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  1. Wentz was sick today so didn’t participate. Reich said hopefully he can get back tomorrow. Media can watch OTA on Thursday. Then once again next week.
  2. According to Reich and Nelson their last resort would of been putting Q at tackle.
  3. Nelson had a presser too but they didn’t put it up. It is up on the app.He got a little mad at Gregg Doyle lol. Doyle asked him if he was worried about his legacy moving to LT. Nelson goes I have already answered I want to stay at guard but will do anything that helps the team. We will see if they just forgot to put it up or they didn’t put it up because of that exchange. Don’t mess with Big Q.
  4. Look at Mack. Wow he looks ready to go.
  5. Ryan Kelly explained it well. Reich even mentioned the are getting more work in. Kelly explained the 17 game season and they need to be careful on the bodies.
  6. I will post all the player interviews as they get posted on YouTube. Ryan Kelly is the player rep and they negotiated with Ballard and Reich to have two weeks of OTA. This week next. No mini camp. They will take June and July off.
  7. Kelly was just re-signed last season. He is going to be here a long time. I think it was a five year contract.
  8. I think Reich has mentioned he would like it about 60% pass 40% run.
  9. In a way it doesn’t even matter if the cap goes way up. All that means is your stats are going to get paid more.
  10. 3 years for drafted guys two years for undrafted guys. This is why Moore only had to wait two years.
  11. I think we can sign Nelson at any time.He has already got his 3 years in.
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