN game.
  10. Wow I hope that is true. He deserves it. We need to get him signed to a longer term deal before FA next season.
  11. I was talking more about money. If they have break our years they will need paid. Ballard I think wants to see what the younger guys can do in contract years. They need the playing time to see. It’s either going to be bad or they will step up.
  12. Ballard didn’t like him. Just because fans think he would of been a good fit doesn’t mean Ballard did. What happens if Turay and Lewis have monster years. We need to extend them on top of all the others we need to extend. We have a lot of money going out for this 2018 draft class. Hines also. This is going to be a very expensive draft class to re-sign.
  13. Carries numbers were so good last season. He may end up the starter if Rock struggles.
  14. This is probably true There is a much better video of Reich from 2016 when they drafted Wentz talking about what he brings to the team. He talked about mental toughness ect.
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